Brooklyn Bedding vs Casper Mattress Comparison


    If you’re trying to decide between the Brooklyn Bedding and Casper mattresses, you’ve come to the right place.

    Here I’m comparing both those mattresses.

    I’m going to talk about their construction, their similarities, their differences, and help you choose one over the other.

    Let’s get started.


    Let’s start off by talking about the similarities between these two mattresses.

    I do want to note that we’re talking about the hybrid medium model and the Casper original all foam model.

    First off, they both come from very reputable companies with great customer service terms.

    In terms of feel, they are both responsive mattresses and they both have a very good balance of comfort and support.



    Now let’s talk about the differences between these two mattresses.

    First off looking at construction with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. It is a hybrid, the Casper is an all-film mattress. They also have some different materials in their comfort layer.

    Also speaking of construction, the Casper features zoning, the Brooklyn Bedding does not.

    Also speaking of firmness, the Brooklyn Bedding comes in three firmness options, the Casper mattress does not.

    And last stop, speaking of price. The Casper cost a little bit more than the Brooklyn Bedding.


    Let’s take a look at the construction of both these mattresses. Starting off on top and then working our way down.

    First off, speaking of the cover with both these mattresses.

    With the Brooklyn Bedding, a soft breathable cover, also tufted with some soft comfortable foam. Moving over to the Casper, also a soft breathable cover.

    Moving down to the main comfort layers, right on top of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is a layer of titanflex foam. It is responsive, also infused with some gel to help with cooling. Below that is a layer of energex foam, it acts as a transition layer.

    Moving over to the Casper mattress, on top of the layer is AirScape foam. It’s a responsive polyfoam, also ventilated for airflow.

    Below that a layer of memory foam, but also features something called zone support. Basically that layer is firmer towards the center and softer towards the head and foot of the mattress.

    That makes it feel firmer more supportive when you’re back and stomach sleeping and softer when you’re on your side.

    Then moving down to the sport layers over in the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, supportive coils and over on the Casper mattress, some support foam.

    So what does all that mean?

    First off, speaking of cooling and breathability. Probably give the advantage to the Brooklyn Bedding mattress with the coils, a lot more room for airflow. If you want more breathability with the Casper, look at the hybrid model of that mattress.

    And last but not least speaking of durability. I’d probably give the slight advantage to the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

    With the addition of coils, add some durability to the overall mattress. If you want some more durability with the Casper, again go with the Casper hybrid.


    Firmness & Feel

    Now let’s talk about firmness and feel.

    In terms of firmness, I thought the Brooklyn Bedding was close to a six and a half out of ten for the medium model. Again softer for the soft model and firmer for the firm model.

    In terms of firmness for the Casper mattress, it is close to a seven out of ten, a little bit firmer than average.

    Speaking of feel with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, more of a plush, kind of inner spring feel, more of a traditional feel overall.

    And with the Casper, more of a responsive balanced foam feel overall.

    Sleeping Positions

    Now let’s talk about how I feel in different sleeping positions on both these mattresses.

    Starting off on the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

    On my back, a very good balance of comfort and support. Hips sink in the right amount, good lumbar support and good overall support from the coils.

    Moving to my side, a pretty good match for side sleeping. Good pressure relief on my shoulders and my hips.

    If you want even more pressure relief, look at the soft model of the Brooklyn Bedding.

    Moving to my stomach, not quite supportive enough for me as a heavier stomach sleeper. If you want more support, definitely look at the firm model of this mattress.

    Moving over to the Casper mattress, on my back, also a great match for back sleeping. Even a little bit firmer than the medium model of the Brooklyn Bedding. Also with the zone support, extra lumbar support. So overall excellent for back sleeping.

    Moving to my side, not a bad match for side sleeping. The mattress is actually softer under my shoulders, so good pressure relief specifically there.

    Speaking of stomach sleeping, I am feeling better support on the Casper mattress than I felt over on the Brooklyn Bedding medium mattress, with the zoning in the center of the mattress, better support under my hips.

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    Motion Transfer & Edge Support

    If you sleep with a partner, two things you do want to think about are motion transfer and edge support.

    Motion transfer means if you’re lying down on one side of the mattress and your part moves around on the other side, are you going to feel that motion or not?

    The edge support means if you’re sitting or laying down at the edge of a mattress, do you feel secure or going to roll off and onto the floor?

    So first off speaking of motion transfer, I would give advantage to the Casper mattress. Right on top you have that softer foam, absorbing more of that motion.

    But speaking of edge support, I would give advantage to the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. With coils and support layer, I feel more secure sitting and laying on the edge of the mattress.

    Who Should Get The Brooklyn Bedding?

    Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, which one of these mattresses should you get?

    In terms of who should get the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid, I think it’s a better option if you want firmness options.

    You have a soft model, a medium model and a firm model, so a good match for many types of sleepers.

    I think it’s also a better match for hot sleepers, with the coils a lot more room for airflow. Nice breathable cover right on top. A good match for hot sleepers in general.

    Last but not least, speaking of price, the Brooklyn Bedding does cost less than the Casper. So if you want to save a little bit of money, take a look at the Brooklyn Bedding.

    Who Should Get The Casper?

    In terms of who should get the Casper mattress, I think a better option in general for combination sleepers.

    With the zone support in the second layer, makes it a good match for back, side and some stomach sleepers.

    Also in terms of construction, if you like more of an all foam design, definitely go with the Casper mattress.

    The Brooklyn Bedding is a hybrid mattress definitely a different feel than the Casper.

    And last but not least, if you struggle with back pain, I would definitely take a look at the Casper mattress. With the zone support system, better lumbar support could ease your back pain over time.

    At this point you should know which mattress is right for you.

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