Cooling Memory Foam Pillow With Airflow Holes


    Here I’ll be reviewing the DreamCloud pillow.

    I don’t know about you, but the name DreamCloud for a pillow sounds pretty amazing, so let’s see if this pillow lives up to the allure of its name.

    In this article I’ll be going over the DreamCloud’s construction, how it feels, who it’s good for, who it’s not so good for and at the end of the article I’ll be answering your frequently asked questions.

    Let’s see if this pillow lives up to the hype.


    Let’s get into the contraction of this pillow.

    The DreamCloud pillow is made of a polyethylene blend cover with a gel infused memory foam block insert.

    That means this pillow will stay cool to the touch while keeping your head supported and comfortable all night long.

    The removable cover has a lightweight quilted design. The one downside to this cover is that it’s not machine washable. You can only spot clean it. Remember that if you have allergies.

    Below the cover, there is the memory foam that is tightly cased in a nylon wrapping to help keep this memory foam protected.

    When you look closer, you can see the holes designed for airflow punctured in the memory foam. This will help keep your pillow cool and prevent any heat from getting trapped in the pillow, which can be typical for memory foam.

    I do have to note that this pillow comes in two sizes – the standard model and the king size model.



    The first thing that attracted me to this pillow was the cover. You can tell that it’s made with quality materials that deliver on luxury and also design.

    If you are a hot sleeper or you just like sleeping in cooler sleeping conditions, I would say to definitely go with this pillow because you’ll always have a cool side of the pillow whenever you are sleeping.

    For the memory foam insert this is definitely lighter memory foam than what I’ve felt in the past.

    The airflow design is meant to be super breathable and allow you to not trap heat in this pillow while you sleep.

    Also the material is super malleable so you can move it any which way that’s most comfortable for you.

    Sleep Positions

    What position do you sleep in?

    It’s very important to know before you make this buying decision what kind of sleeper you are, so you can find the pillow that best serves your needs.

    Starting off with stomach sleepers, I know that buying a pillow for you can be really tricky.

    But I think this DreamCloud pillow is a great option for you. The loft is low enough that your neck will be in a safe neutral position, while the memory foam will provide comfortable and stable support for your head with a touch of cooling relief to the skin.

    As a side sleeper, I wanted to try this pillow out for myself because I was afraid that it was going to be too flat to recommend to side sleepers who need that loft and support when they sleep.

    The results are in and the jury is split unfortunately. When I left the pillow flat and tried to get comfortable, I felt my shoulders were way too caved and my head and neck were not supported enough to my liking.

    That being said, the DreamCloud is very flexible, so to add some extra support you can fold this pillow in half and get double the loft, to be able to properly support your neck and head while you sleep.

    And lastly for you back sleepers, everything always works out for you, doesn’t it?

    This pillow is going to be perfect for you your head will feel cradled in the memory foam and the lower loft of this pillow will help keep your neck in alignment.

    This will hopefully lead to a great night’s sleep and that feeling of rest and relief in the morning.

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    Pillow buying can be super confusing so I made a pros and cons list for you to make the decision a little bit easier.

    Starting off with pros number one. I can’t emphasize enough how cool this pillow is. I love the feeling of turning my head over on a pillow and feeling that cooling sensation and I get that every time with the DreamCloud pillow.

    Moving on to number two, the pillow’s ability to be adjusted makes it super versatile, whether you want to be lying on the couch and use it as some support there, or as added lumbar support in a chair.

    Moving on to number three. You won’t have to worry about this pillow losing shape. The great thing about memory foam is the fact that it never loses its shape regardless of how much use you get out of it.



    Starting off with number one, this pillow is on the pricier side, at about $100 depending on the size.

    Moving on to number two, if you’re a side sleeper, you might want to adjust this pillow into a more supportive position and for that it might be more hassle than for what it’s worth.

    Lastly for number three, the fact that this cover is not machine washable, makes me not want to recommend it to those with allergies or hypoallergenic concerns.


    Now I’m going to go over some quick hits regarding DreamCloud policy, so you know what to expect before you buy.

    Know that you have 50 days to try out your DreamCloud pillow and if you don’t like it for any reason, you can return it for free. Also know that shipping for all DreamCloud pillow orders is for free as well.


    Nnow I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions regarding the DreamCloud pillow.

    Does DreamCloud ship internationall? No, they do not. They only ship within the United States.

    Does DreamCloud offer financing? Yes, they do. Since some of DreamCloud’s products can be on the pricier side, they offer financing through a firm.

    Can I buy the DreamCloud in stores? No, DreamCloud is an online only retailer.

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