8 Best Rated Electric Blankets on The Market


    One of these best rated electric blankets will become your favorite snuggle buddy. They will keep you warm no matter the cold weather outside.

    Whether you have a twin, queen, king, or any other size bed, these blankets are available in all sizes.

    If you’re one of those people that feel that deep-down cold, heated electric blankets can make you feel comfy and cozy at all times.

    Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket


    This is a very popular heated blanket that is also very affordable.

    In terms of the design of the actual blanket itself, on the outside is the 100 percent polyester. It is a quilted fleece so somewhat soft to the touch.

    In terms of the design inside, it has a channel construction that keeps the heating wires from moving around too much.

    What sets this blanket apart is the ThermoFine technology proprietary to Sunbeam. What that does is it monitors for your body temperature and the temperature of the room around you. When those rise and fall, it actually adjust the temperature of the blanket.

    In terms of the controller, Sunbeam offers a couple of different types of controller options.

    With this blanket, in particular, you get the EasyPro. It’s very easy to use, on and off button, and then it has 10 settings from low all the way to high. One to 10 in terms of heat settings. You get two controllers with this blanket, so one for each side. This is great if you sleep with a partner, so each can adjust the side to match the heat that you actually want.

    There’s also a 10-hour auto shut-off feature. You leave it on for 10 hours and it will shut off by itself. Definitely a good feature.

    In terms of colors, you have seven color options and is machine-washable and dryable.

    In terms of setup, it’s a very easy setup.

    The plug clicks in very easily, there’s some clips on the side to hold it in place. Then you plug it into the wall, and you’re good to go.

    The one thing that’s confusing is you have one plug and two controllers. With other blankets, you have two controllers that have two plugs. It’s really easy to know which controller is controlling which side of the blanket. So it’s a little bit confused.

    In terms of feel on the outside, rubbing my hand along the outside, it’s somewhat soft to the touch, but it is polyesters, so there is some roughness as well. It’s not very cozy, though, not very thick.

    In terms of heat, when you set it to 10, there is a great cloud of warmth under there, but not the warmest you can feel under electric blanket. I think if you pair this with a comforter, it can be a very good choice.

    In terms of heat distribution, there’s good heat distribution with this blanket. The wires are spaced pretty close together.

    Who I think this heated blanket might be a good fit for?

    First off, if you’re looking for something more affordable, something on the lower price end, I would definitely check it out.

    Right now for a twin-size, it is $77, which is very good deal for what you’re getting.

    In addition, if you want something to pair with a comforter or a blanket, to just add some soothing warmth for aches and pains, I would definitely check this out.

    It’s not the hottest electric blanket that I’ve tried, but it does add some nice soothing warmth.

    Last but not least, if you sleep with a partner, I would definitely check out this electric blanket. You get two controllers with the queen and king-size, one for each side. You and your partner can adjust the actual heat of your side to match exactly what you need.

    Who I think this heated blanket may not be the best fit for?

    First off, do you want something that’s going to get very hot or at least very warm? I would look elsewhere. This is closer to medium in terms of warmth, definitely not the hottest blanket I’ve tried.

    In terms of feel, it is on the thinner side. If you want something cozy or fluffy, probably not the best pick for you.

    SoftHeat Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket


    This is another very popular electric blanket. On the outside, you have a micro fleece, which is very nice and soft to the touch. Inside, there’s micro fill that adds body to the blanket.

    When it comes to the wires that move throughout the blanket and that heat it up for you, you can’t really feel this blanket. The wires are a lot thinner than wires in other blankets.

    When it comes to the distribution of heat, these wires are spaced closer together. Only 3 inches versus 5 inches, which you find in some other heated blankets.

    This is results in better heat distribution.

    It has a 10-hour shut-off, which means it will shut off by itself after 10 hours.

    In terms of voltage, which is something that is very important with electric blankets, it’s under 25 volts,
    making it a low-voltage blanket. It is listed by UL as non-hazardous.

    There are 10 heat options. Using a controller, you go from low, all the way to ten.

    You get two controllers. Each side of the blanket is controllable in terms of heat. If you sleep with a partner, this definitely a great feature.

    If you’re looking for something with a low voltage, this definitely will work for you. Also, if you want to keep your heating bill low, it is a really good choice. It uses between .01 and .10 cents of kilowatts per night.

    In terms of color, you can choose between five color options. In terms of size, you have twin, full, queen and king.

    Beautyrest Ribbed Microfleece Electric Heated Blanket


    This comfortable and cozy blanket will keep you warm with 20 heat settings. The dual controllers allow you to adjust your side to your perfect temperature.

    A secure comfort technology continually monitors the entire blanket. The heating element was designed to be ultra flexible and super thin to help maintain a blanket feel.

    The extra warmth of the microfleece heated blanket will allow you to turn your thermostat
    down while you sleep, which can save you money on energy and heating bills.

    With the auto shutoff feature, you’ll never have to worry about leaving it on. It has a design that virtually eliminates electromagnetic field emissions.

    The 10 foot 7 inch cord ensures easy access to power outlets.

    The blanket is 100% machine washable. Available in a range of gentle colors with self binding edging.

    Biddeford Heated Micromink Sherpa Heated Blanket


    This is one of the warmest and most cuddly heated blankets on the market. It is perfect combination of warmth and comfort!

    It is made from super luxurious micro mink plush fabric on one side and a super soft fluffy Sherpa on the other side.

    The digital controller allows you to select from 10 heat settings. There is also a 10-hour automatic shut off for safety.

    It utilizes a 3-part heating wire technology. This wire provides more efficient heating in the space provided.

    1. The resistive heating conductor provides more efficient heating in the space provided.

    2. Fusible material surrounds the conductor. The material signals at a specific temperature. It reacts at any hot spots in the blanket that are at very high temperatures.

    3. A continuous senor wire is wrapped around the fusible material. It acts like a thermostat by sensing the change in temperature and telling the controller to stop or add more heat.

    It machine washable and dryable and comes with a five year warranty.

    Available is twin, full, queen and king size.

    Shavel Micro Flannel Electric Heated Ultra Velvet Blanket


    This model has superior quality construction – the ultra velvet reverses to quilted micro flannel.

    This blanket is elegant and attractive as well as highly functional and reliable.

    Ultra velvet offers the deep plush velvety softness and warmth, while micro flannel offers the luxurious softness and comfort.

    This blanket has 7 layers!

    Between the ultra velvet face and the micro flannel back are layers of:

    • very soft down alternative fiber
    • soft wire technology
    • 2 insulating layers

    Controllers have large back-lit numbers and they are dimming after 40 seconds to prevent sleep disruptions.

    There are 10 heat settings, 10 hour auto shut-off, and extra-long 17 foot cords.

    Micro Flannel has some big benefits.

    Besides being soft and luxurious, it is also wrinkle-free. You can take it directly from the dryer to your bed. It is also anti-shrink and anti-pill.

    This blanket is machine wash and dry and has a 5 year warranty.

    Available in five colors: Indigo, Vanilla, Smoke, Camel, Merlot.

    True North by Sleep Philosophy Heated Blanket


    It features secure comfort technology and soft plush that reverses to a cosy berber.

    With 20 heat settings, the dual controllers allow you to adjust your side to the perfect temperature.

    Secure comfort technology virtually eliminate EMF emissions.

    It is compatible with smart home outlets and automatic timers (one is including with your order).

    The extra warmth of the True North heated blanket will allow you to turn down your thermostat while you sleep, which can save you money on energy and heating bills.

    The blanket is 100% machine washable, has an automatic 10 hour shut off and comes with a full 5-year warranty.

    Available in four colors: Tan, Ivory, Grey, Blue.

    Woolrich Plush to Berber Heated Blanket


    Made from super-soft microfiber material that’s lightweight, this blanket reverses to a soft berber for extra warmth and loft. The soft flexible wires ensures your comfort.

    It features Secure Comfort Technology, which virtually eliminates electro magnetic field emissions.

    It has 20 different temperature settings so you can customize the temperature you want. The blanket features 10 hour auto shut off and is machine washable.

    It does not have any cold spots. When the blanket heats up on the higher settings, it is hot all over. It warms up quickly and the preheat function is great.

    Twin and full size have one controller, queen and king size have 2 controllers. Controllers work with smart home outlets and automatic timers

    Available in seven colors: Grey, Sapphire Blue, Tan, Chocolate, Garnet, Indigo, Ivory.

    Includes manufacturer’s 5-year warranty.

    SensorPEDIC Warming Blanket


    Made from soft, 100% polyester anti-pill double flannel fleece fabric.

    The digital controller (with 17 foot cord ) lets you choose from 9 heat level settings. There is also a preheat feature, so you don’t have to crawl into a cold bed.

    SensorSafe technology will make sure this blanket never overheats.

    Using the built in timer, you can set a personal shut off time from 1 to 12 hours.

    The dual control for queen and king sizes is very handy if you sleep with someone who is always hot. The heat does not transfer to the other side.

    Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes and four color options: ivory, soft grey, sage, and cappuccino.

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