Brooklyn Bedding Plank Mattress Review

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    In this article I’m going to talk about a firm mattress, so if you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you’re going to want to stick around.

    Here I’m reviewing the Plank mattress.

    Plank is actually owned by Brooklyn Bedding, which is a popular brand in the online mattress space and the Plank mattress specifically is manufactured inside of their facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

    While Brooklyn Bedding makes a ton of other beds, Plank is going to be one of their more firm options.

    So if you’re a fan of firm beds, keep reading because I’m going to cover everything about this double-sided mattress, including the policies it comes with, construction, what it’s made of, the feel of this mattress and how firm it is, a few things for couples to consider, if you happen to be sharing the bed, price and then I’ll close it all out and try to answer a couple of questions, who is this mattress best for and who should get it.

    Brooklyn Bedding Plank Mattress Review


    Let’s cover the policies that come with the Plank mattress if you buy it online.

    You’re essentially going to be getting these policies.

    Starting with free shipping, the bed will show up in a four foot tall box. It’s super easy to unbox. Just rip off all the packaging, put it on your foundation and just wait a little bit for it to expand.

    The Plank mattress does take about a day to get to its true firmness, because it is an all foam bed, so just give it some time before you make your official judgment on it.

    But don’t worry, you do have time to try this bed out. Once it’s delivered and in your possession, you get 120 nights to sleep on it in your own home and decide if it’s the right bed for you. If for whatever reason you decide it’s not, you get totally free returns.

    But on the other hand, if you keep the bed, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty, which is pretty much the industry standard for all online beds.


    Let’s move on to construction. What’s under the hood or cover in the case of Plank.

    It’s important to know that Plank is a double-sided bed, so depending on which side you’re going to be sleeping on, it will differ slightly.

    I’m going to address the construction from the top down, based on what Plank is calling their extra firm side.

    It all begins with the comfort layer. This bed has a quilted top layer of comfort foam that is part of the cover.


    Moving on down, there’s about two inches of foam that will act as a transition layer between the top comfort layer and then the dense foam underneath. That dense foam is about seven inches thick it’s a slab of polyfoam and this will provide the bulk of the bed support.

    At the very bottom, if you are sleeping on the extra firm side, is about one and a half inches of a softer foam to provide a little more cushion than the other side.

    If you were to flip the mattress, you would get all the same layers just in reverse order to slightly soften the bed, what Plank dubs the firm side.

    So there’s the extra firm side, the one that I covered, and then there’s the firm side, which is actually a little bit softer.

    You can also purchase a top cooling panel for Plank and I haven’t tested this version of the mattress, but I’ve tested other Brooklyn Bedding beds with a similar design. It is pretty nice stuff, it will cost you an extra $150, so just keep that in mind if you want a cooler bed.


    Now let’s move on to firmness and feel.

    I’m sure you’ve gotten the message that Plank is sending – this bed is firm!

    It’s not called Plank because it’s made for pirates. In fact this is one of the firmest beds that I’ve tried. If you’re not a fan of firmer beds, you’re definitely going to want to check this website where I have reviews of all beds in all different firmness levels.

    I have tested so many beds that I think I have a pretty good idea of how beds stack up against each other.

    But back to Plank.

    Like I’ve mentioned a couple times before, this is a double-sided bed, so you’re going to get two chances to get the perfect firmness level for you.

    There is a firm side and there is an extra firm side. You can tell this bed is targeted towards back and stomach sleepers.

    The firm side sits right at about a medium firm on the firmness scale and the extra firm side sits at a proper firm. Just remember the firmness scale is subjective, so if you’re a little more petite, it’ll probably feel a little bit firmer. If you’re a little larger, it might feel a little softer.

    But again, both sides of this bed do fall on the firmer end of the spectrum, so I expect it to be perfect for back and stomach sleepers.

    If you are a side sleeper, you might want to think twice about getting the Plank mattress, because it doesn’t provide a ton of pressure relief.

    I have other reviews about beds for side sleepers, so check out this website.

    Either way you shake it, the Plank mattress is going to be firm.



    Let’s move on to feel.

    The Plank mattress will have a firm neutral feel, you won’t really sink into the bed, you sleep more on top of this mattress and your hips stay in horizontal alignment with the rest of your body.

    There aren’t really any sink in memory foam qualities in the feel of Plank either, even though it is made of foam. It doesn’t have any of those memory foam qualities. Instead, the top layers are really responsive, meaning that they will pop back into place almost immediately after they’re released.

    This bet is true to its tagline, the firmest, flattest, healthiest way to sleep. While I personally am not a huge fan of Plank because I compare it to sleeping on the ground while camping, some other people really love that firmness.

    Edge Support

    Let’s cover a couple things that you might consider if you are sharing this mattress with your partner.

    Starting with edge support, which refers to how sturdy the perimeter of the bed is. For the Plank mattress, it is pretty good. I don’t foresee any issues of you falling off, even if you like to sleep closer to that edge. Plank actually has some of the best edge support I’ve ever tested.

    Mattress With Strong Edge Support

    Motion Isolation

    Now let’s move on to motion isolation. This actually has to do with how well the mattress absorbs cross mattress movement. So if your partner likes to move around or kick during their sleep, will you feel it. That’s what motion isolation is.

    And again on Plank, it’s pretty good. The all foam nature and because this bed is a bit firmer will keep that motion from transferring all about.


    Let’s now talk about the price of the Plank mattress. How much is this bed going to cost you?

    Before any discounts, the MSRP of a queen sized Plank mattress is $1149. But don’t worry, mattress brands change their price all the time. They often have discounts available.

    If you use a deal, you can probably save a couple hundred bucks on it.

    Remember there is a cooling option for Plank, so that will usually run you about $150 on top of the MSRP. So just keep that in mind if you do want a cooler mattress.


    Those are all the main factors to consider if you’re thinking about getting the Plank mattress.

    You probably want my final verdict, but instead of that, I’m going to try to answer these questions for you: who should get the Plank mattress and should you get it?

    I don’t know you and I don’t know what you like, but if you are a back or stomach sleeper, the Plank mattress may be a very viable option. Since this bed is flippable, you do have the two firmness options at medium firm and firm.

    Plank is going to be great for those who like a firm neutral feel and this bed is pretty affordable.



    Brooklyn Bedding makes two versions of the mattress: an all foam and a hybrid.

    This means you can choose to have Plank with pocketed coils as a support base or dense foam. Interestingly enough, as of when I’m writing this article, both versions of the bed are the exact same price, which is pretty rare.

    Normally when there are two versions of the same mattress, one in all foam and the other a hybrid, the hybrid is more expensive.

    There are going to be certain advantages and disadvantages to having the all foam plank or the hybrid Plank.

    The hybrid model is going to provide you with a bit more long-term support and durability, especially for heavier body types.

    I pretty much always recommend people in the 250 pound range to get a coil mattress. Plus the coil bed does add a little extra bounce.

    An all foam bed usually performs a bit better in terms of motion isolation, which means there will be less motion transferring through the bed if your partner tosses and turns or gets up at night. For the Plank mattress specifically, the all foam version is going to be a bit easier to flip.

    That’s all I have for you with Plank review.

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