California Design Den Sheets Review


    Here I’m looking at the Cotton Sateen Sheet Set from California Design Den.

    I’m going to show you what they’re made of, how they feel, and which sleepers might be particularly compatible with them.

    First Impressions

    Before I even notice anything about the feel, my first thoughts are, “This is a really pretty sheet set.”

    It’s the light-mint color that they call mod spa, but it’s this pretty green and I think it’s a nice refreshing break from white cotton sheets.

    Also, the sheets offer this pretty sheen, this light luster that is accentuated by this color.

    Again, loving the way these sheets look.

    I’m also loving the way they feel. They feel really smooth. Not so much crisp, but very silky smooth to the touch.

    Will they sleep hot? Which sleepers are going to be most compatible with these sheets? Let’s take a closer examination of exactly what they’re made of.



    We know this is called the Cotton Sateen Sheet Set.

    You might have already guessed that this is made from 100 percent cotton spun into a sateen weave.

    Let’s take a closer look at what those things mean.

    First of all, this is woven from 100 percent long staple cotton.

    This is something I always suggest sleepers look for when they’re on the hunt for cotton bedding because generally, the rule of thumb is, the longer the cotton fiber, also referred to as staple, the more durable and soft the sheets are going to be.

    Meanwhile, the satin weave is what’s giving the sheet set this really pretty light luster and a silky smooth hand feel.

    Some folks, when they hear cotton bedding, might automatically think of this crisp hotel bed feel. That’s not always the case.

    With percale woven sheets, you’re usually going to get a sheet set that is crisp and matte in appearance.

    With satin cotton sheets like this, you’re getting this light luster, so it’s a little bit more shiny than it is matte.

    You’re also getting more of a silky smooth hand feel as opposed to that crisp feel.

    Each sheet set comes with two pillowcases. They don’t come with envelope closures on the side, which is a pet peeve of mine because you get a little bit of this pillow spillage. Really not much because I’m finding the pillowcase to be a pretty good fit.

    Also one top sheet and one fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 18 inches deep.

    That is very deep for a fitted sheet so even folks with the tallest of mattresses should be able to find a good fit.

    I will say when I was dressing this mattress which is about 13 inches deep, I did find that there was quite a bit of excess fabric on the fitted sheet. I had to snugly tuck it under the mattress to get a really tight fit.



    Now that we know exactly what the sheet set is made of, let’s recap the highlights so you know if it’s the right one for you.

    There’s a lot to love about this sheet set.

    First of all, folks who are preferential to a satin weave are going to be most compatible with this sheet set.

    It’s very true to this weave style, and by that I mean it is silky, it’s lustrous, it provides this really pretty elegant drape over the mattress and over your body shape.

    Sateen lovers, specifically, I myself being one, are probably going to be particularly compatible with the sheet set.

    Another thing is it is both lustrous and durable. Even after putting it through the wash and dry cycle, it really held on to that luster, which doesn’t always happen with sateen bedding.

    A lot of the time, you put sateen bedding through the wash, and all of a sudden, that beautiful, lustrous sheen is diminished. I was really impressed with that.

    Also, that long-staple cotton is giving these sheets some great, strong durability, and I really feel they’re going to last me a good long while.

    Lastly, these sheets are undeniably a great value, so sleepers on a budget should listen up.

    Firstly, when it comes to long-staple cotton sheets, they do tend to be a little bit pricier because you’re paying for that long-staple factor.

    You’re getting better durability, better color retention, better resistance to peeling, and all those wonderful things.

    The fact that this sheet set ranges from $35 to $45 is really a remarkably good deal, so sleepers on a budget, I highly recommend you give this a try.

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    A few things to consider about this sheet set before you buy.

    First of all, sleepers who are looking for that crisp, cotton hotel-bed-type feel might want to look elsewhere. These sheets are not crisp.

    They are very, very smooth and silky. That also leaves to a little bit like a slippery feel so you might find your top sheet sliding around on the mattress if you’re not careful.

    Another thing to know is that in my experience rolling around in this bedding, it sleeps a little warm.

    In general, satin woven sheets do tend to be a little less breathable as compared to percale. They lie a little bit heavier on the body and I did find that to be the case with this bedding.

    If you’re a sleeper who runs hot and you’re trying to find sheets that are going to keep you cool, I can’t promise that these sheets going to do the trick.

    Lastly, while these sheets are, in my opinion, a great value, they don’t come with any trial period.

    A lot of times, bedding brands will offer sleepers a trial period wherein you can test a sheet set out for about a month or so. If you don’t like it, send it on back for a refund.

    Unfortunately, no such trial period is offered here. You have to be pretty sure that these are the sheets that you want before you make your purchase.

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