Buffy Comforter Review

    Buffy Comforter

    Here I’m reviewing the Buffy Comforter.

    If you spend much time online, you’ve probably seen a commercial for this very popular comforter, but I wanted to find out how it performs. Is it going to be warm? Is it going to be cool or comfortable?

    Let’s hop right in.


    Let’s talk about the construction first.

    Buffy Comforter

    From the outside in, you have this really nice soft outer shell. It’s going to have some eucalyptus in it and polyester as well. Eucalyptus is great cause it’s actually anti-inflammatory. It’s good for your skin and it’s very cool and smooth to the touch.

    In terms of the fill on the inside, it’s actually made from recycled plastic bottles. They make it into a fiber. It’s very fluffy. They put it inside. It’s held inside in these triangle shapes and also loose throughout the rest of the comforter.

    All the way to the edge, you have an extra border that’s filled as well with that same fill. It’s going to have a nice fluffy feel all the way to the edges.

    The whole point is that it’s very, very green. The eucalyptus is responsibly sourced from Australia, in addition to fills made from plastic bottles.

    Overall, a green option and also a very nice comforter.

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    My Experience


    Now let’s talk about my experience with the Buffy comforter.

    Starting with feel and loft.

    For feel, really smooth to the touch. Eucalyptus is really going to work. It feels cool. It feels smooth. I’m a big fan of the feel of this comforter.

    In terms of loft, just looking at it, you can see it’s not rising too far off of the bed. It’s got a little bit of loft, a little bit of fluff, but I was actually not super impressed with how fluffy it is. For a down alternative comforter, some decent loft.

    But if you want more of that fluffy, full experience, I’d look at a down comforter.

    Also, I do worry about how it’s held throughout the comforter. You have these triangles, which will obviously keep that fill in place. The rest seems to be loose. I worry that over time, it actually might shift around. It might get some flat spots too.

    How about when I am underneath the Buffy comforter?

    I want to talk about the warmth and breathability of the Buffy.

    Talking about warmth, I want to talk about the technology they have inside this comforter. It’s called 37.5 technology. It’s in the cover and it’s in the fill. It’s designed to keep your body at a constant temperature.

    If you’re overheating, it cools you down. If you’re too cold, it warms you up. But does it work?

    For me, overall this comforter was on the warmer side. It is thinner, but for me I felt very warm and insulated on colder nights. However, on warmer nights, I did overheat somewhat. However, I’m a hotter sleeper, so definitely take that into account.

    In addition, in regard to breathability, there’s some nice air-flow going back and forth throughout the comforter. I didn’t get sweaty or clammy even on hotter nights.



    Let’s talk about the pros. Who I think this comforter might be a good fit for.

    First, I think if you’re looking for a green option, this could be a great choice for you. You have, responsibly-sourced eucalyptus in the cover. Also inside, you have recycled bottles used for the fill. If you’re looking for eco-friendly option, definitely check out the Buffy.

    Secondly, if you struggle with allergies, definitely check out this comforter too. The inside is going to be actually hypoallergenic. With down comforter, a lot of times they can trap allergens, cause you to sneeze or get watery eyes. That should not be happening with the Buffy.

    Lastly, if you’re looking for a warmer comforter for colder weather months, definitely check out the Buffy too. It is a thinner comforter but very warm and insulating. For me, on colder nights, I had no problem with feeling too cold. I didn’t need an extra layer. If you want more of a cool weather comforter, definitely check out the Buffy.


    Now let’s talk about the cons and who I think this comforter might not be a good fit for.

    First, if you like a lofty comforter, more of that cloud-like experience, you might want to look elsewhere. Specifically check out a down comforter with more of a high fill power. This is on the thinner side. It’s not one of the loftiest comforters I’ve tried. If you like that lofty feel, definitely consider a down comforter.

    In addition, if you sleep hot at night, if you overheat while you sleep, I would definitely look elsewhere as well. This does have this 37.5 technology, but my experience on hotter nights, I did overheat. I did get a little bit sweaty.

    Finally, if you’re looking for more of a value comforter, this is a $159 for a down alternative, which is quite pricey.

    There are some nice technologies in it, the 37.5 again. It’s well-designed. However, if that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you want to save some money, I would look elsewhere.

    Additional Info

    I want to give you a little additional information about the Buffy comforter.

    First in regard to cleaning, they recommend dry clean only. However, if you do want to machine-wash it, take it to the laundromat. If you try to do it at home, this comforter is going to expand. You can actually damage it in your washer and dryer.

    In addition, it comes with free shipping and returns, and a really unique 30-day trial. Basically, you don’t spend any money until the 30th day. They send you a free comforter.

    If on day 30 you’re not happy with it, send it back.

    It’s a higher price point but a really unique sleep trial. In the end, I think this comforter could be a great option for cold weather climates, for someone who wants the hypoallergenic or a green option. Definitely a great choice in that case.

    However, if you sleep hot or you like a loftier comforter, I would definitely look elsewhere.

    In addition, it’s on the pricier side. $159 for a queen comforter. It might be out of some people’s price range.

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