Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress Review

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    Here I’m going to review the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress. It is a mattress made with gel infused memory foam and tall individually wrapped coils.

    I’m going to test this mattress, dive into the construction and tell you how it compares to other mattresses on the market. At the end of the review, I’m going to be answering some frequently asked questions about the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona.


    If you’re wondering how this mattress is going to feel, one of the best ways to test that out is to look at the construction.

    The Sedona is a 14 inch tall mattress and that height isn’t going to change regardless of whether you purchase a twin size or a California king.

    The cover of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona is made with what the brand calls advanced cooling fiber. The end result is a cover that’s going to feel really cool to the touch.

    When I lay my hand down on it, it definitely feels cooler than a traditional kind of cotton cover.

    Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress

    Inside of this kind of Euro pillow top we’ve got one inch of high density memory foam. This foam is still going to feel really soft for side sleepers and those with sensitive joints. That’s why I recommend it for those folks.

    Right underneath we’ve got a two inch layer of gel memory foam.

    A gel infusion is one of the best ways that a mattress manufacturer can combat the tendency of memory foam to hold in heat. When I press into this two inch layer of gel foam, I definitely feel that cooling quality that comes from that gel infusion.

    Underneath that there is a one inch layer of even higher density gel infused foam. What that’s going to mean is that heavier sleepers or sleepers who lie on their back are going to feel a little more supported on that higher density gel foam.

    It’s going to keep them from crashing right into the supportive coils underneath.

    Next we’ve got a one inch transition foam layer. Most sleepers are really not going to feel this affect them that much. It doesn’t have a gel infusion, so it doesn’t feel as cool to the touch as the other two foams. But again it’s going to shield your body from heavy duty coils right underneath.

    Next is an 8” base of up to 1,032 individually encased coils. They deliver ultimate pressure point relief while decreasing motion transfer between sleep partners.

    And finally there’s a one inch layer of base foam. You’re not going to feel this base foam when you lie straight on the mattress, but it gives the bed a little bit of extra durability and it gives the pocketed coils something to rest on.

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    Firmness & Feel

    Firmness and feel are major considerations when buying a mattress. We rank mattresses on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being one of those rock solid mattresses that’s really dense.

    I find the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona to be right in the middle of that scale, at around 5.5 out of 10. That’s a little bit softer than the industry average, which is a six out of ten.

    Just for reference the Brooklyn Bowery is gonna be a six out of ten on the firmness scale, so more of that medium firm feel.

    Keep in mind that when lighter people and heavyweight sleepers lie on the same mattress, it’s gonna feel a little bit firmer to lightweight sleepers and softer to heavy weight sleepers.

    So if you’re a heavyweight sleeper, laying on the Sedona, it’s going to feel a little bit softer to you, around a 4 out of 10.

    Sleep Positions

    best soft hybrid mattress

    When choosing a mattress it’s really important to know your sleep position and select a mattress that really works well with that sleep position.

    Ask yourself do you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach or maybe you’re a combination sleeper, who’s a combination of all three of those sleep types.

    Keep that in mind as I run through each position.

    If you sleep on your back, you’re probably going to enjoy the Brooklyn Sedona. Just because back sleepers need a bed that’s supportive enough to keep their spine in a healthy aligned s-curve.

    Those ascension X coils in the support core of this mattress are going to keep your back really aligned, while also giving you that soft feel when you lie on your back.

    Side sleepers are also going to be pretty happy on the Sedona. That’s because it is a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. You’re going to feel some soft cushioning around your shoulders and your hips when you lie on the side. That’s going to be really good for side sleepers.

    The mattress won’t be such a great fit for stomach sleepers just because stomach sleepers need that healthy aligned s-curve. And even though the mattress has supportive coils, all those foam layers up top just simply are not going to offer enough support to keep the hips elevated on top of the mattress.

    So stomach sleepers might find that their hips go down into the bed too much and they actually find themselves out of alignment.

    Pressure Relief

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    I use a scientific analysis to test out mattresses. I use a pressure relief map to see where pressure buildup exists along the body for certain types of sleepers.

    I go through three different sleep positions: side sleeping, back sleeping and stomach sleeping. Consider your sleep position as I talk about these pressure maps.

    As I view the maps, I see some green, blue, red, yellow and orange. The cooler colors, green and blue, show less pressure build up. That’s going to be really great news for people with sensitive joints.

    But once we start getting into the warmer colors, red, orange and yellow, that shows more of a build up.

    For side sleepers, I see a little bit of build up in shoulders and hips. This probably won’t occur as much if you’re an average weight or heavy weight sleeper. But lightweight sleepers tend to have a little bit more build up along that parts of the body, around the hips and the shoulders.

    Keep that in mind if you are a side sleeper who is lightweight and has sensitive joints.

    Moving on to back sleeping. When I look at the back sleeping map, I see really great distribution across the entire surface. I see green and blue and that means no pressure build up and that shouldn’t change regardless of whether you’re a heavyweight, average weight or lightweight back sleeper.

    Finally for stomach sleepers, I see a tiny bit of build up along the chest and the knee area, but really no real concerns as far as pressure build up there. I would say that isn’t a total green light for stomach sleepers. In fact stomach sleepers are gonna find the most difficulty on this mattress because you’re gonna find your hips are gonna bow in and that could actually lead to pain overnight.

    Motion Isolation

    It might sound like intense mattress jargon, but all it means is a mattress’s ability to limit or stifle movement on one side of the bed, so that if you’re getting in and out of bed, a partner might not feel it on the other side.

    Motion isolation is going to be really important if you sleep with a partner, a kid a pet, anything like that. You’re going to want to have a bed that really cuts down on motion transfer.

    The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona uses a tall 8 inch layer of individually wrapped coils.

    At first I thought that it might not be as good at limiting motion transfer, but because of the soft layers of foam in the top layer of the mattress, it’s actually really great at cutting down on motion transfer.

    As I press down into the bed, I’m not seeing a lot of movement at all.

    I also dropped a 10 pound weighted ball from around 8 inches off the mattress to mimic someone getting into bed. And again, there’s some movement but not a lot at all.

    So for a bed with those tall eight inch individually wrapped coils this bed has really amazing motion isolation.

    Edge Support

    Edge support is going to be really important if you plan on doing things along the edge of your mattress, like sitting and tying your shoes in the morning. Or maybe you plan on hosting a lot of house parties in a tiny apartment and you plan on using your mattress as extra seating.

    Even though the Sedona has those really strong individually wrapped coils in the support core, it’s still not going to be as strong along the edge as what I would expect.

    I’m kind of sinking down into the mattress when I sit along the edge. Definitely not as much support as I’d like. I definitely don’t feel like I’m sliding off the bed or anything like that, but those soft foams in the top layer definitely affect the way the bed reacts to pressure.

    Just keep that in mind if you’re planning on sitting or lying in the edge of your bed often.

    Pros & Cons

    Let’s talk through some pros and cons of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress.

    First of all, this mattress is soft and comfortable for side sleepers. If you’re a side sleeper and you’ve ever woken up with a sore or painful shoulder from a too firm bed, you’re probably not going to experience that on the Sedona.

    Second, hot sleepers are going to love the cover of the mattress. It’s got those advanced cooling fibers that are going to make you feel cool as soon as you lie down on it.

    The bed also has those breathable coils in the support section so those are going to keep you secure while also allowing for great airflow.

    Finally, the Sedona offers the best of both worlds for couples. It’s got that supportive coil layer inside the bed, so it’s going to offer a lot of strength and stability, but the foam layers on top are going to allow for less motion transfer, so that when you move around in bed, the other sleep partner shouldn’t feel much of anything at all.

    And because no mattress is perfect for everyone here are some cons.

    The Sedona isn’t going to work super well for stomach sleepers because that group is just going to experience a little bit more hip sinkage when they lie on the top of this mattress just because those foams are going to allow for more sinkage there.

    Next edge support is a little underwhelming on the bed. So I wouldn’t plan on feeling totally supported and secure when you lie or sit on the edge. I certainly didn’t feel like I was gonna fall off the bed or anything like that, but I definitely felt more secure in the middle than when I sat on the edge of the mattress.

    Finally people with larger bodies might feel the Sedona as a bit softer than those who are lightweight or average weight. It might not be the best fit for more heavier sleep types.


    One thing people always ask is how does this mattress compare to other popular brands on the market.

    I’m gonna stack up the Sedona next to the Saatva classic to show how they’re different and similar.

    What are the main differences?

    Though these two beds are constructed pretty similarly with individually wrapped coils and a layer of foam, the feel is going to be very different.

    The Saatva classic mattress is available in three different firmness levels: a plush soft, luxury firm and firm. The plush soft version is going to be the closest in feel to the Brooklyn Sedona, but the Saatva is still going to feel a little bit less enveloping compared to the Sedona.

    Let’s talk about the two other versions of the Saatva classic, the luxury firm and firm levels.

    Those levels are each going to be better for stomach sleepers and heavyweight back sleepers who just need a little more support on top of their mattress.

    The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona is going to be a good deal more expensive than the Saatva classic, but you’re going to get that plush softness in the comfort layers and the cool to the touch top cover.


    I have some frequently asked questions about the Brooklyn Sedona.

    Is the Sedona a flippable mattress?

    It definitely is not. You’re going to want to keep the white cover on top of the mattress and keep those supportive inner spring coils right down below with the foam on top.

    However you might want to rotate the mattress around every six months just to make sure that there’s an even distribution of weight.

    How much weight can the Brooklyn Sedona hold?

    It can hold up to 950 pounds on the surface of the mattress. So if you’re a couple, you’re going to want to make sure each person weighs no more than 450 pounds, just to keep things really even.

    What base can I use with this mattress?

    Any base that has little to no flex is going to be really good for the Sedona. A platform base or a slotted bed frame is going to work just fine and Brooklyn also sells an adjustable bed frame on their website.



    If you’re curious about the brand’s policies, keep in mind that when you purchase the Sedona, you’re also going to get free shipping and free returns.

    There’s also a 10 year warranty policy and a 120 day sleep trial. But if you want to return the mattress, you’re going to have to wait at least 30 days after you receive it, just to give your body enough time to adjust to that new bed.


    The Sedona is available in 9 sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, short queen, king, Cal king, split Cal king.

    Depending on the size you choose, prices go from $1249 to $2899.

    The good news is that Brooklyn often have discounts, and you can save up to $600.

    That’s it for my review of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress.

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