Brooklyn Bedding Rubix Mattress Review (Adjustable Firmness)

    Customizable Mattress in a Box

    Here I’m reviewing the Rubix mattress. This is a Brooklyn Bedding mattress and the unique thing about this bed is this is fully adjustable.

    The Rubix is gonna come in a large box that is shipped for free, but one thing to note with this is that it will come with a secondary box that’s gonna have an extra piece of foam in it. So make sure you do get two boxes with this bed.

    The first box is gonna be a little bit larger and probably gonna need two people to move it around. If you live in an apartment or getting it up to the second floor of your house or something like that, you definitely will need another set of hands to help you.

    Once you get it to where you need it to go though, all you need to do is take it out of the box, cut it open carefully and watch it spring to life. It may take about 24 hours for the foams to fully firm up. But other than that, you can pretty much sleep on it the same day.

    As far as off-gassing, it’s very minimal. This is a USA made product and maybe leave a window open if you’re a little more sensitive. But you shouldn’t really have too many issues with it.

    Brooklyn Bedding Rubix Mattress Review

    Now I’m moving into comfort. Probably one of the coolest things with Rubix mattress is the fact that it’s adjustable.

    With this bed, you can unzip the top cover and there are gonna be two layers that are already there and then that third layer that’s gonna come in that extra box where you can mix and match those layers to make the ideal feel for you.

    You’re gonna get a soft piece of foam, a medium piece of foam and a firm piece of foam and between the three, it’ll make six different types of feels.

    You can get that medium firm feel or more medium, medium soft, whatever works for you and if it doesn’t work, then you can change it up and see what works better.

    That’s the beauty of this mattress.

    If you typically sleep on something a little bit more medium to medium firm, you can get that feel easily. If you are a side and stomach sleeper, you want to have something that’s soft enough for you to sink into a little bit, but firm enough if you are on your stomach and you don’t lose support. That medium to medium firm feel will really do a nice job.

    This is going to be a hybrid bed, so it does have a six inch coil system and it’s gonna have those Energex layers of foam that are changeable overtop of it, so it’s gonna have a little bit of bounce, but also contouring.

    So it should work pretty much for most sleepers.

    I liked very much the way that it slept. I just liked the fact that you can adjust some of the comfort layers. That’s a very cool feature that this is going to provide.

    The other big thing for me is how simple it is to do.

    I’ve had some different adjustable beds and some of them have these cheap little zippers and you can’t really get back to the zipper, they’re small, you feel like you’re gonna bust it.

    With this particular bed, the Rubix, you can unzip this very easily. The cover has a nice little pad that runs throughout the top and that’s going to provide some of your quilting comfort.

    Then you’re going to have some of your adjustability.

    There is a two inch piece of poly foam. It’s going to have some of cooling qualities inside of it. It’s gonna feel more like a memory foam type feel. There is also a little bit more firmer foam piece.

    It’s very simple to do if I want to take the softer piece or the firmer piece and switch them up to be able to change the feel of the mattress. It’s just not gonna be difficult to do at all.

    You just zip it back up and jump into bed. It really takes no time at all, which is really nice.

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    custom comfort mattress

    As far as motion transfer goes with this mattress, it is gonna have a six inch coil system, there’s gonna be quite a few layers of that foam over the top, as well as a thick cover, so motion transfer shouldn’t really be a problem. Especially if you’re using the softer foams that will isolate the motion really well.

    As far as sleeping cool goes, you could literally feel the coolness in the foams when you’re moving them around. There is gonna be a little bit of heat retention but nothing horribly noticeable.

    The coil system helps dissipate heat, so the combination of the two should keep it pretty neutral.

    And then lastly edge support. It goes hand in hand with which foams you choose. You’re not going to have an incredible edge on this bed. You are going to be able to sink down into this mattress and it’s not gonna have a firm border rod that runs around the outside, it’s not gonna have some real firm base foam.

    So if you’re looking for a super firm edge, probably go in a different direction. But this is going to be just fine. Sleeping surface wise, it’s gonna have good edge to edge, side to side sleep surface. You’re not really gonna feel like you’re gonna roll out or roll in the bed.

    In the end, the Rubix by Brooklyn Bedding is going to be a nice hybrid mattress for anyone who might be a little unsure about purchasing an online mattress because you do have the adjustability feature in it.

    It comes with 120 night sleep trial, 10 year warranty and free shipping.

    Rubix Mattress in Short


    Rubix from Brooklyn Bedding is a customizable bed. It’s set up to compete with beds like Helix or Morpheus or a couple of other beds that are marketed as customizable.

    When it comes to the policies, Brooklyn Bedding is going to diverge a little bit from standard, but in a good way. First of all, their bed will ship for free. It’s gonna arrive all compressed and packed up in a box. You will have a hundred and twenty nights to test it out. So that’s four months, which is plenty of time to know whether or not you like it.

    If it turns out that you don’t like it, that’s okay. You can just call the company and they will have it retrieved and give you a full refund.

    If you do like the bed though and you keep it, you also get a 10-year warranty.

    When it comes to pricing, Rubix is priced at the higher end of average for the industry. That MSRP for a queen size is $1249.

    Brooklyn Bedding does offer deals and run sales fairly frequently though, so be sure to check current pricing.

    Brooklyn Bedding owns their own manufacturing facility. It’s in Arizona and having their own facility means they have more control over the materials, production process and even pricing of all of their products. So I count that as a plus for Brooklyn.

    I will link to some of their other beds because they make a lot of good mattresses.

    Let’s get into the construction of the Rubix mattress and break it all down layer by layer.

    This is a hybrid bed so that means it has both foam and coils.

    But the construction is going to be a little different than most other mattresses because this one is customizable and has a total of six configurations.

    You have a one inch layer of high density base foam, then six inch pocketed coils, then a two inch layer of transition foam and then three moveable layers of foam. And then a Euro pillow top that it’s integrated into the cover and zips on to keep everything in place.


    Back to those insert layers.

    Each one is a two-inch thick layer of Energex foam, which is a more responsive version of viscoelastic foam.

    You get a soft, medium and firm layer and then you put two in the bed. You decide what combination you’d like and then you will have to store the third unused layer.

    Like I’ve mentioned earlier, this is similar to a Morpheus mattress, which is also customizable, but that bed has around 24 pieces that you stick in it and they’re really small. I think Rubix is much, much better, so props to Brooklyn for that.

    Because this is a customizable bed, it’s hard to talk about exactly how firm it is. You can have your set up to have a medium firmness and be super comfortable. You can go firmer or softer by changing the arrangement of the foam layers though.

    I would say the feel, regardless of how you have the layers arranged, is like a coil mattress with the nicest of pillow tops on top.

    All of those foam layers really let you get comfortable and provide nice pressure relief, so you really relax into the bed.

    But then it does have coils, so you have good support under you as well.

    All of that stuff about feeling firmness means that this is going to be a very accommodating bed. It’s going to work for all sleeper types and all body types, petite, average and heavy. Pretty much everyone’s going to be able to put this bed together in a way that is comfortable for them.

    The only people that I would tell to avoid this bed are extremely hot sleepers and those who share a smaller size bed but also like to spread out.

    Rubick sleeps at a neutral temperature, so it isn’t going to make you any warmer, it just isn’t going to actively help you cool down either. That’s how most beds are.

    It has average edge support. So if you do find yourself on those outer inches in the mattress, you might get a little of that roll-off sensation.

    It does have good motion isolation though. That’s good news for couples, especially if one or both of you is a restless sleeper. At least you won’t wake up your partner when you’re tossing and turning.

    Overall I really like this bed.

    Brooklyn Bedding is reliable for putting out very nice quality products and Rubix is no exception.

    It’s a well-made, accommodating, comfortable bed. I think a lot of folks are gonna sleep very well on it.

    Really the only downside I see is that you’re gonna have to store that piece of foam, but honestly I think it’s worth it.

    That’s it for this review.

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