Best Weighted Blankets 2022 – My Top 8 Picks!


    Recently I’ve been going over a lot of different weighted blankets for you, so I think now’s the perfect time to circle back and let you know what are some of my favorite weighted blankets that I’ve been reviewing.

    You may be asking yourself what’s the best weighted blanket for me, how do I even buy a weighted blanket. Don’t worry, I’ve put together a quick little buyer’s guide for you to make the most informed decisions.

    Buying A Weighted Blanket

    First and foremost – weight. That’s the most important part for a weighted blanket. It’s in the name, so you want to know which weight option is going to be best for you.

    The general rule of thumb for this is taking 10% of your body weight, or in other words, dividing your body weight by 10, adding or subtracting a pound, and that’s going to be the best weight option for you.

    Weighted blanket shoppers want to know if a weighted blanket feels like a hug. So you really want to feel that weight all around you.

    When you’re shopping for a weighted blanket, you need to look out for things like weight distribution, or if it has a removable cover, does that cover tie to the inside of the blanket to help keep that weight secure.

    The next thing I think you need to consider with weighted blankets are things like warmth and breathability.

    Weighted blankets, because they have a fill to them, they’re not going to be the most cooling weighted blankets. In fact rarely will you find something that keeps you nice and cool while you’re underneath it.

    But I’ll get into a little bit of that later, but just remember weighted blankets are normally going to keep you a lot warmer than your average throw blanket.

    The final point to consider when buying a weighted blanket is budget.

    These blankets take up a lot of different materials, so that drives up the price and it’s going to make a weighted blanket a bit more of an investment than your average throw blanket.

    So with all of that to consider, I’ve got a lot of different blankets to talk about, so let’s get into it.

    Best Knit Weighted Blanket


    One of the first things you’ll notice about Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket is its unique construction. It’s completely knitted and you don’t see a lot of knit weighted blankets on the market.

    Because it’s got these chunky loose knit loops to it, it’s gonna really have some good airflow, which makes this a good pick for hot sleepers.

    I think it’s also got some really good weight ranges available. It ranges from 15 pounds to 25 pounds, so I think the blanket is gonna hit a lot of different body types too.

    Because this blanket is just completely knit fabric, it doesn’t have a fill and therefore it has a really good weight distribution. You’re definitely going to feel like you’re getting a hug with this blanket.

    If you get it dirty, the best news is you just throw it in the washing machine and you’ll be good to go.

    Bearaby is also just a company that’s all about weighted blankets. So if the Tree Napper doesn’t sound like the best option for you, don’t worry, they’ve got tons of other weighted blankets for you to check out.

    Best Cooling Weighted Blanket


    As I mentioned earlier weighted blankets can be really warm, so the desire for a blanket that’s cooling or has some temperature regulation has grown. s

    My best weighted blanket for cooling or temperature regulation is definitely the Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket.

    It has an outside cover that is designed with Sleep Number’s 37.5 active particle technology.

    What this is going to do it is actually going to adjust your body’s temperature and help you feel a lot cooler while you’re using it.

    This cover does have some moisture wicking properties to it, so you’ll never be hot and sweaty underneath this blanket.

    When I was using this blanket, sometimes I felt warm underneath it but, I definitely felt nice and comfortable at times too.

    So I think this is my best cooling weighted blanket.

    Best Weighted Blanket for Anxiety


    Weighted blankets are known to stimulate something called deep pressure touch, which is that hugging sensation you’ll feel with a weighted blanket.

    It’s gonna help you release some serotonin, it’s gonna help you feel a lot calmer and more secure while you use these blankets.

    My best weighted blanket for anxiety is the Gravity Weighted Blanket.

    It has a few things going for it to help you feel a lot less anxious.

    It’s got a nice and soft micro fleece cover and it’s got some really good weight distribution that definitely feels like a hug.

    So when you put these two things together, you’re definitely going to feel a lot calmer while you use it.

    You should sleep deeper as well and hopefully in the morning you’ll feel nice and rested and a whole lot less anxious.

    Best Weighted Blanket for Couples


    Some weighted blankets are actually bigger than the average throw size and have queen and king size options available.

    Like the Hush Weighted Blanket.

    They have two bigger weighted blanket options. The queen comes in at 20 pound and the king is about 30 pounds.

    But the thing is Hush really recommends that more than one person use their bigger blankets.

    So that makes these blankets perfect for couples.

    Best Weight Distribution


    The weighted material in other weighted blankets can shift around inside of the cover, especially if they have a removable cover, but Casper prides themselves on their weighted blanket having some nice and good weight distribution that will help you feel that full hugging sensation that people love.

    The Casper weighted blanket has these long rectangular quilted panels that are designed to mimic some winter outerwear. You know that jacket that I’m talking about.

    It makes for really good weight distribution.

    Best Machine Washable Weighted Blanket

    weighted blankets for sleep

    Best Soft, Machine Washable Weighted Blanket

    Some blankets are spot clean only, some of them have a removable cover that are machine washable, but in my opinion the best care instructions are simply throwing the whole thing into the washing machine.

    For that the Layla Weighted Blanket is going to be your best machine washable blanket. When this thing gets dirty, into the washing machine it goes.

    For the Layla weighted blanket, this is especially impressive because it does not have a removable cover.

    Most of the time when blankets don’t have a removable cover, they are recommended spot clean only. So the fact that you can throw this whole thing in the washing machine is perfect.

    Best Weighted Blanket for Kids


    Are you a parent that’s looking to help your kid sleep deeper or even just feel more relaxed, but can’t find a company that sells anything lower than a 10 pound weighted blanket.

    Don’t worry, Luna is a good option.

    This company has so many different weight options to pick from. But the best part about all these different weight options is that Luna has two at the lower end, coming in at five and seven pounds.

    If we use our ten percent rule, this is going to be good for kids starting at 50 pounds and up.

    Best Weighted Blanket for Adults

    weighted blankets for anxiety

    Of course adults want to feel nice and stress free too, so let’s talk about the best weighted blanket for adults.

    The Brooklyn Bedding weighted blanket is going to be a good option for adults for a few different things.

    Starting with our weight options, we’ve got 15 and 20 pound options. This is going to be a good weighted blanket for more average weight adults.

    It’s also got some really good care instructions. It’s got a removable machine washable cover.

    With this cover, if you’re worried about weight distribution, don’t worry. It has some ties to help secure the blanket to the cover.

    And finally out of all the weighted blankets I’ve talked about here, the Brooklyn Bedding weighted blanket is going to be one of the more affordable ones for you.


    I i know I just talked about a lot of different weighted blankets, but there may still be some questions left unanswered.

    So let’s take the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about weighted blankets.

    Who can use a weighted blanket?

    Except for toddlers and infants, anyone can use a weighted blanket. If we use our ten percent rule and the lightest weighted blanket I’ve talked about, five pounds, then children starting at 50 pounds and up can use weighted blankets.

    Is it okay to sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

    Generally the answer is going to be yes, but of ,course if you’ve got some concerns or have some chronic health conditions, I highly recommend you speak with your doctor before buying a weighted blanket.

    What can a wave blanket do for you?

    Weighted blankets have a few different benefits, but primarily amongst those is that they help you feel a lot calmer by giving you that hugging sensation.

    They are known to help you relieve stress and anxiety. They can also help you sleep a lot deeper at night, so when you wake up in the morning you should feel nice and relaxed.

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