Brooklyn Bedding EcoSleep Mattress Review (Flippable)

    ECOSLEEP-Hybrid-Flippable -Mattress

    Here I’m doing a review of the EcoSleep hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding.

    EcoSleep is one of the beds that uses some natural and organic materials and the entire idea here is to make a bed that competes with Avocado and some of these beds that are in eco conscious space.

    I’ll talk about some of the things I like and don’t like about the bed, how the bed sleeps, who I think will like it.


    What are the policies for the EcoSleep hybrid mattress?

    They offer completely free shipping, it’s gonna ship in a box and the unboxing process takes maybe 5-10 minutes.

    It’s really easy and somehow they managed to fit a hybrid latex bed inside a box, which is rather amazing.

    Once it shows up at your house, you have 120 nights to test the bed for yourself. So four months to make up your mind about the bed. You can either keep it, in which case it will come with a 10 year warranty.

    If you decide that it’s too soft or too firm, you can get all your money back. They will actually send someone your house, they’ll pick it up. It’s totally risk-free. They have a really consumer friendly return policy.

    As I already said, the bed is made in the United States.

    eco friendly latex mattress


    As far as pricing goes, it’s got a moderate price tag, especially after discounts.

    For a queen-size, it’s just $1,245. And then after discount, it’s usually under a thousand dollars for a queen size bed that uses natural and organic materials, which is pretty affordable.

    If you look at some of these other beds like Avocado or even some of the Nest bedding mattresses, they are quite a bit more expensive for the beds that use some of these naturally derived materials.

    That’s one of the things that Brooklyn bedding is hanging their hat on is that the bed ends up being really affordable, more affordable than a lot of the eco-conscious type beds.

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    construction of eco friendly latex mattress

    As far as the construction of the bed goes, it is a flippable hybrid latex mattress, which means it has two sides, top and bottom, and you can access both of them. It uses coils and latex foam.

    Really off the top of my head, the only bed I can think of that is also a hybrid latex flippable mattress is the Idle mattress.

    That is one thing that makes this bed unique is that there are probably less than five beds out there that have that hybrid flippable latex design.

    One thing I do wish they would have done is added a more clear designation for which side is the firm side and which side is the medium side. You just have to play around with it, you really can’t tell from looking at it.

    I wish they clearly labeled firm side and the other side was labeled medium. As of now I don’t believe it has that. I looked all the way around the bed and it shouldn’t have that. So you’ll need to try and figure out which side is best for you.

    Overall there are four layers that make the mattress stand ten and a half inches tall.

    Each side of the mattress is covered with a premium eco-friendly cover made from Joma wool and a hundred percent organic cotton.


    Joma wool has the unique ability to repel water liquid while absorbing water vapor, making it ideal for wicking moisture, while also delivering a forty to fifty percent increase in volume, without adding weight.

    Organic cotton is also inherently soft, breathable and hypoallergenic.

    And then on the firmer side, it will have a one and a half inch layer of latex foam. Then it’ll have pocketed coils. It uses six inch pocketed coils.

    What they’ll do on the medium side is they’ll add two layers of latex foam, both one and a half inches thick. So you get a little bit more cushion on that medium side. So it has that flippable construction.

    The natural latex is extracted from the rubber tree and processed using naturally biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable sources.

    The finished foam is certified by the Rain Forest Alliance. This certification is designed to conserve
    ecosystems, protect biodiversity and waterways, conserve forests, reduce agrochemical use and safeguard the well-being of workers and local communities.


    best eco friendly mattress

    What is the actual firmness level for the bed?

    I know they say that it has a medium and a firm side. In a reality a lot of times when you’re talking about latex beds and certainly latex hybrid beds, usually they’re firmer or people perceive them to be firmer, because latex doesn’t tend to have as much pressure relief as something like a polyurethane foam or a memory foam.

    But it’s really responsive. It’s the type of material you lay more on top of and it’s really bouncy and airy and almost spongy. A
    lot of people consider it to be a little bit firmer.

    The firm side is indeed pretty much a true firm. It’s for back and stomach sleepers and that’s it. Just a very supportive firm bed that’s extremely responsive.

    The medium side is more like a medium firm, maybe a hair firmer than a true medium firm and that’s good for back and stomach sleepers in particular. I think combo sleepers should be okay but it’s not a soft bed.

    I think maybe heavier side sleepers might get by, but in general it’s not the best side sleeper mattress. If you want to sleep on your side you probably want a bed that’s in general a little bit softer.

    So it’s mostly a back and stomach sleeper bed. Combination sleepers okay, some heavier side sleepers okay as well.

    So the medium is more like a medium firm and the firm is truely firm.

    This really just feels like what it is – a latex hybrid, a bed that has latex foam and a bed that has coils.

    It’s just extra responsive, feels incredibly durable. Latex foam tends to be a really durable foam and the coils help out as well. So it just feels like what it is. It’s not one of those beds where there’s any guesswork involved. It’s like a firmer latex hybrid bed.


    As far as temperature regulation goes and all these other things, I have no concerns with temperature regulation. It uses coils which help to pull in airflow and circulate air flow. It uses latex foam which is more of an open cell type foam.

    It’s actually derived from the sap of a rubber tree and it does a pretty dang good job of regulating temperature. Organic cotton tends to be a little bit more breathable. The wool is naturally moisture wicking and all of that.

    So I think people will be just fine. I think the bed itself is going to be a really nice refuge for some warmer sleepers. But it’s not technically a cooling mattress.

    The firmness of it will help out as well, because you’ll end up sleeping more on top of the bed, not nestling into it. You won’t be enveloped as much by the bed and that will help to allow you to sleep cooler.



    Moving over to some other things that are important for couples.

    Assuming that you’re okay with design, price, feel and firmness, there are two other things.

    Motion isolation is okay on this bed. Honestly it’s really not the best in the world, because it has the pocketed coils. But most latex hybrids aren’t great at isolating motion. They’re mostly fine but it’s not as good as an all memory foam bed.

    If you’re a really light sleeper, it’s probably not the best option out there.

    As far as edge support goes, it’s fine, not the world’s best edge support. But I don’t think you’re gonna get that roll-off sensation along a perimeter of the bed.


    ECOSLEEP-Hybrid-Flippable -Mattress

    That’s the EcoSleep mattress from Brooklyn Bedding.

    Who do I think will love it?

    People who want a greener, more eco-friendly bed made from natural and organic materials. It is designed for those looking for a healthier place to rest their heads.

    Eco-conscious individuals can have peace of mind that they’re reducing their carbon footprint while sleeping on the Rain Forest Alliance certified latex.

    I also think it’s good for people who like high levels of bounce with layers of natural latex foam surrounding six inches of individually paced Ascension coils.

    The responsive surface should offer easy transitioning for sleepers as well as bedroom activities.

    Lastly, people who want to find the perfect fit. Having two levels of firmness in one bed means that you can find a side that works best for you. If one side is too firm or too soft, simply flip the mattress over for an entirely new feel.

    If you want some of these natural and organic type materials, if you like latex foam, if you want a really supportive bed that’s fine for all body types, it’s a pretty good pick up and the price point isn’t crazy either.


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