Casper Original Pillow Review


    In this article I’m going to be reviewing the Casper original pillow. I this review I’m going to assess this pillow’s feel and materials and give my opinion on which sleepers I think it’s best for.

    I’ll also share some of Casper’s policies, like warranty and trial period.

    If you haven’t heard of Casper, they’ve become giant in the mattress world, particularly for their bed in a box beds.

    However they’ve expanded to tons of other products, like sleep accessories, bed frames, bedding and of course, pillows.

    Their original pillow is the brand’s best-selling pillow and is meant to feel supremely comfortable to pretty much any sleeping position.

    Without further ado, let’s get started putting this pillow to the test.



    Let’s get started reviewing this pillow by talking about its materials.

    One of the things that makes this pillow super popular with a lot of buyers is Casper’s unique pillow inside pillow design.

    Basically this pillow is made of a fluffy soft outer pillow, which unzips to a firmer pillow inside.

    The fluffy outer pillow is going to give you some nice squish feeling, but then there’s still going to be that kind of supportive core.

    The cover of this pillow is made from 100% cotton and the inside is made from a down alternative fill, which is made from polyester microfibers.

    I would say this pillow has a very similar feeling to a down pillow, even though it’s made of foam.

    So if you’re the fan of that squishy feeling of down, but want something that’s hypoallergenic and cruelty free, this could be a great pillow option for you.

    Also I’d like to add that I think that these materials are pretty cooling. There’s a 100% cotton cover, which is nice and breathable and helps wick away moisture. That microfiber fill since it moves around a lot and is really fluffable, it allows for a lot of airflow in there, unlike foam which can tend to trap heat.

    Overall I’d say this is a nice choice for hot sleepers.

    I’d also like to add these materials are super easy to wash. All you have to do to wash this pillow is remove the inner pillow from the outer pillow and then zip the outer pillow back up and you can put them both in the wash meaning.

    This is a fully washable pillow, which is a huge perk to anyone out there who really wants to be able to quickly wash all their stuff and doesn’t want to have to hand wash it.

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    Now I want to move on to feel.

    This Casper pillow comes in a standard size and a king size and a mid loft and a low loft.

    I tested it in the standard size, in the medium loft

    This has a nice, big lofty feel. You can fluff it up and make it even loftier. Overall this mid loft level has a nice squishy medium feel and I think this is going to be a nice choice for back sleepers, because they’re going to get some nice amount of sinkage throughout.

    It could be good for some side sleepers, but I would say if you’re a side sleeper who has neck or shoulder pain, you’re gonna want something that you sink into a little bit less. Because even though this does have a lofty feel, you are gonna sink into this pillow quite a bit. It’s very similar to a down pillow.

    I would say the low loft version of this pillow is actually gonna be really nice choice for the stomach sleepers out there.

    They are going to be able to sink into it just enough and it does have a soft feel, even though that inner pillow is going to provide some support, so you’re not going to be sinking all the way down through this pillow. There is still a good amount of sinkage, which is something to look out for.

    I think it’s really nice for anyone who likes a moldable feel, likes to squish their pillow.

    Personally I prefer that feel, it’s a more classic feel. I also think that this pillow is a really nice option for anyone who likes to hug their pillow, to keep one under their arm when they sleep or to keep a pillow between their legs.

    I think it’s a super great option for between the legs, because your knees aren’t going to hit each other from sinking too far through it, but at the same time it’s going to contour to your body shape.

    That’s definitely a really nice thing to have. This pillow is super versatile. It can be used for a lot of people.

    The one group though that I would say should maybe look for something else is any side sleepers with neck pain. Side sleepers really need a firmer, loftier pillow.

    But to everyone else I think that this is a really nice choice and I love that it comes in two sizes and two lofts, so it is super customizable



    Now that we’ve gone over materials and feel, I want to round things out with a quick list of who I think this pillow is best for and who I think should look for something else,

    So first of all, I think this is an awesome pillow for back sleepers. They’re gonna get some nice support and also some nice squish. They’re gonna get some contouring.

    I also think it’s really good for stomach sleepers, but only the low-loft version. I would say the mid-loft is a little too high for stomach sleepers, but the low-loft version is gonna be that nice, squishy feel that’s gonna let them sink deep into the pillow and keep their spine in a nice neutral alignment.

    I also think this is an awesome under the arm or between the legs pillow because it’s nice and moldable and really contouring.


    The one group that I wouldn’t really recommend this pillow to is side sleepers with neck pain.

    I think if you have neck pain and you’re a side sleeper, you’re especially going to need a loftier pillow that gives you more support and this pillow doesn’t really have much support. It doesn’t have a firm feel.

    If you’re looking for a firm feel to alleviate neck pain, I would say this isn’t the right pillow for you. I would instead maybe look at Casper’s foam pillow.


    I want to round things out with a quick list of Casper’s policies.

    They offer free shipping for this pillow. They offer a risk-free 30-night trial.

    And lastly this pillow is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

    That’s it for my review of the Casper Original pillow.

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