Keetsa Bed Frame (7 Other Best Quality Models)

    Your bed frame can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your bedroom. Best quality bed frames add a modern style and make the room feel cozy.

    When it comes to bedroom design, your bed frame is the most important foundation.

    However, you should not only think about design!

    Bed frames can improve your sleeping position as well as making it easier to get in and out of bed.

    They also offer additional storage space and prolong the life of your mattress by providing adequate support and preventing weak, sagging areas.

    Buying a bed frame may be overwhelming because of many options on the market. That’s why this list of the best quality bed frames will help you choose the ideal solution for you.

    Bed Frames


    This company offers modern and durable bed frames. They offer two models.

    Gold Brushed Steel Bed Frame

    Best Quality Bed Frame

    It offers the superb strength of steel. This bed frame is so sturdy it can hold up 2,000 pounds. Its support is so good that you do not need additional box spring or foundation for your mattress.

    With minimalist and elegant design, it has the natural hand-brushed finish that matches any décor. This surface coating has been rigorously tested against safety standards.

    The frame is 14 inch high and provides 11.5” of clearance for storage under bed.


    There are also openings to attach a headboard if you need.

    It is very easy to assemble (about 15-20 minutes) and does not squeak at all.

    It’s available in five sizes: twin, full, queen, king and Cal king. Prices range from $340 to $490. So reasonably priced for the quality.

    Almost 500 5-star ratings.

    Mínimo Steel Bed Frame


    Very similar to the previous model, this product is available in two colors: snow white and industrial gunmetal.

    It has slightly different design and its height is 12 inch, providing 10” of clearance for under-bed storage.

    The frame is sturdy (zero squeaking or shifting.), provides the support you need, and looks absolutely fantastic. The price is matched with quality.

    top bed frame

    Available in five sizes: twin, full, queen, king and Cal king and prices range from $290 to $440.

    Keetsa bed frames come with free shipping, 30-day trial and 5-year warranty.

    Bear Frame


    It’s made from hardened steel and fiberglass infused resin. It is easy to assemble with no tools required. All parts just snap into place.

    The interior is reinforced for extra strength and durability. The frame can support more than 2500 lbs with zero motion transfer or noise.

    It’s warm to the touch, hygienic and easy to clean. Smooth contours complement any bedroom decor.

    Available in five sizes: twin, full, queen, king and Cal king and prices range from $120 to $180.

    Free shipping and returns and 100-night risk-free trial.

    Kotter Home Solid Wood Mid-century Platform Bed

    Kotter Home Solid Wood Mid-century Platform Bed

    If you like a very rustic, country look, this model is for you.

    Holding up to 900 pounds, this frame features a pinewood frame and seven-layer pressed pine slats. It is super sturdy and feels extremely solid

    With 13.5 inches high, there is lots of storage space under the bed.

    It is easy to assemble without any tools. The time between unboxing the frame and completing the assembly is 5 minutes. Everything just connects and drops into its slots.

    Excellent material and quality for the money. Six sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. Four color options: grey, walnut, almond and natural.

    Made in the USA. Over 800 5-star ratings. Free shipping included.

    OSleep Platform Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

    OSleep Platform Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

    This bed frame has the ability to completely change your bed!

    It is made of heavy duty metal for amazing durability. There is a total of 14 inches underneath the frame, giving you a lot of storage space to get organized and avoid clutter.

    Super easy to assemble, no tools needed. The entire bed frame only needed two screws that you can do by hand.

    It can hold a huge amount of weight. Very strong and sturdy, no creaks or unsteadiness. You can tell it’ll last a long time!

    It eliminates the need for using a foundation such as a box spring, which can make the mattress set up too high.

    When getting in and out of the bed it is really quiet. You know how squeaky beds can be annoying but this one stays quiet.

    There aren’t raised edges on the corner to prevent the mattress from sliding around but it’s not a problem when laying on it. You can always put a nonslip rug pad between the mattress and frame.

    The fact that you can fold it up really makes moving so much easier. They just fold up to suitcase size.

    Sizes: full, queen, king, or Cal king.

    Over 600 5-star ratings. Free shipping included.

    Adjustable Bases

    Bear Adjustable Base

    Bear Adjustable Base

    There’s no minimum or maximum mattress requirements for this bed. It just needs to be something that’s compatible with adjustable bases. Non-slip mattress guard lets you use any type of mattress.

    It’s made of a lightweight aluminum frame and can support 750lbs. The frame can be put together by one person within 15 minutes.

    Everything works through a remote or an app on your phone. You can raise or lower the head or the foot of the bed. The foot raises from 0 to 45 degrees, while the head raises from 0 to 55 degrees.

    This bed also comes with some nice extra features, all of which are on the remote: under bed lighting or dual USB ports so that you can charge your device.


    You can decide how tall you want your bed to be. There are adjustable pins within the foot of the bed that goes from 6 to 10 inches. Tall enough to provide under-bed storage.

    You choose from 5 preset positions (zero gravity, anti snore, breakfast, lounge), or customize new ones using the remote or mobile app. When you are adjusting your positions, you will hear that motorized sound but it is pretty quiet.

    Under-bed light is a warm soft glow to help you walk across the room in the dark without waking others with main light.

    Underbed Light

    No parts of the base move below the frame. This means that you can place the base onto your existing platform base, sleigh bed or bed frame.

    The bed comes in different sizes: queen, king and California king. Prices range from $1512 to $2232.

    Free shipping and 10-year warranty included.

    Layla Adjustable Base Plus


    This remote-controlled motorized adjustable base has a lot of really cool settings, including the ability to go to zero gravity mode with the push of a button. This creates the sensation of weightlessness. This position reduces compression in the spine and relaxes muscles.

    There is anti-snore mode as well. Push the button on your remote to lift the head up 10 degrees to open nasal airflow for easy breathing.

    You can save up to 3 one-touch configurations and go to those positions with a single press of the button.

    It even has two USB charging ports on either side of the base and when you prop the head up, those charging ports move with you so your phone charger is never too far away.

    It has some extra features like wall hugging technology, under bed lighting and the ability to control the bed from your phone, your Alexa or Google home.

    But my favorite feature is the built-in dual zone head and foot massage with 3 intensities. With dual zone vibrating motors, you can choose head massage, foot massage, or both. There is also an auto-shutoff timer. This vibrating massage is guaranteed to send you into dream land.

    Assembly is easy and fast. Simply unfold the bed, screw on the legs, and plug it in. You can use any mattress with the adjustable base as long as it is adjustable base friendly.

    Available sizes: twin XL, full, queen, king, split king.


    When you order split king, you get two fully independent bases, two remotes, with two twin XL mattresses side by side. Each of you can sleep, lounge, or do whatever you want independently. Or you can link the two together and control them both with one remote.

    Prices range from $1099 to $2198.

    Included in your order are: free shipping, 30 night money back guarantee and 10 year warranty.

    Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base

    Nolah adjustable base

    If you are searching for the ultimate in relaxation, take a look at this innovative full-featured adjustable bed base.

    Wireless remote not only lets you lounge in multiple preset and customisable positions, but it also keeps you within arm’s reach of the nightstand when fully inclined, thanks to very convenient glide technology.

    14 button wireless remote control includes pre-programmed Zero-G, anti-snore and flat position. Zero-G helps relieve pressure, reduce pains and is ergonomically correct.

    Dual head and foot massagers in three different intensities help you unwind after the long day.

    Built-in USB ports keep all your devices fully charged.

    You’ll can use Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice commands.

    The best part is once the base is quickly delivered to your doorstep, you won’t even need tools to assemble it.

    With under bed LED lighting and convenient glide technology, your nights just got a whole lot better.

    Available in 4 sizes: twin XL, queen, split king, split Cal king.

    Free shipping included + 10 year warranty.

    LUCID Comfort Collection Deluxe Adjustable Bed Base

    LUCID Comfort Collection Deluxe Adjustable Bed Base

    It has a steel construction that gives it a strong, solid feeling. It has six legs and the structure itself totals about 15 inches in height. The platform for the mattress is wrapped in polyester, giving it a nice look to it.

    If you look underneath, you get to see the bones of the structure. You can see that it has two motors, one for the head and one for the legs. They operate independently of each other by a wireless remote that’s battery powered.

    The base itself plugs into the wall for its power. You can also use 9-volt batteries as a backup power source.

    I should also note that there are two USB ports on either side of the mattress near the head of the bed. This is so you can plug in and charge your phone, tablet or any other device that uses USB to charge.

    On top of the platform, there are two retainer bars that go at the foot of the mattress to keep it in place as you adjust on top of the base.

    The setup of the base is pretty easy. It comes folded up in a box. All you have to do is unfolded it out of the box, screw in the legs, turn it over and plug it into the wall.

    As I mentioned before, it has a wireless remote to help pick the position of the base and the two motors for the head and the legs that operate independently.

    The motor for the head of the bed allows you to adjust from 0 to 60 degrees, while the legs of the bed operate from 0 to 45 degrees. You can pick any position in between. Once you’ve found the perfect position and you want to go back to that position again, the remote actually has a nice memory function. With one click it’ll bring both the legs and the head into the position of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about finding that exact spot every time.

    If you are ready to go to sleep and prefer to lay flat or want to just put the mattress back to a flat position, there’s a flat option on the remote. With one click it will automatically bring the base back to a flat position.

    One more function that’s a nice feature to have on the remote is a flashlight feature. If you get up in the middle of night, need to walk around, don’t want to flip the lights on, need some help getting around in the dark, it’s right there on the remote for you.

    This premium adjustable bed base features two massage motors distributing head and foot zone massage available in three different patterns and speeds.

    You are not required to use a Lucid mattress with the adjustable base. It will work with any mattress that can work with an adjustable base.

    I’d also like to note that there is a 750 pound weight limit for the base and it comes with a 10 year warranty. Free shipping included.

    High Beds vs. Low Beds

    Does it make a difference and if so, which one is right for you?

    What are we talking about when we talk about bed height?

    It’s a measure of from your floor to the top of your mattress. So your frame foundation, possibly a box-spring and your mattress on top of that. That’s gonna be your bed height.

    But why is that important?

    It’s important for two reasons.

    First of all, it affects your mobility, how easy it is to get in and out of bed. It also affects the overall aesthetic and design of your bedroom.

    Generally we want to look for something between 16 inches and 24 inches in terms of bed height. That is the average knee height for most adults.

    There are some things you can do to find the perfect bed height for your specific situation.

    The main thing that determines the bed height should be your own height. For instance, if you are a taller person, you’re gonna want a taller bed. On the other hand, if you’re a shorter person, you’re going to want a shorter bed.

    It’s really easy to find out if you have the right bed height.

    Sit toward the edge of the bed, make sure your feet can get planted firmly on the ground and your knees and legs are basically at a 90 degree angle. Around there it makes it easy to use your knees, your hips and your thighs to get in and out of bed.

    However, if your bed is too tall, your legs may dangling off the edge, it is very difficult to hop out of bed and then get back into bed.

    On the other hand, if your bed is too short, it’s gonna feel like you can stretch your legs out very easily in front of you or if you’re sitting, your knees are gonna be up above your hips. Very uncomfortable, very difficult to get up from that position.

    It’s especially important for the elderly and those with mobility issues because you want to make sure it’s easy to get in and out of bed.

    Now I want to talk about different types of beds and foundations and how they’re gonna affect the overall height of your bed.

    The first type is a platform bed.

    This is going to be a lower type of bed. Very close to the ground. You’re gonna have some wooden slats or other types of slats across the surface area. You usually are not going to need a box spring. You put your mattress right on top of that platform bed.

    Because of that, it’s not the best match for taller people, especially if that mattress is on the thinner side, more difficult to get off a platform bed. At the same time, a good match for shorter people.

    Aesthetically speaking, it has more modern, sleek look. If you want more of a modern design bedroom, platform bed is very good idea.

    But you’re gonna sacrifice some storage space, not a lot of storage space underneath the platform bed.

    Then we have traditional beds with standard frames.

    With this type of bed, a lot of times you’re going to be using a box spring. So, frame, plus a box spring, plus your matters, it’s going to be on the taller side. On average around 25 inches off the ground.

    This is a good fit for all different types of people. Short, medium height and taller make a good fit for this type of bed.

    Aesthetically speaking, it has more of a traditional look, more of an old-school look for your bedroom, but a lot more room for storage underneath the bed.

    Next we have antique beds.

    Definitely a rare form of bed. With an antique bed, it’s gonna be definitely on the taller side. A lot of times you’re going to be using a box spring as well and all that together with the mattress, it’s gonna be sometimes around 36 inches off the ground. Because of that, a very good match for a taller person. Not the best match for a shorter person.

    Aesthetically, more of a classic look to your bedroom, but the main thing that’s great about an antique bed is the storage space. They’re much higher off the ground, so there is a lot more room underneath the bed to put even taller boxes.

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