Casper vs Layla Mattress Comparison


    Here I talk about how Layla Hybrid compares to the Original Casper mattress.

    These are two really popular online beds from reputable brands, but when it comes down to it what are the reasons to get one of these beds over the other.

    That’s what I’m going to be talking about in this article.


    Let’s start out by covering all of the policy information for both of these beds, because that’s obviously really important stuff and you want to know what you’re getting into before you buy.

    Both are going to come with completely free shipping.

    Layla Hybrid shows up in a big bag, while the Original Casper shows up in a big box. Either way though, the unbagging or unboxing process is the same. You just drag them inside, take off all the packaging and let them inflate.

    Layla Hybrid will pop right into shape because it has coils. But since Casper is an all foam bed and those foams have been compressed for a while to fit inside of a box, it’ll take around one to three days to fully expand to its proper form.

    You can totally lay down on the bed during that time, you’re not going to hurt the bed at all, but it will feel a little bit different right out of the box.

    Once the beds are in your possession you get a trial window with both. 100 nights with Casper and 120 nights with Layla Hybrid.

    That’s three to four full months to test these beds out in the comfort of your own home before you have to make a final decision on either.

    If you decide that for whatever reason the beds aren’t exactly right for you, you get completely free returns with both. You just call the company up and they’ll work with you to set up a removal and you get a full refund .

    Layla Hybrid

    Layla flippable mattress

    Now that all of that policy jargon is out of the way, let’s get right into the main reasons to get one of these beds over the other, starting with Layla Hybrid.

    I’m gonna first talk about the construction of this bed, because that’s honestly one of the biggest things that sets it apart from the Original Casper.

    This is a 13 inch thick bed with a flippable design. It has a soft side and a firm side.

    The types of foams used on either side are the exact same. They just differ a little bit in thickness and firmness.

    In the middle you have a six inch layer of pocketed coils. On either side of those coils you have transitional layers of polyfoam and on the top and bottom you have layers of a copper infused memory foam.

    No matter what side you decide to sleep on, you’re going to get a more softer memory foam feel with Layla Hybrid.

    It’s not going to feel like your prototypical viscous dense memory foam that you’d find on a Nectar or a Tempur-Pedic mattress. It’s going to be more plush and responsive.

    That being said though, you are going to sink into this bed and get tons of pressure relief from it.

    The soft side is a proper medium soft on the firmness scale. It’s going to be best for side and combo sleepers. However if you’re a little more petite, you can get by in any sleeping position.

    The firm side is around a medium, maybe even like a medium plus. So if you’re an average sized individual it’s gonna work for all sleeper types: back, stomach, side and combination.

    If you’re heavier though, it’ll work best for side and combo sleepers in particular.

    Normally I’d say that Layla is the obvious choice for heavier people because it has coils, but Casper actually gives you the option to add coils as well, so essentially both companies have hybrid beds.

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    Original Casper


    Why would you go with Casper over Layla Hybrid. Well, the feel of this mattress is an altogether different experience.

    Casper has more of a soft neutral foam feel. Like Layla Hybrid it does use memory foam, but on casper it’s used as a transitional layer. So you’re not gonna feel it as much when you go to lay down on it. It just feels like a comfy slab of softer neutral foam.

    Due to this neutral feel Casper is gonna be the better option if you’re someone who just simply does not like memory foam.

    I’d put it right at a proper medium on our firmness scale. This middle of the road firmness makes it perfect for all sleeper types.

    It provides enough pressure relief for side and combo sleepers, while offering enough support for strict back and stomach sleepers.

    It truly is a really accommodating mattress.

    Another interesting aspect about the Casper mattress is its zone support system that’s found within its construction.

    This bed is divided into three different sections. The head and the foot of the bed are going to be slightly softer than the middle section, which is going to be a bit firmer.

    This gives you more support under the areas of your body that need it the most, like your lower back, trunk and hips, while giving other areas like your head, shoulders, legs and feet more pressure relief.

    This zone support design is really nice, especially if you’re somebody who suffers from chronic back pain and you need a bed that keeps your back in proper spinal alignment.

    You can actually see a more pronounced advanced version of this zone support on Casper Wave.

    The last thing for Casper is that it’s the more affordable option compared to Layla Hybrid.

    A queen size Casper usually retails for around a thousand dollars. After discount I think it should come down closer to around $900.

    And even if you add the coils, Casper still should be a little bit more affordable than Layla. The queen size Layla Hybrid costs around $1700.

    Layla also runs promotions year round though. After discount you can pick it up for around $1500.

    Wrap Up

    That’s pretty much it between these two.

    Like I said earlier, these are two really really nice beds.

    But when it comes down to it, I would say go with Layla Hybrid if you’re looking for a hybrid bed with a flippable design that has kind of a softer memory foam feel.

    And then go with Casper if you’re looking for an all-around accommodating all-foam bed that has a classic soft foam feel and it’s also a little bit more affordable. And it also has that zone support system.

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