Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review


    Here I’m reviewing the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress. Should the Signature be your next bed?

    Let’s dive in and get you an answer.

    At the end of the article I’m going through some frequently asked questions about the Brooklyn Signature mattress.



    Construction is super important when you’re figuring out the feel of your mattress.

    There’s a quilted memory foam cover that’s gonna feel pretty cool to the touch. It’s also gonna give you some good pressure relief if you sleep on your side or maybe you have joint pain.

    Underneath that we’ve got a 1.5 inch layer of TitanFlex comfort foam. It’s going to be really good for keeping you cool. It’s got some gel infusion in it. The brand claims that it even has antimicrobial properties.

    Next up we’ve got another transition layer. This 1 inch layer foam is going to be a little more dense than the top layer and it’s going to protect your body from the coils underneath.

    Next we have 8-inch pocketed coils. These coils are breathable and bouncy. They’re going to allow for a lot of airflow, which is going to be amazing if you tend to sleep hot.


    We rate mattress firmness on a scale of one to ten, with ten being rock solid and one being softer than a microwave marshmallow.

    The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is about a six out of ten on that firmness scale, which means it’s a medium firm mattress and it’s gonna offer you a really great balance of contouring and support.

    For feel, I’m obsessed with the responsiveness of this bed. It should give you a lot of bounce so that you can be able to move around into different positions without feeling like the mattress is cramping your style.

    I used a lacrosse ball to test it. When I bounced it on the ground it came right back up to me and when I bounced it on the bed, it came back up to me as well. So really good responsiveness.

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    Sleeping Positions


    If you know your sleeping position, you’re going to want to keep it in mind during this section because I’m going to talk about how the Brooklyn Signature works for side, back and stomach sleepers.

    First up, back sleepers.

    The 6 out of 10 firmness level of the Brooklyn Signature is golden for back sleepers of all body sizes. Whether you’re light weight, average weight or heavy weight, the Signature is going to give you a good lift and some great pressure relief along your back when you lie on it.

    Next up, side sleepers.

    Side sleepers need a mattress that’s going to allow those hips to sink into the bed and keep their spine in its natural s-curve alignment. I’d say this mattress is really good for side sleepers as well. It’s going to help relieve pressure along sensitive joints, like the hips and shoulders.

    Finally for stomach sleepers.

    Stomach sleepers need a mattress that’s going to be pretty firm and supportive to keep those hips elevated on top of the mattress. Unfortunately the Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a little bit softer so you’re not going to have as much of that hip elevation.

    If you are a lightweight stomach sleeper and you’re set on the Brooklyn Signature, I’d recommend the firmer version.

    Pressure Relief

    I love to use all the geeky tests I can. I use a science-backed pressure relief test to show how each mattress distributes your body weight.

    What I’m looking for is blue and green areas. Those are going to indicate really great pressure distribution. Once we get into those warm colors, like orange, yellow and red, that’s going to show more pressure build up.

    Let’s find out what my pressure relief test revealed on the Brooklyn Signature.

    First up, on my back, I’ve got this sea of blue and green, so that’s a really great indicator of good pressure relief. So I’d say if you’re a back sleeper and you like that soft, cradling feeling on your back, you’re gonna feel really comforted on this mattress.

    Next up for the side sleeping position. I did have a little bit of build up in the hips. I saw some red and yellow as well as in the shoulder.

    For me, when I lay on this bed, I feel like it’s pretty comfortable and I feel aligned.

    Motion Isolation


    If you sleep by yourself, chances are motion isolation won’t matter that much to you. But if you’re a light sleeper and you sleep with a partner, motion isolation is going to be really important, because you don’t want to get woken up at night when your partner switches positions or gets in and out of bed.

    For a mattress with coils inside of it, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature does an excellent job of motion isolation. When I press my hands into the bed, there’s very little movement in a glass of water.

    Next I tested it with a weighted ball. When I dropped it onto the bed to mimic someone getting in and out of the mattress, I didn’t see a whole lot of movement. There definitely is some movement, but nothing crazy. Overall I’d say this bed is an amazing choice for couples.

    Edge Support

    Edge support is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the amount of support a bed offers along the edge. Edge support is going to be really good for couples who want to spread out and use the entire surface area of the mattress.

    It’s also going to be really good if you like to sit on the edge of your bed without feeling like you’re about to slide off.

    I’m pretty surprised that the edge support of the Brooklyn Signature isn’t amazing. You’d think that with that tall 8 inch layer of pocketed coils, we’d get really robust support along the edge, but I’m sinking down quite a bit.

    But you can’t win them all!

    Pros & Cons


    I like to give you the full story, so I came up with a pro and con list for the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress.

    First up for pros.

    This bed is really rare in that it offers a really great balance between motion isolation and responsiveness. If you’re a combination sleeper or you sleep with a partner, you’re gonna really love that feature,

    Another pro, the pricing on this mattress is really hard to beat. I’d be surprised if you paid more than a thousand dollars for a queen. It’s a really great price point if you’re on a budget.

    Finally those individually wrapped coils are going to provide a great mixture of breathability and support, especially if you’re a heavyweight sleeper.

    Now on to cons.

    First up, edge support isn’t A plus on this mattress. In fact I’d call it more of a generous C. So if you like to sit on your bed, it might not be the best choice.

    Number two, the less than ideal edge support isn’t gonna be great for couples who like to spread out and get all the way to the edge of the mattress.

    And finally, if you’re used to sleeping on an all foam mattress, the hybrid construction of the Brooklyn Signature might feel a little too bouncy for you.


    Now the online mattress industry is popping right now so there are a lot of competitors out there.

    I’m gonna compare the Signature to the Helix Midnight mattress.

    First up for similarities.

    The Helix Midnight and the Brooklyn Signature are going to be pretty similar in price. They also are both hybrid mattresses, so they have a combination of coil and foam. Finally both of them have the exact same firmness level, that’s 6 out of 10 firmness.

    Now on to differences.

    Helix does not give you quite as long to test out the Helix Midnight. Also the Helix Midnight is just a bit more expensive than the Brooklyn Signature, about $150 more for a queen size.

    Finally the Helix Midnight does have better edge support than this mattress.


    What’s the most fun part about buying a mattress? The warranty of course.

    Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10 year warranty with the mattress. They also offer a 120 sleep trial period during which you can try out the mattress and return it for a full refund if you decide you don’t like it.

    You also get free shipping and free return.


    The Signature is available in 11 sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split Cal king, short full, short queen, Olympic queen, short king.

    Depending on the size you choose, prices go from $599 to $1374.

    The good news is that Brooklyn Bedding often offers discounts, and you can save up to $300.


    I have some frequently asked questions about the Brooklyn Signature.

    Is the Signature a good mattress?

    That depends. No mattress is perfect for everyone, but I’d say the Brooklyn Signature is good for you if you’re a back or side sleeper. If you’re a stomach sleeper, it might not be the best fit.

    How long does the Signature take to expand?

    I took me about three minutes to get the bed unrolled and onto its bed frame, but I’ve had a little bit of practice. As far as expanding goes, I’d say let the mattress sit for a couple hours to reach its fullest height.

    Does Brooklyn Bedding remove your old mattress?

    If you’re new to the mattress industry, you might find that question a little strange, but some mattress companies actually come into your home and remove your old mattress as an extra service.

    Brooklyn Bedding does not offer the removal of your old mattress, but they do offer free shipping and free returns.


    A final reminder.

    If you always find yourself waking up cranky, it might not be your personality, it might just be your bed. So invest in yourself and consider trying a new mattress.

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