Brooklyn Bedding Signature vs Purple Comparison


    In this article, I’ve got yet another online mattress comparison and this one’s going to be all about how the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress compares to the flagship Purple.

    Brooklyn Bedding as a brand makes an assortment of really quality yet affordable online beds. Purple is really popular because they make some really unique feeling mattresses.

    But if you’re down to these two options and you’re trying to decide between them, you might find that decision pretty tough to make.

    I’m here to help you out with all that.

    In this article I’m going to start off by covering the respective policies that they both come with. Then I’m going to go into what they share in common, where they differ, I’m going to discuss their pricing.

    At the end I’ll even sum things up with a final verdict on who I ee each option ultimately being best for.

    I do want to say that both of these brands make a number of different options. But for the purposes of this article, I’m mainly going to be comparing the Brooklyn Bedding Signature to the flagship Purple bed.

    I may mention their other models briefly.



    If you buy them online here’s what you basically get in terms of policies.

    To start, both of these options should ship to you completely free. Brooklyn Bedding Signature will likely arrive in a standard box. Purple actually shows up in a big bag.

    However they get to you though, it shouldn’t cost you extra.

    Once they’re unboxed and in your possession, that’s when your sleep trial of 100 nights with Purple begins and with Brooklyn Bedding you get 120 nights to basically make a well-informed decision on whether or not you want to keep the beds for the foreseeable future.

    If within that time frame you end up not really liking the mattresses for whatever reason or really no reason at all, you’re backed by completely free returns, in which case you’re just going to call the mattress company up and they’re going to work with you to set up a mattress removal.

    But if the opposite occurs, you receive your brand new bed, you end up loving it and you want to keep it, that’s great because both are backed by standard 10-year warranties.


    Let’s cover some of the commonalities between Brooklyn Bedding and Purple.

    One of the major things about these brands is that they both make their beds in the good old USA. If you care about getting American-made products that’s awesome.

    Between these two brands you have multiple options to choose from, including some all foam and hybrid beds.

    But apart from that, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature and the original Purple bed are quite unlike in many different ways.



    Now let’s dive into their differences and one of the biggest one between these two is ultimately gonna come down to feel.

    The Brooklyn Bedding Signature features more of a classic soft neutral foam feel that a lot of sleepers are going to find accommodating. Simply put I’d say that this feels just like a comfy hybrid mattress.

    A lot of people should be reminded of the bed that they grew up sleeping on with the Signature mattress.

    Purple on the other hand, their beds feature a feel that’s quite unlike anything else that you probably ever tried on another mattress.

    That’s mainly due in part to their special proprietary top layers of hyperelastic polymer. Otherwise known as the Purple grid.

    This stuff is a gel like substance that’s laid out in a grid format across the top of an entire bed. It’s super stretchy responsive and almost soft and firm at the same time.

    It’s laid out in a grid format so it allows for a ton of airflow. So due to this factor, for this comparison, if you’re a hot sleeper, you might want to go the route of Purple as compared to Brooklyn Bedding Signature.

    But if you are interested in looking at an active cooling option from Brooklyn Bedding, you might want to check out their Aurora bed, which is pretty much the exact same bed as the Signature only with an active cooling cover.

    But going along with their respective constructions, there’s also a pretty big difference between the two here.



    The original Purple bed is all foam mattress by default and this means that it’s ultimately going to be best for medium to petite-sized individuals.

    Whereas the Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a hybrid mattress by default and this means that it’s going to be suitable for all body types, including heavier people because it uses a layer of pocketed coils for support.

    I talked a lot about pocketed coils but the main thing that you want to know about them is that they just provide a lot more bi-directional support and durability for bigger body types.

    So when you picture the original Purple you want to know that it’s an all foam bed with a unique feel, and when you picture the Brooklyn Bedding Signature, you want to know that it’s a hybrid mattress with more of a soft neutral foam feel.

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    Another difference is ultimately going to come down to their respective firmness levels.

    The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is actually available in three different firmness options, those being soft, medium and firm.

    The soft and medium versions of the Signature mattress do skew a bit softer than a medium. So I’d recommend that most sleeper types look into their firm model as it’s right around a medium firm.

    It’s gonna likely be best for back and stomach sleepers but it should work for all sleeper types just fine as well.

    Purple on the other hand is pretty much a flat medium. So I’d recommend this for all sleeper types. Back, side, stomach and combination sleepers should be set by going the route of the original Purple.

    If you’re maybe more of a back or stomach sleeper who’s interested in trying out a Purple bed, you might want to look into their Purple hybrid or Purple hybrid premier beds rather than the original Purple mattress as they do skew a bit firmer than a medium.

    Purple just came out with Purple Plus which is basically a more enhanced version of the original Purple mattress that’s designed to be a bit softer to suit the needs of side sleepers a bit more.

    If you want a much softer version of the original Purple bed you might want to check out Purple Plus.



    The last major difference between Brooklyn Bedding and Purple is price. One is going to be a little bit more expensive than the other.

    When it comes down to this comparison, you’re probably gonna be saving a bit more money by going the route of Brooklyn Bedding.

    The Signature mattress as of when I’m doing this article, retails for right around $1125 for a queen size. But after discount you can expect to pay well below the $1000 mark, which is a great value for a bed of this quality.

    Purple as a brand does like to play around with their mattress pricing from time to time. But after discount, you can usually expect to pick up an original Purple queen size for right around the 1100 range, give or take, maybe closer to $1200.


    Speaking of those two that’s pretty much going to sum it up for this comparison.

    There are a lot of things that you should consider with either one of these options but the question remains who should really go with either one and why.

    I’d say look into the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress if you want a quality yet affordable hybrid bed online, that’s available in three firmness options with a soft neutral foam feel that should work for just about anyone.

    And then consider Purple if you’re interested in trying something completely different from your average online bed, that’s around a medium firmness and you maybe want something to help you out in terms of airflow if you’re a hot sleeper.

    Purple Mattress vs Brooklyn Bedding

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