Comparison of Three Brooklinen Sheets Sets

    Brooklinen classic core sheets

    I’ve got a big comparison article for you here. I’m talking about the Brooklinen sheets set.

    There’s so many of them. I’m talking about the Classic Percale, the Luxe Sateen, and the linen sheets.

    Brooklinen calls themselves the Internet’s favorite sheets, and with these high quality sheets, I am definitely okay with them doing that.

    Let’s get started.


    Let’s talk about their similarities.

    First of all, all Brooklinen sheets are labeled on their fitted sheet with long and short, which is super helpful whenever you’re fumbling around with the sateen sheets trying to make the bed.

    I deeply appreciate the long and short labels.

    All of these sets come in core or hard core sets. And the core set just includes a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and two pillowcases. And the hard core set comes with all of that, plus a duvet cover.

    Plus, all of their sheets are available in many different color options, which is always great.

    If you buy one of these sheets, you have a one year trial period to test them out, make returns or exchanges. And if you keep them, you get a one year warranty.

    So these sheets should last you a long time, especially if you take good care of them.

    That’s where the similarities stop. Let’s talk about their differences.

    Brooklinen classic core sheets


    Starting with the Classic set. This is made with a percale weave, so it makes them feel really crisp. This is a really breathable weave style.

    This is great news for hot sleepers out there. But what’s really cool about the Luxe Sateen sheets is that they have a higher thread count, so they feel super warm and cozy, but breathable at the same time.

    So they’ll help hot sleepers stay cool and cold sleepers stay warm.

    Another great cooling option are the linens. This is because they’re made from flax, which is super breathable and moisture wicking.

    That’s a winning combo for hot sleepers.

    I love the texture to them. And best of all, they come pre washed and ready to enjoy.


    Speaking of texture, though, let’s get into the construction of these sheets.

    Both the Classic and the Luxe set are made with 100% long staple cotton, but they’re made with different weave styles, and they have different thread counts.

    The Luxe Sateen sheets feel super soft, luxurious and buttery. They have a thread count of 480 and the classic set is made with a percale weave, which makes sheets look matte and feel very crisp on the bed, but they have a thread count of 270.

    Don’t worry about this low number. That just means they’re super breathable.

    As for the linens, they’re made from 100% European flax, which is a super durable material. Better yet, it’s breathable and moisture wicking, which is a winning combination for all my hot sleepers out there.

    Brooklinen classic core sheets

    Softness and Feel

    All of these sheets feel drastically different. And even though the Classic and the Luxe are made from cotton, the Classic sheet set has a crisp and matte feel, while the Luxe sheets set feels buttery soft and luxurious.

    I’m personally a big fan of that luxurious feel. But I also love the Classic set, because I am a text book hot sleeper. These are more lightweight and they’re very breathable. I slept cool underneath these every night.

    As for the linens, though, they feel textured. They are very breathable and soft, but they’re not smooth, as weird as it is to say.

    But you have to remember, too, that linen is designed to feel softer the more you use it. So the longer you have these sheets, the softer they’ll feel.

    See also antibacterial bed sheets.

    Who Should Get The Brooklinen Classic Core Set?

    So who should get the Classic core set?

    This is going to be a great option for people who love crisp cotton sheets, because the best way I can describe it is that fresh pressed shirt feel.

    These are also a great option for hot sleepers because they’re lightweight and very breathable. And finally, if you’re on a bit of a budget, these are Brooklyn’s most affordable sheet set.

    Who Should Get The Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Set?

    So who should get the Luxe sateen set?

    This is a great choice for hot and cold sleepers. Pretty amazing. It keeps hot sleepers cool and cool sleepers warm.

    Another great thing about this is that it has a high thread count, and it’s great for people who want a super soft and luxurious feel.

    Brooklinen luxe core sheets

    Who Should Get The Brooklinen Linen Set?

    Finally, who should get the linen set?

    These are great options for people who love the texture that linens have. It’s also great for people looking for a breathable sheets set that works for spring and summer.

    And finally, these are great options, because they come to you pre-washed.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you learned something about all of these awesome Brooklien sheets.

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