Coop Eden Pillow Review


    I get it. Buying a pillow online, sight unseen, can be tricky. It may make you wish that you could call up a team of sleep professionals and get their one-on-one help.

    With the Coop Eden pillow you can do just that. This cooling pillow is completely customizable and if you need help getting it to that perfect loft, just call up their team and they will give you a hand.

    But how does this pillow all come together?

    To find out, I’m going to look closely at its firmness, feel and unique features, is it the right one for you.

    Let’s get started.

    Coop is known for creating their luxurious bedding products, but they’re perhaps most famous for the Coop Eden pillow. This foam pillow has tons of cooling features, but the best part is that it works for every sleeping position.

    To get a closer look at how this pillow works, let’s look at its construction.



    First let’s start off by talking about its pillowcase.

    This is made out of a really soft material called Lulltra. It’s actually a blend of polyester and bamboo rayon.

    It has a nice ribbon gusset around the sides, but the best part is that it’s machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and tumble dry low and you’ll be good to go.

    Also for easy maintenance it, has a 100% polyester liner inside which holds all of the fill in place and the filling is a blend of gel infused memory foam and microfiber, so it feels both soft and supportive.

    So what does this all mean?

    Let’s talk about its height, also known as its loft. This is a completely customizable pillow, so you can adjust it to what feels right for you.

    When you get this pillow, it will come with an extra bag of the fill, so if it’s not quite lofty enough for you right away, you can easily add some more.

    But what if you don’t know what the right loft is? Easy just give their sleep experts a call and they’ll give you some one-on-one help.

    Next let’s talk about cooling.

    This pillow is filled with a gel infused memory foam. Memory foam on its own tends to trap heat but the gel infusion helps pull it away from the body, so it’s temperature regulating and you shouldn’t sleep hot.

    Another great thing about this pillow is that it’s hypoallergenic, so it’s made with non-toxic materials. It’ll have the feel of down feathers but without the risk of all of those allergens.

    Firmness and Feel

    When reviewing pillows I always take a close look at firmness and feel. First let’s talk about firmness.

    Right out of the box this pillow is going to have a nice medium firm feel. But it’s a customizable pillow so if you want it a little bit firmer just add some more fill and if you want a softer just take some out.

    When it comes to feel, this has a nice down alternative feel, so if you love that feeling this will be a great pick. It has this nice little bit of responsiveness to it. It immediately bounces back into place, but you’ll still get that contouring you want.

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    Sleeping Positions


    Let’s talk about sleeping positions.

    This is where this pillow really shines. Because it’s customizable, you can easily add or take out fill to get it to where you want it.

    But what are you looking for when you’re lying on a pillow?

    You want to make sure that your body stays in neutral alignment and what this means is that your ears are in line with your shoulders and your chin is in line with your sternum.

    When you’re lying on your back, you might want to take out about a third of the fill. Of course this will vary depending on your height and weight, but generally you want it to feel medium firm, have a little bit of give in the middle.

    Side sleepers, you’re probably good with this pillow right out of the box. But if you’re a larger person you might want to add a little bit of fill just so that you maintain that neutral alignment.

    Stomach sleepers, you’re going to want to sleep on an almost completely flat surface, so you’ll want to take out a good chunk of this fill. Again give it some trial and error and get it to where you like it.


    Now I’m going to look at the pros and cons of the Coop Eden pillow, starting with the pros.

    This pillow is completely customizable, so it’s super versatile and it fits a wide variety of different sleepers.

    Second of all, this pillow has some great cooling features. It has a thin breathable cover and it has gel infused memory foam, which helps regulate temperature.



    Moving on to the cons of the Coop Eden pillow.

    First of all this isn’t going to be a great pick if you prefer a traditional slow moving memory foam feel. Yes it does have memory foam pieces in it, but it has more of the feel of down feathers rather than traditional memory foam.

    Second of all this, pillow does have a little bit of an off-gassing period when you first take it out of the box. You might smell a little bit of a chemical odor. It’s easy to fix though. You can either let it air out for a couple of days or you can throw it in the dryer for an hour with a couple of dryer sheets and it’ll go right away.


    Before I wrap up, I’m going to go over some additional information about the Coop Eden pillow.

    They do offer free shipping on orders over $100. They have a 100 night sleep trial period, a 5 year warranty and different bedding accessories are available.

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