7 Best Rated Mattresses in a Box


    Buying your next mattress is one of the most important purchases for your bedroom. It must support you so you can have the best possible sleep, but at the same time it needs to be comfortable.

    Of course, your new mattress should be durable so you won’t have to replace it within several years.

    Let’s not forget that mattresses can get expensive, so you need to make sure you’re buying one that’s actually worth the cost.

    Here are the best rated mattresses in a box to buy in 2022.

    Best Rated Hybrid Mattresses

    We recommend four great products in this category.

    Bear Hybrid

    top rated mattress

    There’s a lot of really awesome things that come with having this hybrid mattress.

    It has an 8 inch quantum coil system with several layers of thick foam over top. Another awesome thing is that it does have celliant cover. The cool thing about that is that it’s an innovative fabric that’s used on the very top of this mattress that helps aid your body with recovery.

    It means that if you’re an athletic and you need good sleep to refuel your body, now you can have a little extra boost by taking the energy from your body and turning it into a healing property.

    That’s what the Bear mattress is really all about. It’s really trying to focus on helping your body recover.

    When it comes to the comfort, this is going to be a medium firm mattress. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is about a 6. If you are a back sleeper, you need something that will have that good support for your lumbar, which the Bear mattress is certainly going to provide. If you are a side sleeper, it has great pressure-relieving features for your shoulder and hip.

    This mattress is a really great combination of comfort and longevity. The support and comfort is very balanced on this mattress. You feel like you’re getting good support but there’s also plenty of comfort in those top layers to really work in great harmony to make sure that it’s accommodating for not only all sleepers, but all sizes as well, making it really great for couples.

    This is one of those rare mattresses where universal feel really does hit the box for everyone.

    Sleeping cool is very important for many people. The Bear mattress has celliant that runs throughout its top. It also has cooling fibers that run throughout some of the foam that’s inside of it. That helps really pull away some of that heat.

    Because it has that eight inch coil system, individually pocketed coils will allow for some of that heat to dissipate a little bit more easily.

    For those of you out there that want to have a mattress that’s gonna keep your body more temperature neutral, this is gonna be a great fit for you.

    Another area to look at is motion transfer. This is gonna do great for isolating motion. The quantum coil system uses individually wrapped coils that are separate from one another. It’s going to really do a great job of minimizing any vibrations in the bed or partner disturbance.

    That combined with several layers of really dense, durable, yet supportive and contouring foam, just makes a really nice balance of making sure that motion transfer is kept to a very minimal level.

    Edge support is also another thing out there that people are always concerned about. You don’t want to have a mattress that’s gonna collapse around the edges. You don’t want to get to the edge and feel like you’re gonna roll out of the mattress.

    Once again, that heavier-duty quantum coil system provides some really good structure around the outside of this mattress, so edge support performs very well.

    Overall, the Bear hybrid mattress is going to do really well for checking boxes across the board when it comes to finding a great mattress that’s universally comfortable, limits motion transfer, does great job of sleeping cool and offers really good edge support.

    This is a thick 14 inch hybrid mattress that feels really nice and is very accommodating. It also comes with a 20 year warranty. It’s a USA made mattress that offers some really good materials.

    On top of that, you are going to get a hundred night sleep trial. A good solid three plus months to try off the bed to make sure it’s a good fit for you. We always recommend giving a mattress at least 30 days to try out, because when you are adjusting from an old mattress to a new mattress, your body is gonna take time.

    It’s also has free shipping and free returns.

    Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king.

    Layla Hybrid

    mattress that you can flip, copper-infused

    The thing about this top rated mattress that sets it apart from other brands is the fact that it is a two sided mattress. You will always have one side that’s softer, and one side that’s firmer.

    Another thing that stands out with this mattress is the fact that they use a copper infused memory foam. This is something that they found to have a really great quality for keeping your mattress little cleaner as well as adding some cooling properties.

    When is comes to the materials inside Layla mattress, it’s going to be total of 14 inches thick. There is a stretch knit cover that goes over the top of it. On the soft side, you are going to have 2.5 inches of copper infused memory foam. Then there is a 2-inch layer of transition foam. And then you have a 6-inch pocketed coil system.

    On the firmer side, you’re going to have a 1 and a half inch transition foam and then a 1-inch memory foam with copper infusion.

    If you’re are more of a side sleeper, looking for better pressure relief in your shoulders and your hips, you’re definitely gonna like soft side better. This is going to come in around 4 on a mattress scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

    This is going to be a medium soft feeling mattress. I would definitely say if you’re more of a side sleeper or a back sleeper that likes a little bit better pressure relief and sinking, this is going to be a good choice.

    With the firm side, it is definitely going to be more for those who are solid stomach and back sleepers who like a little bit more support when they are sleeping.

    Always keep in mind that you’re going to have a mattress like this for the next 7 to 12 years. Throughout your life, you may eventually end up wanting something that’s going to be a little bit firmer or a little bit softer as years go by. So unique thing about this bed is 3 years down the road you will have that ability to flip that mattress over and use the firmer side or you can flip it over and use the softer side.

    Because the Layla hybrid mattress uses the pocketed coil system and a few different layers of comfort foam, those elements will eliminate a lot of the energy in the movement that tends to vibrate through mattress. For those of you who get woken up in the middle of night because you’re sleeping with someone that is tossing and turning, a mattress like this is going to reduce the movement inside of a bed.

    An important thing that people look at when buying a new mattress is how well they are going to sleep cool. Any mattress that has a coil system in the middle or on the bottom is going to help with making sure any heat that is trapped in the foams does dissipate. It does reduce heat retention.

    Also these foams on either side are going to have memory foam that tends to heat up a little bit with you, but the fact that they are infused with copper does help offset the heat a little bit. It naturally pulls the heat away from your body, which just helps reduce the overall overheating throughout the evening.

    With edge support on the Layla hybrid mattress, this is going to be a little bit of a thicker mattress. From a sitting standpoint, it does not have the world’s greatest edge support. But from a sleeping surface, this is going to perform pretty well. You are going to have that end to end, side to side sleep surface so you can utilize the majority of the bed.

    It comes with free shipping and free returns. With 120 night money back guarantee and 10 years warranty.

    Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king.

    Brooklyn Bedding Signature

    best mattresses on the market

    This is the most popular bed from Brooklyn Bedding. They’re one of the largest manufacturers on the market. They make beds for themselves and a bunch of other beds for other brands.

    Let’s talk about the construction.

    If you look at it from a side view, it’s got 1 inch dense support foam on the bottom and then it’s got 6 inch pocketed coils. There are actually up to 961 individually encased coils.

    If you’ve seen innerspring, those are not pocketed coils. Innerspring is like the old 1990s, 1980s and before innerspring chassis, where is one big coil unit and it was super supportive. But one downside was that motion could transfer through the bed. It could more freely transfer because the coils were one big unit.

    With pocketed coils, there are actually individually siloed coils that are wrapped in fabric and they are only attached by fabric. They can move independent of one another, so they are still really supportive, but they help to reduce some of the motion transfer.

    On top of that, you have a blend of different foams. You have Energex foam (provides deeper compression support) and you have TitanFlex foam (combines all the contouring properties of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex).

    And then on top is really nice quilted cover.

    For the price, this thing is really nice. It’s much better than many of three-layer beds on the market. And the construction speaks for itself. It’ll be bouncy, it’ll be responsive and you’ll definitely know that it has coils. For a lot of people, that’s definitely an advantage.

    For somebody that weighs a little bit more, say close to 250 lbs, they usually do not want an all foam bed. They want a bed that has coils. And guess what, Brooklyn Bedding has coils.

    The next thing is what does it feel like. When you lay on it, it’s gonna feel like a totally neutral, soft foam bed. You won’t feel any memory foam. It just feels like they put general soft responsive foam on top of coils. You don’t get any stuck feeling whatsoever. It’s soft and fluffy and super comfortable and really accommodating. I’m sure that 95% of people would find it comfortable.

    Another thing I want a cover is firmness because this bed is actually offered in three different firmness levels. They have soft, medium and firm. It’s not as simple as just taking the firmness ratings and agreeing that one is super soft and one is super firm.

    The soft is more like a medium soft. If you’re a strict side sleeper or a petite side sleeper, somebody that just wants a really soft overall mattress, then you will get the soft model. If you are somebody that has maybe hip pain, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia or arthritis, where you just need more of a plush mattress, that’s the soft model. It won’t cost you any more or any less, but they do offer a softer model.

    The medium is the most popular. That’s close to a medium. I personally consider it like a 3 to 5, just slightly softer than something like a Casper. So still skewing more towards side sleepers. I think somewhere around 70% of people are mainly side sleepers, so it makes sense that the medium model is a little softer, but can still handle the other positions just fine.

    But if you are a strict stomach or back sleeper, you’ll want to try the firm model, which is actually more like a medium firm. So if you do find yourself on your side in the middle of night, I think you’ll be fine, but it’s mainly a back and stomach sleeper mattress.

    Keep in mind that the medium firm model is actually called a firm.

    So soft model is super soft, medium is slightly softer and then firm models are more like a medium firm.

    Edge support is just fine, don’t even worry about it.

    Motion isolation is better than you’d expect, but not as good as like a super soft memory from bed.

    There are no issues with temperature regulation.

    You get free shipping. It is a bed in a box mattress. They make the bed in the facility in Phoenix, Arizona. It will ship from there directly to you. Shouldn’t cost you anything extra inside the contiguous United States. So totally free shipping.

    You get 120 nights to test it out. Basically four months. If you cannot figure out whether or not you want to keep the bed in the first 4 months, you are doing something wrong. 99% of people know whether or not they want to keep it within 30 days. Take all the time you need, up to 4 months and no pressure. If you want to return it, you get totally free returns. They even send someone your house to pick it up. You should get all your money back. If you keep it, it’s backed by 10-year warranty.

    When it comes to the price of the Brooklyn Bedding signature mattress, it is one of the standout features. If you look at the whole landscape of mattresses out there, a lot of people have their beds made by someone else. So lots of time there are markups along the way. Brooklyn Bedding, since they make their own bed, they can afford to keep the bed a little bit more affordable and yet offer a very good bed.

    It’s one of the most affordable, best value hybrid mattresses on the market.

    Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king.

    Keetsa Pillow Plus

    best mattresses to buy

    This hybrid bed is made from a combination of pocketed coils and foam. It is a medium-firm mattress, featuring a 5-layer design with a plush pillow top.

    The individualized coil construction and different foam layers provide great pressure relief, increased comfort and balanced support.

    It has a simple style that blends in well in almost any type of bedroom décor. It uses one color for both the top and the rest of the mattress.

    The top really conforms to your body and it’s covered in a hundred percent unbleached cotton.

    This best rated mattress uses several technologies to be an ideal option for different kinds of sleepers.

    The most notable technology is the individual coil innerspring system. It provides a comfortable springy feel as well as good support.

    Since the coils are independent and each moves independent of the other, motion transfer is eliminated. This also ensures even weight distribution.

    Added support is provided with foam rails on the sides, while the four corners are stabilized with extra firm foam.

    Keetsa uses a special type of memory foam, which they call BioFoam. Standard memory foam consists of 100% petroleum oil. BioFoam uses 12 percent of plant oils.

    Keetsa provides a 12 year warranty for this mattress, which is a bit more than the industry standard of 10 years. This speaks to the trust the company has in the quality and durability of this product.

    Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king and Cal king.

    Free shipping to 48 states.

    Nolah Original 10”

    best mattress for hip shoulder pain

    Nolah is a pretty interesting brand that uses a foam unique to them that gives all their mattresses this one especially and a pretty interesting feel.

    Once the bed arrives, you get 120 nights to try it out at home to decide if it’s really the mattress for you. If for whatever reason it’s not, within those first four months you can get totally free returns.

    Should you decide to keep it they back this mattress with a lifetime warranty, which is definitely above and beyond the usual mattress standard.

    What this mattress is actually made of?

    This is a 10 inch thick all foam mattress. It starts off with a dense layer of support foam and then it has a transitional layer of foam. This is just there to make sure you don’t really feel that dense harsh foam underneath.

    And then you have a two inch layer of Nola’s signature AirFoam. This is what’s gonna give it its pretty unique feel. I personally really like this stuff.

    It provides a lot of pressure relief, like a memory foam, but is also much more responsive than a memory foam, which means it goes back to its original shape really quickly when you remove pressure from it.

    You’re getting some of the benefits of memory foam without ever feeling like you’re stuck in the mattress, which can happen with a memory foam

    The AirFoam gives this mattress more of a blended foam feel and I think a lot of people are going to find it to be really comfortable.

    On top is a botanic origin snow-white Tencel cellulosic cover.

    What about its overall firmness level?

    It’s perfect for side sleepers because it sits right between a medium and a medium soft on the firmness scale.

    This mattress is going to be generally accommodating for most sleepers, but it’s going to be especially good for side sleepers and combination sleepers.

    This is because side sleepers generally prefer a softer mattress that helps cradle their pressure points, like their hips and their shoulders. This mattress does that really well.

    Because of the responsive nature of the AirFoam it should be really solid for combination sleepers as well, because it’s going to be quite easy to switch between sleeping positions.

    When it comes to the pricing of Nolah, I would definitely put Nolah more in that budget friendly price range.

    You can definitely find cheaper stuff on the internet but I definitely think you’re getting a good value.

    The price for a queen size is about $115, but like most other online brands, Nolah will go on discount pretty much all the time.

    Right now, after discount you should be paying $899.

    Nolah gives you a pretty interesting way to save even more money on the mattress. When you go to check out, they give you the option to waive that entire 120-night trial period. That way you will save additional $100.

    So if you know that you’re going to keep this mattress, it could be a nice way to save some extra money.

    One last thing I want to mention in regards to Nolah is that a portion of all their mattress sales goes to the defenders of wildlife foundation, which helps endangered species across the globe, which is pretty cool.

    Top Rated Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

    Here are two very popular products in this category.

    Slumber Solutions 14-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    top rated mattress

    This product has almost 12,000 5-star ratings!

    Most customers say one thing: “It’s the most comfortable bed I have owned!”

    Another thing that they often mention is that they do not have back pain anymore.

    14 inches of foam is combined to create this mattress. A 3-inch layer of unique gel memory foam on top. Then a 3-inch layer of premium foam. Lastly, an 8-inch base foam.

    You can choose between three comfort levels to suit your body needs: firm, medium and plush.

    The sleeping surface keeps you cool and eliminates uncomfortable pressure points. This results in a relaxing and restful sleep.

    When one person moves or gets up there is very little movement, which is great especially if you are light sleeper.

    You can sit on the edge of the bed without falling.

    Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king and Cal king.

    Buy it with free shipping here:

    LUCID Comfort Collection 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    LUCID Comfort Collection 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    It’s quite popular with over 11,500 reviews. Out of this number, 8700 are 5-star ratings.

    It offers 10 inches of two layers. It features two and a half inches of gel-infused memory foam over seven and a half inches of high density support foam base.

    You can definitely feel the memory foam. This is more of a traditional memory foam type feel where it is very slow moving. If you are transitioning from your back to your side, you are gonna create a little bit of a ditch inside of that memory foam. It does take some time to have that foam come back up if you were transitioning from back to side. So keep that in mind.

    This is supposed to be the medium feel, but to us this definitely feels much more on the firm side of things. For people liking something that’s more of a luxury firm type feel, because they are predominantly a back sleeper, they will actually like this type of feel.

    For people who sleep more on their side, it can feel a little bit more firm than they would prefer. The fact that there’s only two and a half inches of memory foam and no transition foam, doesn’t allow you to sink in as much as you need to really alleviate that pressure on your shoulder and your hip.

    It is pretty good for sleeping on your stomach though. The fact that it’s pretty dense but conforming, allows your hips to sink in a little bit more and be pretty nice for stomach sleeping. So if you are stomach sleeper I think it’d be pretty good for that.

    Let’s talk about edge support, motion transfer and whether or not this mattress sleeps cool.

    Edge support wise, this is going to be 10 inches all foam. So when you sit right on the edge of it, you are going to notice that it is gonna create a little bit of the slide out of the bed type effect. You’re not gonna have any type of a border rod that runs around the outer edge of the mattress to really secure it and hold it up.

    I don’t really worry too much about edge support from a sitting standpoint. The biggest thing is edge support from a sleeping standpoint. When you are laying on the side of the bed, when you get right up to the edge of this mattress, it doesn’t actually change too much in feeling.

    The fact that there is so much base foam does help attribute to keeping it a little bit more consistent as far as sleeping goes. So that is a positive for this bed.

    As far as sleeping cool, it does have memory foam gel that runs right through the top of it, but it’s a very dense memory foam and because you’re not going to have that pocketed coil system that runs throughout the mattress, heat dissipation isn’t going to be the greatest in this mattress.

    So if you get hot in the middle of the night, you may want to look in a different direction because this does retain some of that heat inside of the mattress.

    As far as motion transfer, that is one advantage that does come with that memory foam that is a little bit more dense. The fact that when you are moving throughout the night or tossing and turning and getting in and out of bed, that memory foam does a really good job of absorbing that motion and really deadening it before it gets to anyone else.

    Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, short queen, king and Cal king.

    It comes with a 10-year warranty.

    Buy with free shipping here:

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