Brooklyn Bedding Propel Mattress Review

    best mattress for sports recovery

    Here I review the Propel mattress by Brooklyn Bedding.

    I run it through a series of tests to help you determine if it’s the best mattress for you.


    Let’s take a good look at the layers of Propel mattress and how they perform, because construction is the foundation of a good mattress performance.

    The Propel mattress is 13 inches tall and uses a combination of foam and coils.

    This is a flippable mattress, so whatever firmness level you prefer, it’s going to be on top, but for the sake of construction, I’m going to start with the firm side.

    But before I get into the mattress I want to start out with the cover.

    It’s something the brand calls Upcycle fabric, which converts your body heat into far infrared rays. In layman’s terms it just means that it draws the heat away from your body and radiates it back to you in the form of energy so you wake up feeling more refreshed.

    Starting with the top layer, we have a one inch layer of firm foam for the firm side and it also uses copper to keep you cool.

    Next we have a dense foam layer that’s supposed to keep this side feeling firm and it’s supposed to keep your spine aligned.

    Next we have our primary support layer, which is six inches of pocketed coils. It’s supposed to add some extra bounce, breathability and durability to your mattress.

    Then we have a layer of pressure relieving foam and then finally we have our soft comfort layer, that copper infused foam.

    best mattress for sports recovery

    Firmness and Fell

    We rate firmness on a scale of one to ten, where one is very soft, and ten is very firm.

    As a flippable bed, the Propel mattress has two firmness levels. Soft side is a two out of ten on the scale, which I categorize as soft, obviously.

    And the firm side is a 5 out of 10 on the scale, which I categorize as a medium soft, which works best for the average side and back sleeper.

    But we also want to find out how well this bed responds to your movements.

    So starting on the firm side, I used my lacrosse ball to see how it performs. I was getting a good bounce. It was not too high, so it’s very average.

    I also tried it on the soft side. I was getting a lot more air on the soft side, so combination sleepers may be happier on this side of the mattress.

    Sleep Positions

    What is your primary sleep position? I only ask because the bed performs differently based on your sleep position and body type. Keep in mind where you spend the majority of the night, on your side, back or stomach, as I move through this section.

    Side sleepers make up majority of the population. All side sleepers need is a mattress that aligns the spine and keeps pressure off of hips and shoulders.

    The soft side of the mattress saw great alignment, but that firmness level only really works for lightweight people. The firm side saw some pressure issues in those hips and shoulders.

    Back sleepers can sleep on almost any surface. All they need is the natural s curve of the spine maintained and the firm side of this mattress does that for lightweight and average weight back sleepers.

    Lightweight sleepers could enjoy the soft side but heavier sleepers should look for a different mattress.

    Stomach sleepers need a mattress that keeps the hips elevated and the spine aligned. This bed is just too soft all around for most stomach sleepers.

    best mattress for muscle recovery

    Pressure Relief

    I used a pressure relief map, which uses heat mapping technology to indicate pressure distribution along the body.

    Just note that blues and greens are good and reds, oranges and yellows are not so good.

    The map showed that the side sleeper has pressure in the hips and concentrated in the shoulders, so this may not be the best mattress if you have joint pain in those areas.

    Moving on to the back map, there is a concentration of pressure in the heavier tester’s hips but there isn’t too much to be worried about because it’s not too high.

    Moving on to lighter testers back map, there are blues and greens all around, so we obviously know that this is a softer mattress, which works better for lighter and average weight people.

    Same on the side, pressure concentration in the hips and in the shoulders, so this may not be the best mattress if you have joint paint.

    Motion Isolation

    If you are sleeping with a partner, you’re gonna care about your bed’s motion isolation, a bed’s ability to stifle motion at the source and keep it from transferring across the mattress and waking up your partner.

    Starting on the firm side as I pressed my hands into the mattress, mimicking the feel of tossing and turning, the liquid in the glass isn’t shaking too much.

    Next I used a weighted ball. As I dropped it on the bed, simulating someone getting in and out, the liquid is not shaking too much. So this is a good side for couples.

    Next I tried it on the soft side. Pressing my hands into the mattress to mimic that tossing and turning, the liquid was shaking a little bit more.

    When I used my weighted ball, the liquid was definitely shaking a lot more on the soft side. So if you are a couple with light sleeper, then I would recommend the firm side.

    Edge Support

    Edge support in a mattress is how supportive the perimeter of your bed is.

    It’s great for couples who need some space from each other, seniors, people with mobility issues, and edge of the bed sleepers.

    Because the foams in the Propel are so soft, the edge support definitely leaves something to be desired.

    Mattress With Strong Edge Support

    Propel Hybrid Brooklyn Bedding Mattress


    Making decisions is hard, so pros and cons list can help. I made one for the Propel mattress.

    First up the pros.

    This bed is a flippable, which is a very good thing. So if you’re looking for a soft bed, but aren’t sure how soft to go, this is a good one, since you have two options.

    Next there are a ton of cooling layers in this bed, which is a big plus for hot sleepers.

    And finally with two sides and durable coils, this mattress is built to last a while.


    Moving on to cons.

    This is not the best bed for stomach sleepers. It’s simply too soft and not firm enough.

    Next along the same vein, heavy people may want to steer clear of this mattress, because it’s simply not supportive enough, and you may feel stuck in those soft foams.

    And lastly the edge support on this mattress isn’t great. So if you tend to sit or lie there, I’d look for a mattress with reinforced edges.

    best mattress for athlete recovery


    Now that I’ve told you everything the Propel by Brooklyn Bedding has to offer, I’m putting it head to head with the Layla hybrid mattress.

    Like Propel, Layla is a flippable hybrid mattress that comes in a box. They both have a soft and a firm side, sleep cool and are durable.

    But Layla has a firmer option than the Propel provides. Works better for stomach sleepers and relieves pressure better.

    But Propel has a softer version than Layla provides and sleeps cooler to the touch.


    Now I’m going to go over some quick hits regarding Brooklyn Bedding’s policy, so you know exactly what to expect when you buy.

    The Propel mattress ships free and you get a 120 night sleep trial period with your mattress, meaning you get to try it out for up to 120 nights.

    If you don’t like it, no harm, just return it for a full refund within that period. But if you do decide to keep it you get the industry standard 10 year warranty.


    I have some of your FAQs you asked. So here are my answers.

    Does Brooklyn Bedding make good mattresses?

    I think so. Brooklyn Bedding has a variety of options, firmness levels, and materials, so there’s something for just about everyone. The Propel mattress is good for people who sleep hot and want a soft mattress.

    How long does Brooklyn Bedding last?

    Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are made by hand in-house, so they are pretty durable for boxed foam mattresses. I would say this is good to last you about eight to ten years.

    Are Brooklyn Bedding mattresses made in the USA?

    Yes, which makes shipping times brief and keeps prices low.

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