Best Zoned Support Mattress (With Strong Edge Support)

    In this article I have a review of the brand new Bear Elite hybrid mattress.

    You might be familiar with Bear’s flagship memory foam mattress. It is a very affordable option and as a brand they definitely market themselves toward athletes.

    This is their new high-end hybrid mattress. It is their most expensive mattress.

    I’m gonna be talking about all the things you need to know about this bed. What it’s actually made of, what it feels like to sleep on, how firm it is and which sleeper types it’s going to work for, what its price tag is and who I think this bed might ultimately be best for.


    Let’s get into the review by quickly covering the policies this mattress is going to come with. This is stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    Should you decide to get one for yourself you’re gonna start with free bed in a box shipping.

    It is pretty remarkable that even heavier hybrid beds like this can ship to you in a box. But it’s a really quick and easy process.

    You just bring it inside, open up the box, rip off the plastic and then watch your new mattress inflate.

    It will take a day or two to fully inflate and reach its proper firmness level and there might be a little bit of an odor to it. It’s just an off-gassing smell, it’s not too big a deal.

    Once the mattress arrives at your door, that’s when your trial period of 120 nights kicks in. Bear gives you roughly four months to sleep on their mattress to decide if you actually like it or not.

    If you decide that you don’t like it, you can get a full refund and free returns, which is pretty great. But if you wind up keeping the bed, which most people end up doing, you’re looking at a lifetime warranty with the Bear Elite hybrid.

    Bear has actually changed their policies a little bit very recently. They’ve upped their trial period and their warranties which is pretty great.



    Let’s get into the more important stuff with this mattress, like what it’s actually made of and what’s going to feel like to sleep on.

    This is the Bear Elite hybrid, so this does use coils for its primary support base. Having coils means it’s going to have a little bit better air flow and it’s just going to be generally more supportive in the long term, especially for heavier body types.

    Having coils just provides a bit more bi-directional support and coils are just more durable in the long run in comparison to foam.

    If you are a heavier person, I definitely recommend a hybrid and this one’s gonna do just fine for you. Even if you’re lighter, this bed will be just fine as well.

    So you have pocketed coils for the support base, and actually the coils along the outer edges of the mattress are extra reinforced, so you have improved edge support on this mattress which is pretty great.

    Then above those coils you’re gonna have a layer of a more neutral responsive transition foam. This foam is actually cut in specific ways that help improve airflow and provide this mattress with a bit of a zone support design. I’ll talk about that more here in a little bit.

    And then you have a layer of gel memory foam above that and then you have a nice quilted cover that’s actually somewhat cool to the touch, which again I’ll talk about more in a little bit.

    All of these foam layers add up to giving the Bear Elite hybrid more of a soft neutral pillow top feel.

    Even though the primary comfort layer is that layer of gel memory foam, since it is relatively thin and you have the more responsive neutral foam underneath, with the quilted cover on top, it has more of a balanced feel.

    If you’re looking for something more specifically memory foam, this mattress really isn’t it. It’s going to provide you with plenty of comfort and cushioning, but you’re not really going to sink into it very much and it’s not really going to give you that body conforming quality that you might associate with memory foam.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think a lot of people are going to find this mattress to be very comfortable I think it is, but if you’re specifically looking for a memory foam mattress, this really isn’t it.

    best zoned support mattress

    Zoned Support

    Let’s talk about the other construction elements that I briefly touched on. I’m gonna start with the zone support design.

    Zone support basically means that the bed is divided into separate sections with slightly varying levels of firmness.

    This is supposed to provide you with more support where you need it, like under your trunk where you carry the majority of your body weight. And then more pressure relief where you need it, like your shoulders.

    This is supposed to help keep your spine in a more neutral alignment while you sleep in virtually any position and just prevent back pain.

    I do think having a zone support design is a pretty nice feature to have for a mattress. Although I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the reason you should get the Bear Elite hybrid. It’s just a nice extra benefit.


    I also mentioned that the cover of the Bear Elite hybrid was slightly cool to the touch. It’s actually cooler in the center third of the mattress. I actually think they put more cooling elements there than the rest of the bed, which also makes sense because it’s right in the center of your body, which will help more effectively cool you down.

    I wouldn’t necessarily put this in the active cooling category with some other beds, but I do think this will do a really nice job at sleeping temperature neutral. I don’t see many people sleeping hot on the Bear Elite hybrid.

    One other construction element for the cover of the Bear Elite hybrid is the fact that it features a material called celliant woven into it.

    The whole point of celliant is that it’s supposed to help athletes perform better. It’s supposed to help your circulation at night while you sleep and just improve recovery times.

    I can’t really prove whether celliant does what it says it’s gonna do, I do know someone who sleeps on the Bear hybrid mattress that also features celliant and he swears there’s something to it.

    I wouldn’t say you should pick up this mattress because it has celliant in the cover. There are way more important factors to pick from when you’re deciding on a new mattress. But it is a nice feature to have, especially if you think there is something to that celliant material.


    Firmness and Sleeping Positions

    Let’s move over to the subject of firmness and sleeper types.

    When you check out with the Bear Elite hybrid, you actually get three different options to choose from.

    You have a luxury plush, a luxury firm and an extra firm.

    The luxury firm model is probably going to be their most popular and I found that one to be right between a medium and a medium firm on the firmness scale.

    It’s going to be pretty accommodating for all sleeper types, back, stomach, side and combination.

    However if you are a strict side sleeper, i would probably recommend looking at the luxury plush model.

    That one’s going to be slightly softer than a medium. In general side sleepers are looking for a softer mattress that helps curl the pressure points like their hips and their shoulders.

    The luxury firm model is not quite soft enough for me to recommend to a strict side sleeper. But it should work pretty well for most everybody.

    On the other side of the coin, if you’re a strict back or stomach sleeper, you generally want a firmer mattress. You might want to go with that extra firm.

    That’s going to be somewhere between a medium firm and a true firm on the scale. Firmness is fairly subjective based on your body weight though, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping for a new mattress.

    strong edge support

    For Couples

    I did mention the edge support on this mattress a bit earlier and it is quite good. If you share this mattress with a partner and you wind up sleeping on the outer edges of the mattress, I don’t think you’ll have any of that roll-off sensation. The edges are very strong.

    Motion isolation is going to be pretty good since it has a layer of memory foam and the coils are pocketed coils. It helps mitigate that cross-mattress motion.

    It’s not going to be quite as good as an all-phone memory foam bed but I don’t really see it being an issue for anybody.


    Let’s move over to the subject of price. Like I mentioned, this is now the most high-end mattress that Bear has to offer.

    The price for this mattress is set at about $2400 which definitely puts it more in that luxury tier. However I don’t really think that’s going to be the price that you’ll pay for this bed after discounts.

    Bear is very consistent with their discounts and I think you’ll be paying somewhere around $1800 for the Bear Elite hybrid.

    It will usually come with some free extras, like pillows and maybe even some sheets.


    That’s pretty much going to do it for my review of this mattress.

    Overall I do think it is quite nice and if you are in the market for a more luxurious hybrid with an accommodating feel, and you want to be able to pick and choose your firmness level, then the Bear Elite hybrid makes a lot of sense.

    Plus it does have that zone support design. the cover is slightly cooling and it has that celliant material.

    Those little X factors might make you want to pick this one over some in the competition.

    Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Review

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