Best Rated Adjustable Bed Bases 2022


    In this article I’m going over some of the best adjustable bases.

    If you’re in the market for an adjustable base, it can be hard to figure out which one is actually best for you because they offer a ton of different features.

    There are some features you’re going to get with every single adjustable base. I’m going to talk about those and I’m going to even talk about a few of the drawbacks you have to deal with an adjustable base.

    Let’s start talking about these bases by quickly going over all the policy info you’re going to get with these.

    Best Quality Bed Frames Online


    These beds are going to ship to you at no extra cost, but you are going to have to assemble them yourself. The assembly process can vary from base to base. I found them all to be pretty easy to do if you follow the instructions. If you’ve ever put together Ikea furniture you shouldn’t have too hard of a time.

    Although you can usually spend up to get in-home setup if you want to go with that route and not deal with putting it together.

    Once these arrive, some of them will come with a trial period, but most of them don’t. So if you are thinking about getting an adjustable base, make sure you do all your research first, because a lot of them don’t come with free returns.

    The warranties vary pretty widely. Some of them have as low as a three-year warranty, and some have a lifetime warranty.

    So the policy stuff isn’t as straightforward as it is for mattresses.

    Let’s get into the stuff you’re going to be getting with any of these adjustable bases.

    Adjustable Bases Overview

    The first and most obvious thing is that you’re going to be able to adjust the angle of the head and the foot of the bed.

    The exact angle you can adjust these are going to vary a little bit from base to base, although I don’t think the average person is really going to be able to notice.

    You’re also going to get a wireless remote with all of these to make the adjustments. This is going to be pretty nice because you don’t want to have an extra cable jetting out of your bed frame.

    Also all of these bases will have USB ports built-in on the sides, which is pretty convenient. A lot of people like to set up their bed frame in a nice sitting position and then read on their tablet or their phone and you can keep all your devices charged.

    I should also talk about the sizing for these things. They should all come in at least a queen and a twin XL size.

    The usual thing for couples to do is to get two twin XLs and then link them together, so that each side of the bed can move independently.

    You can always share a regular queen size and a lot of these will come in a standard king and even a split king. It’s just something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for these.

    That’s some of the stuff you’re going to be getting with any of these adjustable bases. Let’s mention a few of the drawbacks though.

    First off not every single mattress is compatible with an adjustable base. The vast majority of them are. It’s just something you need to keep in mind with your current mattress or the mattress you’re thinking about getting with your adjustable base.

    Also the vast majority of adjustable bases are not compatible with any kind of headboard, which is unfortunate. Because underneath you’re going to be having cables and motors and stuff, you might be sacrificing a bit of underbed storage depending on the frame you get.

    But enough about all that stuff. Let’s start talking about these bases themselves, starting with the most affordable option.



    Lucid is known for their very affordable mattresses and their adjustable base is the most affordable one I’ve seen so far.

    For a queen size you’re looking at just about $800, which is very affordable in the world of adjustable bases and it will sometimes go on discount.

    This base comes in a full size, twin XL and a queen and it is quite easy to put together. It didn’t take me more than a couple of minutes.

    One of the reasons it’s so affordable and it’s so easy to put together is that it’s kind of stripped down in terms of features. The only thing you’re really going to be getting is the basics, being able to adjust the head and the foot of the bed, having that wireless remote and some USB ports.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re not really prioritizing other special features, like mobile apps or voice control or massagers, if you’re just looking for a no-frills adjustable base for not a lot of money, this is a great option.



    If the Lucid adjustable base is the most basic and affordable, the TempurPedic line is going to be the most advanced. They make four different ones and I’m gonna be focusing on the Ergo Extend because it is the most feature rich of any adjustable base that I’ve

    You’re obviously going to be getting all the basics, being able to adjust the head and the foot of the bed and having USB ports and a wireless remote.

    But it has a bunch of extra features as well, including a pillow tilt function. This is supposed to get your head in a much nicer position in order to read.

    It has a four zoned massager that you can definitely feel and it has a dedicated zero gravity button. The zero gravity position is designed to mimic the feeling of weightlessness and is supposed to actually help alleviate some back pain.

    I should say that you can get into the zero gravity position with any of these adjustable bases. You just have to do it manually, but it’s pretty convenient to have a dedicated button for it.

    Plus the Ergo Extend has a built-in mobile app that has a bunch of additional features as well. It has an alarm built-in, a sleep tracker, which gives you data on how long you’re sleeping and how much time you spend at each sleep stage and gives you a daily sleep score and tips on how to improve that score.

    It even has voice control. So if you have a smart speaker, you can tell it to set your bed to the zero gravity position or any presets you saved.

    For couples who have a split base, it has an automatic snore detection, so if your partner starts snoring in the middle of the night, it’ll lift their head up a few degrees to open their airway without disturbing you or your partner.

    You will be paying a bit of a premium for the Ergo Extend. A queen size retails for around $2200, which makes it the most expensive base on this list. But it is also the most feature rich.



    This is another more affordable adjustable base, but it does have a bit more features than the Lucid. It costs only about a thousand bucks for a queen size and it will also go on discount.

    Oftentimes they’ll run some kind of bundle deal, where if you buy a DreamCloud mattress, you can get the base for a discounted price.

    It’s also quite easy to assemble and the biggest differences between this one and the Lucid is that it has a dedicated zero gravity button and it also features built-in massagers.

    The massagers on these adjustable bases are actually surprisingly strong, but the amount that you feel them will depend on your specific mattress. If you have a really thin foam mattress, you’ll feel it more and if you have a really thick mattress, you’ll feel it less.

    The DreamCloud adjustable base also comes in pretty much all the standard sizes. I see it being a great value because it’s in that more affordable tier, while still having some higher end features.

    Layla (My Top Pick)


    This is the Layla adjustable base plus. They have their regular model but I think the plus model has a few more compelling features that you’re probably going to want to spend up for.

    It has everything you’d expect from an adjustable base plus a massager, under bed lighting, an anti-snore function and a mobile app. The app isn’t as in-depth as the one on the TempurPedic Ergo Extend, but it does allow you to control the base without the remote.

    The Layla adjustable bass plus has voice control if you integrate it with a smart speaker.

    It comes in the traditional sizes, including twin, twin XL, king and split king. The only one that doesn’t come in is a full size.

    The Layla adjustable base plus is also pretty affordable. The queen size retails for around $1500 and it has a lot more of those premium features you might be looking for in your adjustable base.

    I should mention that all the pricing I’m talking about are as of when I’m writing this article. Pricing for online mattresses changes pretty regularly.



    Last up on the list is the Purple Power base. This one is pretty similar in features to the ones I’ve talked about before.

    It has underbed lighting, it has a dedicated zero gravity button, it has a wireless remote, it has USB chargers and a mobile app.

    But of all the adjustable bases I’ve tested, the Purple Power base might have the strongest massager. So if that’s a feature you’re really interested in, this one might be the way to go.

    One nice touch has to do with the remote. It comes with a nice little dock that fits well on a nightstand and has additional USB ports on the dock itself. This is especially nice for someone who tends to lose small objects like remotes.

    Price wise, it’s pretty in line with the more premium adjustable bases. You’re looking at about $1500 for a queen. They will occasionally offer a bundle deal where you can get the base and a Purple mattress with a discount.

    That’s going to wrap up my list of the best adjustable bases. I’ve tested quite a few of these and I think these five are going to be the standout picks that give you a pretty good variety of options when it comes to features and pricing.

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