Cooling Firm Contour Pillow For Side Sleepers

    cooling contour pillow

    Here I’m reviewing Bear’s reversible cooling contour pillow.

    This ergonomic pillow is supposed to be great for side sleepers, so I’m really excited to test it out as a side sleeper myself.

    Bear is already known for its three bed in a box mattresses. They’re all great budget picks, but the company has branched out into all sorts of bedding and the contour pillow is their newest pillow option.

    This pillow was created specifically to help back and side sleepers, who deal with neck pain and supposedly sleeping with your head in the right position can even help you reduce snoring.

    Let’s dive into the details of this pillow.

    cooling contour pillow


    First up let’s talk a little bit about what this pillow is made of.

    As I mentioned earlier, it is reversible and it’s made in an ergonomic shape, so your neck can rest, while your head is supported by the pillow’s foams.

    The cover of this pillow has two sides.

    One side is made of Bear’s ice fabric and it actually does feel cool to the touch when you first touch it. I was really impressed by that.

    The other side of the pillow is more of a polyester blend fabric. It has a bit of a cozier, quilted feel.

    contour head pillow

    The fill of this pillow is made of siliconized fiber fill. It feels similar to a down alternative pillow to me. It’s fluffable and moldable, but also pretty solid in there. There’s definitely some structure to the pillow.

    I do want to take a moment here to note that all of the materials in this pillow are hypoallergenic, which I think is a great perk of a pillow.

    In case you are curious about sizing, this pillow only comes in one standard size.

    The dimensions are 17 inches width by 26 inches across and it’s six inches tall. I’ll talk about loft a little later.

    Even though it has a bit of a different shape, you can use this pillow with any standard size pillowcase and it should fit just fine.


    I also want to take a second to really highlight this pillow’s cooling features, because I know it’s really important for hot sleepers to find a pillow that really cools them down.

    Like I mentioned before, the cover is super cooling. I am genuinely really impressed by how cold it feels to the touch, especially when I haven’t been touching it or lying on it for a little while.

    I will say the fill material definitely is more breathable, promotes more airflow than a solid foam pillow or a traditional down pillow.

    Overall I think this is one of the more cooling pillows you’re going to find on the market, which I think is a great perk for anybody who sleeps hot.

    firm contour pillow


    Next up, let’s get into how this pillow feels.

    I would say this pillow has a medium firm to firm feel. There’s definitely some initial softness when you first lie down, but there’s definitely some support and structure beneath that.

    It’s not going to compress super far under your head when you lie down and that means it’s not going to lose its loft overnight. It’s going to pretty much maintain its height while you’re lying down on it.


    This pillow’s loft is 6 inches so that’s pretty tall. That’s a taller lofted pillow and I would say a medium firm pillow with a high loft is a good fit for certain sleepers, but not a great fit for others.

    Sleeping Positions

    Let’s quickly go over which sleeping positions this pillow will feel most comfortable in.

    First up some folks who are going to feel really comfortable on this pillow.

    If you’re a side sleeper, this is one of my favorite pillows out there for side sleepers. It does a really great job of supporting your head and this shape is really also going to give you the great neck support you need.

    You’re going to be really aligned from the top of your head all the way down through your lower back, which is really important for avoiding neck pain and back pain.

    Plus that firmer feel and higher loft is going to take some pressure off your shoulders. So if you wake up with a sore shoulder in the morning, this pillow could be a really nice option for you.

    And then similarly if you’re a back sleeper, I think this pillow also offers some nice neck support. I was personally more comfortable on my side than on my back, but I think back sleepers are going to be universally pretty comfortable on this pillow as well.

    And then if you are a stomach sleeper, I do think this pillow is a little bit too tall for you.

    Personally I felt my neck craning up a little bit when I was on this pillow, which can lead to some pain over time.

    So if you’re a stomach sleeper, I would opt for maybe a flatter pillow and Bear actually does advertise this pillow only to side and back sleepers. I think they also acknowledge that maybe it’s not the best fit for people who sleep on their stomachs.

    And then finally if you like to hug a pillow or place one between your knees at night, to me this pillow felt comfortable to hug and comfortable between my knees.

    But honestly, it’s designed ergonomically to give you neck support, so it does feel like a waste to me to put it between your knees or hug it overnight, especially considering its price point which is a little on the higher side.

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    contour bed pillow


    Let’s recap what we’ve learned about this Bear pillow so far.

    First up, some people that this pillow is great for are side sleepers.

    As I really emphasized, this pillow felt great when I was on my side. It really supported my neck super well.

    And then back sleepers or side sleepers with neck pain should really consider trying this pillow out. I think it will really help you align your neck properly overnight.

    And finally hot sleepers should really like this pillow. It sleeps really cool. I really liked it personally as a hot sleeper myself.


    On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend this pillow to everybody. Some sleepers who I think should probably avoid this pillow include stomach sleepers.

    If you are a stomach sleeper, this pillow is a little too tall and a little too firm for you.

    And then if you’re someone who’s looking for a machine washable pillow, this pillow is spot clean only and you can’t remove the cover. So if you’re looking for easy wash care, this is not the choice for you.

    And then finally if you’re someone who’s looking for a more moldable feel, something that’s really easy to manipulate, you might want to opt for a down or shredded fill pillow, which will offer you a little bit more malleability, if you’re hugging it or adjusting it around your head at night.


    In case you are interested in buying this pillow, I want to give you some info on Bear’s company policies.

    This pillow comes with a lengthy 100 night sleep trial and a two-year limited warranty.

    It also ships for free, which is a nice perk.

    That is it for my Bear contour pillow review.

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