Brooklyn Bedding Titan Luxe Mattress Review


    Here I’m going to be talking about Titan Luxe. It is a bed that’s made by Brooklyn Bedding, which is a brand that makes a bunch of different online beds out of their own facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

    The original Titan mattress is their supportive and durable hybrid mattress designed to support especially heavier folks, but since the original Titan is a properly firm bed that’ll mostly cater towards strict back and stomach sleepers, they recently released the Luxe rendition of the mattress, which basically takes the original model and softens it up a bit to cater to more sleep styles.

    In addition to that change in firmness, there’s just a lot of other stuff about this particular bed that sets it apart from the original one, so in this article I’m going to try to cover all that stuff and give you a better idea about everything related to Titan Luxe.

    We’re going to start off by covering all the general policies that it comes with, then we’ll get into the big stuff about it, like what it’s actually made up of, what it feels like, how firm it is, how much it costs and at the end I’ll even have a final verdict for you about who I think this bed will ultimately be best for.

    Without further ado, let’s talk a bit about the Titan Luxe mattress.

    Brooklyn Bedding Titan Luxe Mattress


    Let’s start by covering all the policies that you’re gonna get should you purchase the Brooklyn Bedding Titan Luxe mattress.

    If you buy it online, here’s essentially what you’re gonna get.

    Number one you’re gonna get completely free bend-a-box shipping. This bed will likely arrive at your door stuffed inside of a big box. The unboxing process is super easy but since it is a burlier hybrid mattress you might just want a friend there to help you out with it.

    Once this bed is in your possession, you also get 120 nights to try it out in the comfort of your own home in order to make a well-informed decision on whether or not you actually want to keep it.

    So you essentially get four full months to sleep on this thing and if you decide that for whatever reason it’s not exactly right for you, that’s fine because Brooklyn Bedding offers completely free returns with this mattress. You just call the company up and they’ll work with you to set up a time to swing by your home and remove the mattress at no additional cost to you and you get a full refund.

    But if you end up sleeping on the bed through that trial period and ultimately decide to keep it, that’s great because it’s backed by a standard 10 year warranty.


    Now it’s time to discuss what this bed is made up of .


    Since this is a bed that’s designed to support nearly a thousand pounds overall, you might be curious to see how it actually accomplishes that.

    It all starts at its support core on the bottom.

    You’ve got a thin layer of support foam and then you have eight inches of what the company dubs their TitanCaliber pocketed coils.

    These coils are a bit more beefy than your average inner spring. They’re actually of a much thicker gauge than regular pocketed coils, so that makes them able to withstand a lot more pressure than your average everyday coil mattress.

    Here is actually a little fun fact for you. I have heard that the average coil bed usually contains at least up to 400 coils, but with Titan Luxe, you get substantially more than that. Actually up to 1032 in one mattress!

    With that many coils, you can see how this thing is so supportive and durable!

    Above all those coils you have three layers of proprietary comfort foams: Energex Foam, TitanFlex Foam and gel Memory Foam. They act as transition layers between the bed support core and its top layer of memory foam, which is actually quilted a bit into the cover.

    Another thing worth noting about this bed’s construction is that you can actually purchase it with an optional cooling panel on top.

    This cooling upgrade will probably cost you around a hundred bucks extra if you want it on Titan Luxe, but if you sleep especially hot it could be worth considering.

    All that being said though, I see Titan Luxe the baseline model of it, sleeping pretty much temperature neutral for the average sleeper, but it is nice to know that you have that cooling option available to you.

    As you can see Titan Luxe is a super supportive and durable hybrid mattress and if you are especially heavier, it could be a pretty viable option for you.



    Now let’s get into what this bed is going to feel like and how firm it’s going to be for the average sleeper.

    Since its construction is a little bit different from the original Titan mattress, its feel is naturally going to be a bit different as well.

    Since it uses memory foam on top for its primary comfort layer, I’d say it has a bit more of a memory foam feel than Titan, but it’s not going to be like the dense viscous memory foam found on a Nectar or Ttempur-pedic bed.

    The memory foam feel found on Titan Luxe is a much more responsive one.

    When you lay down on this mattress, you’re going to get some of that sinking sensation, but it’s not going to be to the point where the bed swallows you up. Instead it’ll probably conform lightly around the shape of your body, which can provide a nice cradling sensation that a lot of sleepers out there really enjoy.

    But it’s just a lot more responsive than a traditional memory foam bed, making switching between different sleeping positions pretty much effortless.


    In terms of firmness, it’s gonna feel a little softer than Titan, but not by much. It’s around a proper medium firm on the scale, but since this bed is designed for plus-sized individuals and firmness is usually subjective based on how much you weigh, it could feel even softer than that for especially heavier folks.

    If you’re going to be sharing this mattress, what else do you need to know about it.

    It can be kind of a tricky process to find a mattress to accommodate two people at once, but I guess the biggest things that you should know have to do with edge support and motion isolation.


    Edge Support

    Edge support is basically how well the perimeter edges of the bed hold up under pressure.

    On Titan Luxe, it is pretty good. The coils keep you placed firmly along the edges, so there’s no real issues here. You should never really feel like you’re gonna roll off this mattress when you’re sleeping on it.

    Motion Isolation

    Motion isolation on the other hand has to do with how well the bed absorbs cross-mattress movement and on Titan Luxe it is very good.

    The combination of coils and memory foam do a great job at deadening overall motion. And if you’re a light sleeper, you should be pretty good to go on this thing.


    By now I’m sure you’re probably wondering how much this thing costs and considering that it’s a supportive and durable hybrid mattress design for especially heavier people, I actually think it’s a pretty great value.

    You might expect this thing to cost a mint, but the queen size MSRP for the baseline model without that optional cooling panel currently sits at right around $1350, which I think is relatively affordable for a bed of this quality.

    That being said though, right now if you apply a discount which they offer, you can expect to pay just shy of a thousand bucks for it.

    Again, that cooling option is gonna cost you a hundred bucks extra.

    Pricing for online beds does change from time to time, however, so if you’re interested in seeing Titan Luxe’s current pricing just click here.


    That is just about gonna do it for my review of Titan Luxe.

    Overall you’re looking at a super supportive and durable hybrid option that would work well for the average sleeper.

    But the question remains should you get one?

    Since I don’t really know you specifically, I can’t really answer that question for you. But if you are a heavier individual or much heavier individual looking for a super supportive and durable hybrid mattress, you like a bed with a more responsive memory foam feel that’s around a medium firm, and you may be having a cooling option at your disposal, all for a relatively affordable price point, I’d probably steer you towards Titan Luxe.

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