5 Cool & Breathable Bed Sheets For Summer

    comfortable sheets for summer

    Summer is fast approaching, and with it heat waves. You certainly don’t want your sheets trapping heat while you’re burning up outside.

    I made a list of the best sheets for summer time!

    Let’s get started.

    No need to travel to the icy Arctic to find a cool set of sheets.

    Serta Arctic

    breathable bed sheets for summer

    My best pick are the Serta Arctic sheets.

    They are made with a triple blend of fabric of Tencel, which is breathable and moisture wicking, cooling nylon, and Serta’s Coolmax polyester.

    Altogether, these materials have been designed to maximize cooling while you use them. They’ll feel really super soft and even cool to the touch.

    They have a 400 thread count, which is fairly breathable.

    My favorite thing about these sheets is that they have a fitted sheets that will fit mattresses up to 18 inches tall.

    So if you tossed and turn like I do, that fitted sheet is not going anywhere.

    You can test these sheets out for 120 days, and if you decide to keep them, you get a one year limited warranty.

    Serta only sells these sheets in white, but they still look really classy on a bed.

    Helix Tencel

    comfortable sheets for summer

    If you live in a humid climate, night sweats are the enemy of a cool night of sleep.

    So if you want a moisture-wicking set of sheets, turn to the Helix Tencel sheets.

    This is made from 100% Tencel Lyocell, which is derived from eucalyptus, which is known to be breathable and moisture-wicking meaning you won’t feel hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    Helix prides itself on making an eco-friendly set of sheets, too. The Tencel used in these sheets requires less water to grow, and it’s sustainably sourced.

    The fitted sheet has some of the deepest pockets I’ve seen. It can fit mattresses up to 22 inches tall. I don’t know who’s sleeping on a 22 inch tall bed, but if you have one, these are great for you.

    They also feel really super soft to the touch, so if you suffer from night sweats, these are a sheet to look at.

    Casper Hyperlite


    Breathability is key when you’re looking for a set of sheets for the summertime.

    Casper’s Hyperlite sheets are a perfect example of this.

    They’re another set made from Tencel, but they’re thinner and they have a lower thread count, which means there’s tons of room for air to flow through the sheets.

    Hot sleepers, if you’re prone to overheating, look at this thinner set of sheets because they’re also cool to the touch.

    These sheets can fit mattresses up to 17 inches tall.

    And if you’re looking for color options, Casper’s got a few to pick from, which they will select certain colors throughout the year to discount.

    Sleep Number True Temp


    Cotton is a great breathable material, too, but there’s a set of cotton sheets out there that will actively work to keep you cool – the Sleep Number True Temp sheets.

    They feature something called 37.5 Active Particle Technology and this is what’s going to work to keep you cool.

    When you start to overheat, this will actively dissipate body heat away from you, keeping you at a comfortable temperature.

    Plus, if you’re a cotton fan, you just have that crisp cotton feel that you know and love.

    Puffy Bamboo


    But if you don’t love that crisp cotton feel to sheets, bamboo is a great way to go.

    My favorite bamboo sheets for the summertime are the Puffy Bamboo sheets.

    They’re made from 100% bamboo viscose, which is going to feel much softer and satin-like over cotton.

    Like Tencel, it is also moisture-wicking so you won’t sleep hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    These are the set of sheets that I use when I’m not testing sheets. I love them because of how soft they feel. And as a textbook hot sleeper, I am never hot underneath these sheets.

    So if you’re like me and don’t love that crisp cotton feel of sheets, These are a great set to look at.

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    Let’s take some time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about sheets for the summertime.

    First question, what material is best for summer sheets?

    Overall, you want a combination of breathability and moisture-wicking. Tencel is a great option for this, because it has both of those properties and most of the sheets on this list were made from this material.

    But cotton and bamboo are also great options because of their accessibility, breathability and moisture wicking properties too.

    Second question, are higher thread count sheets hotter?

    Because thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric, the higher the thread count, the more threads woven into a square inch.

    Sheets with a higher thread count tend to sleep hotter, because there’s not a lot of room for air to flow through those threads.

    Final question, are cooling sheets worth it? In a word, yes!

    I know tons of hot sleepers and I am one myself. And when I sleep too hot, I can never get a good night of sleep.

    So investing in a set of sheets that’s been designed to keep you cool is totally worth it.

    Say goodbye to night sweats and sleep cool. Any of the sheets on this list will do that for you.

    There you have it. My best sheets for summer.

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