Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress Review


    It feels like this mattress was made for me! That’s because it was!

    If you’re anything like me and you’re a picky sleeper, you can rest assured that Brooklyn Bedding has your back.

    Their new line of custom mattresses allows you to pick your firmness level, your comfort layer and even the cover that surrounds the mattress.

    I love Brooklyn Bedding for many reasons.

    First of all, they sell so many different types of mattresses, from the Signature to the Aurora, all the way to the Titan.

    Also all of these beds are sold at fantastic prices.

    They make their mattresses right here in the USA from their own owned factory, so they can cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you.

    But let’s see how it works whenever you make your own custom mattress.

    I’ll walk through the whole process with you and show you all the fun details.

    Let’s check it out!



    First things first.

    Head over to Brooklyn Bedding custom mattress webpage.

    Then you’re going to pick your size. You can choose between a queen, a king or a California king. I personally got a king size mattress.

    Next you’ll want to choose your firmness level. You can choose between soft, medium and firm.

    But if you can’t quite decide or if you share a bed with a partner and you both have vastly different preferences, you’re in luck. Opt for the split comfort king or split comfort California king. You can make each side the perfect firmness.

    After that you’ll want to choose your comfort level. You have three different options here.

    First you can opt for their baseline titanflex foam. This feels hyper elastic and responsive.

    Or if you want something a little bit more luxurious, opt for their luxe memory foam. This is what I personally chose because it provides a little bit more body contouring and plushness.

    But for all you eco-friendly folks out there, you can also choose their all-natural latex foam. That’s super responsive and breathable and a really great pick if you’re a hot sleeper.

    All of these mattresses come with an eight-inch layer of coils. This is standard for Brooklyn Bedding mattresses.

    They have zoned for extra support, so this means that it’ll feel firm where you need it, softer where you need it. It’ll help you maintain that good neutral alignment.

    It’s also going to extend the lifespan of your mattress. I expect these beds to last at least 10 years.

    Then you’ll want to choose the cover that surrounds your mattress.

    You have three options here as well.

    You can choose between their baseline organic cotton cover, which feels very soft and breathable.

    Or you can get a little bit of an upgrade, which was what I did, and I opted for their luxury cooling cover. This helps pull body heat away from you and it feels cool to the touch and a little bit slick.

    Or for all you athletic and super active people, you can also up charge for their recovery cover. This helps turn your body heat into restorative energy and it’s especially great if you work out really hard.

    Firmness & Feel

    I always pay close attention to firmness and feel.

    Let’s see what this Brooklyn Bedding custom is all about.

    When it comes to its firmness level, I opted for the medium firm mattress, which comes right in at a six and a half out of ten.

    For reference, we use a scale that goes from one to ten, with six and a half being the industry
    standard for medium firm.

    This one comes right into what you would typically imagine when you think of a medium for a mattress.

    But of course if you want something a little bit softer you can obviously get the soft version. Or if you want something a bit more supportive get the firm one.

    What does this mattress feel like?

    This particular custom mattress that I ordered has a traditional bouncy hybrid mattress feel. It’s super easy to move around on top of this bed, but because I opted for the luxe memory foam on top, I get a really great amount of body contouring and cushioning around my shoulders and my hips. For reference, I’m a side sleeper and I really need that.

    But of course if you don’t feel like you need all that extra cushioning, you can just get the baseline titanflex foam, which feels a bit more responsive.

    Sleeping Positions

    Of course we have to talk about what this mattress feels like in different sleeping positions.

    Because this mattress was made specifically for me and my sleeping positions, it feels really great when I’m resting on my back.

    You get that great balance of comfort and support, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I made this mattress.

    I really feel those strong coils underneath me and then that luxe memory foam cushions my lower back. Very comfy!

    But I will say I think this mattress really shines for me when I’m resting on my side.

    I’m primarily a side sleeper after all, so this is perfect. I get that nice pressure relief along my shoulders and my hips, but those coils help me stay in a neutral alignment.

    It’s not the best mattress for stomach sleeping because I did get the medium firm model. But that’s okay for me because I don’t really rest on my stomach.

    If you are a stomach sleeper though, you definitely want to get a firm mattress because that one will help you maintain that straight spine neutral alignment that you need.

    Motion Transfer

    If you share a bed with a partner, you definitely want to pay close attention to motion isolation.

    What this means is that if you’re resting on one side of the bed and your partner gets in on the other, are you gonna feel their movement transfer to your side of the bed.

    One way I test it is with a glass of water.

    As I press into the mattress around it, I can see a some disturbance in the glass. That’s an indication that it doesn’t isolate motion super well. This isn’t too surprising just because it does have coils underneath it. And this is pretty typical for inner spring mattresses.

    Edge Support

    Another thing you want to think about if you share a bed with a partner is your mattress’s edge support.

    What this means is that if you’re sitting on the side of the bed, are you going to feel secure or you’re going to feel like you might roll off.

    In general I would say the Brooklyn Bedding’s edge support is pretty good. I feel myself slipping just a little bit but that’s thanks to this cool cover, it’s a little bit slick.

    But as far as the compression underneath me, it’s pretty minimal. These coils do a great job of keeping me supported. I could even bend down to tie my shoes and I wouldn’t feel like I’m going to fall off.

    But lying down on this mattress, I would say it’s pretty similar as well. You’ll feel a little bit of that collapse maybe around your knees, but overall you’re not going to feel like you’re in danger of rolling off of the bed.

    Mattress With Strong Edge Support


    Now I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of the Brooklyn Bedding custom mattress, starting with the pros.

    First of all, this is a great pick if you are sharing a bed with a partner. Like I mentioned earlier, you can always opt to get the king or California king mattress and do the split comfort.

    So if you prefer a soft mattress but your partner prefers something a little bit more supportive, you can both get what you want.

    Also this mattress works super well if you’re a hot sleeper. They have so many different add-ons and options that you can create to help pull heat away from your body and help you sleep cool at night.

    And last but not least this is a great pick if you are a fan of a bouncy hybrid mattress. All these custom mattresses are going to include Brooklyn Bedding’s unique zoned coil system. You’ll get that bit of responsiveness and extra lumbar support.


    Of course we also have to talk about some of the cons of this mattress.

    So if you are specifically looking for a twin, a twin XL or a full, this isn’t the route for you. Right now Brooklyn Bedding only offers queen, king and California king custom mattresses.

    It’s also not going to be the best pick for you if you are especially concerned about motion isolation. This is a very bouncy mattress, so it doesn’t isolate motion as well as all foam beds.

    But in my experience it’s not that much of a deal breaker because I got that king mattress and my partner is going to be so far away from me I’m not really going to feel it on my side of the bed.

    And last but not least, the Brooklyn Bedding custom mattress might not be great for you if you’re just beginning your mattress buying journey.

    Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want yet, maybe you’re not sure exactly what your body needs.


    Let’s go over some of the company policies that you will need to know about if you order a Brooklyn Bedding custom mattress.

    They do offer free shipping and free returns.

    They also have a 120 night sleep trial period, so this means that you have several weeks to test it out from the comfort of your home to see if it’s the right fit for you.

    Also they have a 10-year warranty and different bedding accessories are available.

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