Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review


    Here I review the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress, one of the best beds for hot sleepers.

    I ran it through a series of tests to help you decide if it’s the best mattress for you. At the end of the article I’ll be comparing the Aurora hybrid to the competition and answering your FAQs.

    Let’s get started.



    First off we will take a look at its construction, layer by layer to see how it helps you sleep.

    This bed is 13 and a half inches tall and it uses a combination of foam and coils.

    This bed comes in three different firmness levels: soft. medium and firm. I tested the medium model, so keep that in mind throughout this review.

    The mattress uses a proprietary PCM surface infusion that draws excess heat out and away from the body. PCM or phase change molecule is a treatment on the surface layer of the foam that works by adjusting to your individual skin temperature.

    Average skin temperature is 91 degrees, but the preferred sleep temperature is 88 degrees.

    When your skin temperature is above 88 degrees, the micro encapsulated PCM will liquefy, disseminating a cooling effect. If your skin temperature goes below 88 degrees, the PCM will solidify ensuring you’re cool but not cold.

    Aurora is also made with a proprietary smooth top weave that’s not only more breathable, it allows you to feel the cooling technology on contact.

    Starting with the cover, it’s very cool to the touch because Brooklyn Bedding uses a cooling panel.

    Beneath the surface are two layers of premium open cell foam. These proprietary layers offer the best of both worlds. Alternative foams that pair all the responsiveness of latex with the pressure point support of memory foam.

    We have a 1.5” top layer of CopperFlex foam that uses phase change material to keep you cool. It also has antimicrobial properties of copper. Copper it is six times more antimicrobial than stainless steel.

    Under that is another 2” layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex foam. It is infused with titanium for added breathability and durability. It cools you down and relieves pressure. It adjusts to your body each time you move.

    Below that you’ve got a 1” responsive transition foam layer that adds a nice transition between the foam and the coils.

    The primary support layer of the Aurora mattress consists of 8” of 1032 individually wrapped coils. That does a few things. It adds support to the mattress, it adds breathability to the mattress, so that airflow goes through and it doesn’t get trapped in the foam, and it helps isolate motion better than other mattresses with interconnected coils.

    The last layer is a 1” high-density foam base that reinforces individually encased coils as they compress as well as adds durability to the mattress.


    We rate firmness on a 1 to 10 scale, where one is very plush think clouds and marshmallows, and 10 is very firm, think a nice nap on a carpeted floor.

    The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a 6.5 out of 10 on this scale, which works for all sleeping positions, but it works best for back sleepers, because it adds a nice balance between cushioning and support.


    We also want to know how well this bed responds to bounce. So I used a lacrosse ball. As I bounced it on the floor, it came right back up to me.

    Next I tried this on the mattress surface. I saw some really nice bounce, so this should be a good bed for combination sleepers.

    Sleeping Positions


    This is the point in the review where I’m gonna ask you to do a little self-reflection.

    Do you primarily sleep on your side, your back or your stomach?

    I only ask because your primary sleep position majorly influences which type of bed you should get, because the mattress performs differently based on your sleep position and body type.

    Side sleepers need a mattress that relieves pressure in their hips and shoulders, but also keeps the spine aligned. The Aurora hybrid does a great job at keeping side sleeper spines aligned, but it has pretty average pressure relief. I think that slide sleepers are going to be better off on the soft version of this mattress.

    Back sleepers are pretty easy to please. You just need a bed that is supportive and cushioning. This mattress is no exception. It kept the natural s-curve of my spine and I felt really cozy and supported.

    This bed does a great job at providing support for average weight and lightweight stomach sleepers, but heavyweight stomach sleepers may want to look at the firm version of this bed for optimal spinal alignment.

    Top Rated Mattresses


    The pressure map test is fun and informative.

    Blue and green areas on the map are good. Those indicate areas of little to no pressure. Reds, oranges and yellows are bad. Those indicate areas of high pressure.

    Let’s find out what are my results.

    On the back, I saw blues and greens all around, which indicate areas of little to no pressure, that means this is a great mattress if you suffer from aches and pains on your back.

    On the side, I saw a concentration of red in the hips and the shoulders, which means that it’s not great at relieving pressure there, but it means that it distributes your weight evenly.

    I would say side sleeper should get the soft version of this mattress.

    Motion Isolation


    I did an extra special test for those of you who sleep with a partner. Congratulations or my condolences, depending on if you’re a light sleeper.

    I wanted to see how much motion transfers across the surface of this Brooklyn Aurora.

    As I pressed my hands into the mattress mimicking the feel of tossing and turning, the liquid in a glass was pretty shaky. To test this further, I took a weighted ball and drop it onto the bed to simulate someone getting in and out of it.

    As I did this, the liquid is pretty sloshy. So keep in mind that this may not be the best bed for you if you sleep in a couple and you’re a light sleeper.

    Edge Support

    I love edge support in a mattress, I mean if the edges of your bed are supportive that means you get to make the most of every inch of your mattress space. Plus your bed tends to be more durable when the edge support is great. Who doesn’t want that?

    When it comes to the edge support of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress, it’s pretty average. I mean I’m not disappointed, but I wouldn’t make plans to sleep near the edge of this bed for the whole night.

    Pros & Cons

    Still on the fence? I made a pro and con list to help you in the decision making process.

    First up the pros.

    This bed is great for hot sleepers. Almost every single layer is dedicated to keeping you cool.

    Next the Brooklyn Aurora works for all types of sleepers because you can pick the firmness level. Just make sure you pick the right one when you buy.

    Finally people who toss and turn will love this mattress because of its great responsiveness.

    Moving on to cons.

    This bed does not isolate motion very well, so if you’re a light sleeper and you sleep with a partner, I would look for something with heavier foam layers.

    Next up, edge support is less than stellar, so if you love to sleep near the edge of the bed or sit there while you get ready, I would pick a different bed with reinforced edges.

    Finally this is not the best mattress if you’re on a tight budget.



    Now that you know how good of a mattress the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora really is, it’s time to put it in a head-to-head battle with the Saatva classic mattress.

    Aurora mattress is gonna sleep cooler and relieve pressure better. Saatva have better edge support and come at a lower cost.

    But remember, both of these beds come in multiple firmness options, so they’re going to work for a variety of sleep positions.


    I’m going to go over some quick hits of Brooklyn Bedding’s policies so you know exactly what to expect when you buy.

    It comes with free shipping.

    This mattress comes with a 120 night sleep trial period, so you can just take it home, sleep on it, decide if you like it. If you don’t like it, no harm, just return it for a full refund.

    If you do like it, you get an industry standard 10 year warranty.



    The Aurora is available in 10 sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split Cal king, short queen, RV king, RV bunk.

    Depending on the size you choose, prices go from $999 to $2199.

    The good news is that Brooklyn Bedding often offers discounts, and you can save up to $500.


    I’ve got some frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in and answer them.

    How do I unpack a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress?

    These mattresses come compressed into a box and rolled up in plastic, so all you got to do is cut away that plastic, unroll the mattress and it should spring to life. It take just under two minutes to do this and there was little to no off-gassing.

    Does Brooklyn Bedding take your old mattress away?

    No, they does not remove your old mattress. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can call a mattress removal service and they will come and take your bed to dispose of it or recycle it.

    Can you flip the Aurora mattress?

    Nope, this bed is made to be one-sided so you reap the benefits of this careful construction. If you want to extend the life of your mattress, all you need to do is rotate it from head to foot every few months.

    That’s it for Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review.

    Remember, don’t lose sleep over choosing a mattress. Let me do the work for you so all you have to worry about is getting a great night’s sleep.

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