Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket With Glass Beads

    flippable weighted bamboo blanket

    In this review I talk about the Nolah Weighted blanket.

    You may have seen some of my earlier reviews on different Nolah mattress models or pillows, but here I will be focusing on their breathable bamboo weighted blanket.

    And in true Nolah style, they killed it. They delivered. They understood the assignment.

    In this article, I’ll go over this blanket construction, how I felt using it, who it’s good for, who it’s not so good for. Plus, at the end, I’ll be answering some of your frequently asked questions.


    double-sided bamboo cover

    Let’s get super granular about the construction of the Nolah weighted blanket.

    What is it made of? What does it do? What are the options?

    Well, let’s get into it.

    First off, you get a double sided cover made of viscous bamboo. One side is softer and has more of a flannel feel to it. The other side has a silky, satin-like texture.

    Bamboo is a great material for hot sleepers because it’s light, breathable, cooling, moisture wicking and it’s naturally antibacterial.

    It has gridded stitching design across the entire blanket. Each individual square holds hundreds of tiny glass micro beads and polyester boutting fill, giving the blanket its overall weight and allowing the fill to stay evenly distributed throughout.

    This blanket doesn’t come with an outer duvet cover, but Nolah made the option to attach one of your choosing easy by adding loops along the edges.

    As for size and weight options, you can choose from three weights,15, 20 and 25 pounds. The 15 and 20 pound options come in a standard size and the 25 pound option comes in a large size.

    When picking the right weight for you, I recommend calculating 10% of your body weight. So, for example, if you’re 200 pounds, 10% of that would be 20. You would pick the 20 pound option.

    If you are between two weights, round up and pick the heavier option. It is so important to pick the right weight for you so that you can experience deep touch pressure, which is arguably the biggest benefit of the Nolah weighted blanket.

    Don’t know what deep touch pressure is? It’s when you apply firm yet gentle pressure to your entire body to relax your nervous system. So think a nice big hug from your mom or why babies love being swaddled.

    By relaxing that nervous system, you can release serotonin into your body and it decreases your overall levels of cortisol, which is our stress hormone. This allows the body to relax, alleviate any feelings of stress and anxiety, and fall into a deeper, more restful sleep.

    Also, as for care instructions for this blanket, Nolah recommends getting it professionally dry cleaned.

    They warn against throwing it in the washing machine or else you can affect the quality of the materials of the blanket as they continue to break down this blanket.

    Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket


    Next, we’re going to explore the feel, which is my personal favorite part.

    Some look for the X factor, I look for the coziness factor and this blanket got it.

    The minute I put this blanket on my body, I immediately experienced a cooling sensation all over my body.

    It felt great on my achy knees. As a former athlete who never rehabbed his injuries correctly, I can tell you that that combination of light, pressure and cooling sensation on my knees gave me great relief.

    I’d say the soft, flannel-feeling side gave me a cozier feel against the body. If temperature is not necessarily a huge aspect for you, I think you’d particularly like this side.

    But if you are a hot sleeper or you just prefer a silky smooth texture like satin, this side will be your best bet.

    I was impressed by how well this blanket was able to fit over my entire body. For reference, I tested out the standard 20 pound option and it had a great even weight distribution from head to toe.

    But I will say it’s not very wide, so just be careful if you are a combination sleeper that frequently moved positions throughout the night.

    Lastly, the Nolah weighted blanket felt light and luxurious on my body, from the feel of the material all the way down to the fact that you couldn’t hear or feel the beads inside.

    The weighted insert aspect of this blanket is just a testament to the quality and durability of this product.


    Moving on to pros and cons, I outlined the best and worst aspects of the Nolah weighted blanket to help make your buying decision a little bit easier.

    Starting off with the pros, this blanket is a great option for hot sleepers. Sometimes hot sleepers can be a little weary about getting weighted blanket, but in this case, this blanket comes with this viscous bamboo, which is great for being breathable. It’s moisture wicking, it’s cooling, it’s a great option if you are a hot sleeper.

    Moving on to the next pro, this blanket comes in multiple sizes and weight options, which just makes it accessible to more people and more body types, which I love.

    Moving on to the last pro, this blanket is dual sided, which gives it a more personalized feel. That one side is silky, it’s smooth, it’s like a satin. The other side is more like a flannel. It’s super cozy.

    So whatever you’re feeling that night, you can cater the blanket feel to whatever is best for you at that moment.

    flippable weighted bamboo blanket


    Moving on to the cons, this blanket is dry clean only. Nolah recommends getting this blanket professionally dry cleaned and warns against throwing it in the washing machine or else you could damage it. So that just makes maintenance more difficult and more expensive.

    Moving on to the next con, this blanket only comes in one color option, white. I don’t think I have to say much. I know that this blanket and I would not get along, especially if I have to go dry clean it.

    Moving on to the last con, this blanket is super pricey. It retails between $250 and $350, depending on the size and weight option that you get.


    Now I’m going to go over some quick hits regarding Nolah’s policies so you know exactly what to expect when you go to buy.

    Their policies are going to be different for Nolah weighted blanket versus their mattresses. So just be aware of that if you’re already familiar with the policies of their other products.

    This blanket ships for free, can be returned within 30 days of initial delivery, and it’s covered under a limited lifetime warranty, meaning the company will cover any defects that are not caused by normal wear and tear.


    Now it’s time to answer some of your frequently asked questions about the weighted blankets.
    Starting off with question number one, what is the scientific evidence behind weighted blanket improving sleep?

    According to a study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted in 2020, participants who slept under a weighted blanket for four weeks were 26% more likely to show a 50% decrease or more in their insomnia severity compared to a control group.

    Studies also show the effectiveness of weighted blanket for those who experience anxiety, ADHD, or autism spectrum disorders.

    Moving on to question number two, do weighted blanket affect blood pressure?

    I, got another study for you. Studies show people who use weighted blanket typically have lower blood pressure, pulse rates, and pulse oximetry, which are all signs of reduced stress levels. So they’re great.

    Moving on to question number three, how long does it take for a weighted blanket to work?

    Typically it will take three to four weeks to experience the full benefits and effects of a weighted blanket. Studies also show that after 90 days of implementing a habit, it becomes part of your lifestyle. So just give your weighted blanket a little time to work its magic.

    Dual Sided, Warming and Cooling Weighted Blanket

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