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    Sometimes you want to pamper yourself with a luxury product. So why not do it with the Cozy Earth comforter.

    For this article I’m going over everything you need to know about Cozy Earth’s bamboo comforter.

    I’ll give you the full rundown on this comforter, how I felt using it and a whole lot more. So stick around.

    Like the bamboo sheets, Cozy Earth has the option to make this a fully bamboo comforter.

    Let’s talk about options and the construction for this comforter.

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    Starting with its construction, on the outside you’ve got a fully bamboo viscose cover. This is going to feel much softer than traditional cotton comforters.

    Cozy Earth also says that this can be used as is but in the corners we’ve got some ties to attach a duvet cover to.

    Talking about the fill, you have two to pick from, bamboo or silk. You also have two warmth options to pick from, standard and extra.

    If you’re a hot sleeper, opt for the fully bamboo standard warmth model. Those will have a lot of breathability and it’s going to have some moisture working property, so you won’t feel hot and sweaty underneath this comforter.

    If you love a thicker, fluffier comforter, or you tend to get cold really quickly, go for the silk fill and the extra warmth option.

    Finally in terms of sizes, this comes in twin, full/queen, and king sizes and they only sell this comforter in white.

    For this review I tested the full/queen sized, all bamboo standard fill comforter.

    Personal Experience

    I love bamboo bedding. As a hot sleeper it keeps me really cool and not feeling so sweaty and I really love how soft it is to the touch.

    For this review I tested Cozy Earth’s all bamboo model with a standard fill and I gotta say this did the trick.

    On some of the colder nights when I was using this, it definitely kept me warm even though it is a bit of a thinner comforter.

    I do love thin comforters but since this one has a few layers to it, I definitely don’t see myself using it year round.

    And I for sure don’t need a comforter in the middle of the summer.

    But if you’re the type of person that gets cold really quickly or just loves sleeping with something thicker, than a standard top sheet, this comforter is going to be a great option for you.


    Cleaning & Care

    Cozy Earth is particular about how you should clean and care for your comforter. Here’s what they recommend.

    To start they say spot or dry clean only. If you decide to use the washing machine, you need to use a rinse cycle with no detergent.

    To dry, you can either line dry it or tumble dry it on low.

    Cozy Earth also recommends about every three to five months you put this out in the sunlight for a couple hours so the bamboo can naturally refresh itself.

    What this means is that the sunlight will reinvigorate the bamboo fibers. They’ll expand and release any trapped scents that they have, so it’ll make it feel nice and fresh and clean.

    Pros – Who Should Get the Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter?

    Who’s going to enjoy this comforter and who needs to move along. It’s time for pros and cons, starting with my pros.

    This is going to be a great option for bamboo lovers. It feels really super soft to the touch and bamboo is known to be hypoallergenic. So if you’ve got allergies this is a pick for you.

    This is also a really good option for people who prefer comforters to act as duvet inserts. It’ll give you some color options that you like and it’ll help extend the comforter’s lifespan.

    Finally this is a great option for hot sleepers. Bamboo is naturally breathable and it has some moisture wicking properties, so no night sweats or overheating here.


    Cons – Who Should Not Get the Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter?

    Moving on to my cons.

    To start the Cozy Earth comforter only comes in white, so if you’re looking for color, remember this acts as a duvet insert, so you can pick a duvet cover with the color of your choice.

    This also isn’t the best option for people who prefer cotton comforters. Bamboo and cotton feel very different, so if you like that crisp cotton feel, opt for a cotton one.

    Finally this is not a comforter for budget-minded shoppers to be fair. I did say this was a very luxury comforter, so you’re gonna get what you pay for. Cozy Earth will also let you finance this purchase.

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