10 Best Blackout Curtains For Bedroom Windows


    For this article, we have put together a list of the best blackout curtains for bedroom windows that you can buy online.

    Keep scrolling to find more about these customer-loved picks.

    For many people, a dark room is fundamental for a good night’s sleep. Great bedroom blackout curtains can block 99% of the light coming through windows, creating perfect sleep conditions.

    If you work a night shift, or you are a light sleeper, or you are just trying to get some extra sleep in the morning, these blackout curtains will get the job done.

    The right blackout curtains for bedroom will cover your windows completely, be a style and color that matches your decor.

    When shopping, remember that blackout curtains do not have to be black or dark to work. White blackout curtains can work just as well.

    In addition to darkening rooms, the best blackout curtains also have noise-blocking and energy-saving properties.

    Best Blackout Curtains For Bedroom Windows

    Aurora Home Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Top Curtain Panel Pair


    • made of robust polyester fiber
    • thermal insulated and energy saving
    • machine-washable for easy maintenance
    • coordinating tiebacks included
    • antique bronze grommets
    • size options: small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL
    • color options: blue, brown, green, grey, yellow

    Aurora Home Mix and Match Blackout Tulle Lace 4-piece Curtain Set


    • lovely, graceful, and alluring
    • crafted of 100% polyester
    • 2 unlined blackout panels
    • 2 tulle lace panels
    • each panel has 8 grommets
    • tiebacks included
    • machine washable
    • each panel measures 52 inches wide
    • available in 96-inch, 84-inch, and 63-inch lengths
    • 9 color options

    Exclusive Fabrics Off White Velvet Blackout Extra Wide Curtain Panel


    • neutral off-white color for a traditional look
    • made from polyester velvet
    • wrinkle resistant
    • blackout lining to block out light and regulate the temperature
    • dry clean

    Exclusive Fabrics Warm Black Velvet Blackout Extra Wide Single Curtain Panel


    • luxurious black plush velvet layer on front
    • light-blocking white lining on back
    • extra-wide design provides full coverage for large windows
    • hang it using clips or a rod.
    • attached hookbelt
    • dry clean
    • four dimensions: 84 inches, 96 inches, 108 inches and 120 inches long x 100 inches wide

    Solid Insulated Thermal Blackout Curtain Panel Pair


    • 100-percent polyester
    • energy-saving design prevents heat loss and heat gain
    • machine-washable
    • hang with standard or decorative rod and brackets
    • comes in multiple color options
    • multiple size options

    ATI Home Forest Hill Woven Blackout Grommet Top Curtain Panel Pair


    • contemporary look
    • natural branch motif design
    • lush polyester fabric that has the look and feel of linen
    • panels are interwoven with blackout insulation
    • panels also prevent cold or heat transfer from the outside
    • gorgeous, matte silver grommets
    • simply spot clean or hand wash in cold water
    • available in multiple colors and sizes

    Faux Silk Taffeta Solid Blackout Single Curtain Panel


    • made of faux-silk, polyester, and nylon
    • crisp finish with silky sheen
    • lined to reduce light
    • regulates home temperature
    • 3 inch rod pocket with hook belt
    • dry clean only
    • comes in several color and size options

    Porch & Den Bolling Sateen Woven Blackout Curtain Panel Pair with Pinch Pleat Top


    • brings practical elegance to your bedroom
    • crafted from polyester that has been interwoven with blackout insulation
    • pinch pleating at the head to create a beautiful, full looking drape
    • curtains block harmful UV rays, light, and heat and cold transfer
    • hangs from 7 hidden tabs
    • spot clean or hand wash in cold water
    • available in a variety of stylish colors and sizes

    The Curated Nomad Duane Thermal Woven Blackout Grommet Top Curtain Panel Pair


    • crafted from 100% polyester
    • woven blackout minimizes sunlight exposure
    • interwoven with blackout insulation
    • geometric pattern
    • 8 grommets per panel
    • matte silver grommet finish
    • simply spot clean or hand wash in cold water
    • available in various colors and lengths

    Lush Decor Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtain Panel Pair


    • 100% polyester blackout material
    • insulated fabric to maintain your bedroom’s temperature
    • 2 panels are machine washable
    • 26 color and size options

    In order to achieve total blackout, your curtains must be properly installed. That means measuring your windows and making sure that the curtains are big enough to cover the entire window.

    Step-by-step Instructions For Hanging Blackout Curtains

    Blackout curtains are used to darken your room or block out the light in your room. People use them for a variety of reasons. Parents often have them in their kids nursery. If their baby is gonna sleep during the day they can make it dark and quiet. That darkness really cues your body up for sleep.

    Other reason people use them is if they work during the night shift and they sleep during the day. Or if you have a spotlight outside your window, these really came in handy.

    Let’s go over all the materials and equipment you need to get these curtains on your window.

    Before you get started installing, make sure you have all of your materials and equipment handy and accessible and you’ve got everything you need. It’ll make the whole process so much easier.

    The thing you’re gonna need is some hardware. You’re gonna need mounting brackets with set screws. These are what’s gonna hold the curtain rod in place and you will be able to tighten those screws.

    You’re also gonna need knobs at the end of your curtain rods to keep your curtains in place.

    Another tool I always recommend is a power drill and a drill bit. It will make the whole installation process much easier.

    You want to have a measuring tape and a pencil handy. You’re gonna need to measure the width and the length of your window and the curtain rod. You will make little marks with a pencil.

    You’re also going to want to have a set of screws and wall anchors. While anchors are what’s going to hold the whole thing into the wall, make sure it doesn’t fall out, especially with heavy curtains.

    You also want to use any instructions that your curtain rod or hardware come with. Those will be very important and I also recommend having a hammer handy. You never know when you’re gonna need one of those.

    Last but not least the curtain rods.

    These are obviously vitally important to installing your blackout curtains. Make sure you’ve measured your window and you know how long it is and get a curtain rod at the appropriate width.

    The next thing you want to do is unpackage your blackout curtains. You may notice right away they have some deep creases in them. That’s super common. Check the care label and depending on what fabric they are, some may allow you to wash and dry them before using them. But you should at least be able to iron out them.

    Once you’ve got your tools and you’re materials, you’re ready to start measuring.

    You want your curtain rod to cover a little bit above and more of the sides of your window. Think about your drapes and your curtains hanging down. They’re gonna cover your whole window, plus a little bit of extra.

    Measure five inches from the top of your window to maximize as much coverage and block as much light as possible.

    Make a little mark on the five inches from the top and five inches from the side. But you have to take into consideration your brackets. These are the things that are going to hold up the curtain rod.

    Hold the bracket up and because you need to add a screw and a wall anchor slightly below that. So drew a little dot where you knew exactly the screw is going to go, to make sure that you got the best, most accurate measurements.

    Measurements are done. It’s time to install.

    First create a pilot hole in that little mark that you made, where your screws in your wall anchor are supposed to go.

    What you can do is either use a drill and a small drill bit or you can use a hammer and nail to create a hole in the wall.

    If you’re not familiar with what’s behind your wall, if you’re not sure if it’s drywall, you’re gonna hit a stud, go ahead and create that pilot hole and then take an appropriate size drill bit and drill in a larger hole into the wall.

    Take your wall anchor, which will probably come with your curtain rod, but if not, you can also buy it a hardware store. Wall anchors are great, especially for heavier curtains, like blackout curtains, because they will make sure that the rod and the curtain stay anchored to your wall and don’t fall out.

    Next place that little piece of plastic that will anchor into the hole you created with your drill and then lightly tap it with your hammer until it’s flush with the wall.

    Take your mounting bracket, the thing that’s going to hold up your curtain rod, and place it against the wall so that the area where your screws supposed to be is basically where the wall anchor is.

    Take your screw, place it into the wall anchor and use a screwdriver or a drill to secure it. Make it a little bit loose and then secure all the brackets at the same time at the end, so that they’re all perfectly even and everything is looking good.

    Once you’ve got your curtains on the actual curtain rod, go ahead and grab those knobs, twist them onto the ends to make sure they stay on the curtain rod.

    Now you need to put them on your window.

    Once you hooked the rod into little brackets, find a little tiny screw, it’s called a setting screw. Twist that so that the rod stays in place and you won’t have any movement.

    Once you’ve got that rod secure, you’ve got the curtains on, close the curtains and just enjoy that beautiful darkness that your blackout curtains are giving you.

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