Best Pressure Relief Mattress (For Hip & Shoulder Pain)

    Best Pressure Relief Mattress

    Here I’m reviewing the Nolah Original 10 inch mattress.

    Many people agree that this is the best pressure relief mattress.

    In short, this mattress:

    • Has 4x Better Pressure Relief Than Memory Foam
    • Is 300% More Durable Than Memory Foam
    • Sleeps Cooler Than Memory Foam
    • Does Not Sag Like Memory Foam

    Best Pressure Relief Mattress

    It comes with AirFoam and Nolah is the first company using AirFoam. This type of foam have cooling properties and it also lasts four times longer as regular memory foam.

    It has a snow white tensile cover, which should help with keeping that cool feeling.

    This mattress will fit on most of your bases, from the ground and the slated to the foundation and all the way to your adjustable basis since it’s a hundred percent foam.

    The Nolah mattresses are entirely made in the USA, which is one thing that I’m very excited about.

    Once you unwrap it, it reaches its full height absolutely immediately. It is an instant blow to 10 inches. The corners are nicely stretched throughout the length of the mattress. You are not seeing anything that would need more space to grow into. That’s really amazing.

    This is a mattress that you can get delivered to your door, open up and start sleeping on immediately.

    Feel and Firmness

    best mattress for hip shoulder pain

    Before choosing a new mattress it’s important to consider the firmness and feel as well as your sleep positions.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest, I rated Nolah about a 5.5 to 6, which is about a medium on the firmness scale.

    It’s one of the softer mattresses that I’ve reviewed but surprisingly still very supportive.

    It feels like a fairly soft mattress that I would expect to be a good option for a side sleeper.

    After a week of sleeping on the Nolah Original mattress, here is how I feel about it.

    Just me sitting on it without a bed sheet, I just want to snuggle in it. It’s so soft!

    I really love its cover. So why don’t we just start talking about the cover before going into more details on what makes up those 10 inches of mattress.


    mattress cover

    This cover is a tensile cover of botanic origin, which means that it’s a cellulosic cover and that is made of plant extracts, which makes it a sustainable and natural cover

    It has a very soft feel to it and I love that it’s natural and good for the health.

    Layers of Foam

    Let’s now dig inside this mattress and talk about the three layers of foam that make it up.

    I’ll talk bottoms up.

    7” Layer

    The lowest layer in this mattress is seven inches of high density foam. That layer of foam is going to give you a lot of support. This is going to be the base of this mattress.

    It will bring support to the two layers that are a bit more contouring.

    It is CertiPUR-US certified foam, which makes it a foam that is produced in a way that’s sustainable to the planet and does not put our bodies at risk. It is made without the use of ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, lead or other heavy materials. And has a low VOC emission for indoor air quality.

    It’s also a breathable foam.

    What I’ll be talking in this review is how the foams used by Nolah allow the heat to escape through different technologies that they use. Heat escapes your body and dissipates inside the mattress, so that you don’t feel hot and you can get cool sleep at night.

    The bottom layer of foam is thick, it’s dense, but it is breathable. It gets all the heat coming from your body down the upper two layers of foam and it dissipates that heat throughout its seven inches at the bottom.

    1” Layer

    The second layer of foam, which happens to be the center layer of foam, is 1 inch high resilience foam that is very impressive and serves many purposes in this mattress.

    The high resilience foam is going to be more durable and stronger than latex. It is a foam that does not sag.

    One thing that you should keep in mind is that none of the foams used inside this mattress are memory foam.

    The high resilience foam that is in this mattress sags 300 percent less than the memory foam.

    What that means?

    What the sagging does in a memory foam mattress is that after nights of use, the mattress takes the shape of your body and in doing so, you lay every night in that shape that is contouring your body.

    You might find it comfortable, however it traps the heat from your body in that little cradle that you’ve made in the sagging.

    The lack of sagging means that your body is not trapped in its own shape, so you have a responsive and healthy bounce. By that I don’t mean that you’re bouncing up and down.

    There’s very little motion transfer in this mattress. What the bounce does, is that the foam bounces back up once you have left the mattress.

    That bounce will allow the mattress to recover its regular full shape in between nights. So that when you come again, you don’t sag inside your own body shape and you don’t get hot from being stuck in that mattress.

    There’s nothing worse than laying in a mattress and having a hard time turning around because there’s so much contouring that there’s just not enough bounce and you have a hard time turning around and feel stuck.

    This is what this high resilience foam does. It provides contouring, it bounces back during the day, does not heat you at night and does not give you that feeling of being stuck inside of it.

    2” Layer

    Looking at the upper layer of foam in the Nolah Original are two inches of AirFoam.

    AirFoam is really exciting! It’s something that only Nolah uses.

    If you think about it, memory foam was created over 40 years ago. It’s still thought about as a great invention and a modern sleeping surface.

    However, it’s 40 years old and it has its disadvantages.

    So Nolah came up with the AirFoam that they’ve created with billions of microscopic air bubbles inside of the foam that will allow you to have a cool night of sleep.

    The heat that you emit from your body goes through those air bubbles and then disperses through the high resilience foam layer and then into the high density layer that is breathable foam so that you stay cool at night.

    Pressure Relief For Hip and Shoulder Pain

    mattresses that don't sag

    The other purpose of those billions of air bubbles is the pressure relief.

    You’ll get about four times more pressure relief on the AirFoam by Nolah than you would on a regular memory foam mattress.

    That has been scientifically proven!

    You can find many charts and different pieces of data on the memory foam versus the AirFoam. It’s a fascinating fact if you’re interested,

    But you just need to remember that the air bubbles give you more pressure relief.

    Essentially what it does is it puts less pressure on your hips, your shoulders and your back region. Those are the heavier parts of your body and what you don’t want there to happen is a really hard surface, unless you’re a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper who might enjoy that.

    But if you’re a side sleeper, you want those parts of your body to be absorbed and sink in a little bit more into the mattress than your side or your legs, your knees, your feet. That should still have it above the mattress.

    But the AirFoam gives you relief in those high pressure point areas so that you wake up without pain.

    If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll wake up with no lower back pain, with no hip pain, no pain in your shoulders.

    I’m a side sleeper. From time to time I move a lot at night, but I usually fall asleep on my side and a hard mattress that has a lot of pressure in that area will feel like it’s dislocating my shoulder.

    This one is not!

    The mattress is adapting itself to the exact shape of my body. Those air bubbles are able to give me more relief to that pressure so that my shoulders can sink in just a little more.

    My body has that sensation of being flat because the mattress adapts to the contour of my body and give me that experience of less pressure in those high pressure point areas.

    Who Will Love This Mattress?

    best mattress pressure point relief

    That makes the Nolah mattress a great mattress if you’re a side sleeper.

    But it does okay for back sleepers. If you’re a combo sleeper and switch over from side to back overnight, which is what I do, you’ll still feel enough comfort to not create any sort of pain, because you have a lot of support created for the back area through this mattress.

    So you could still have a comfortable night of sleep on your back.

    It’s ideal for side sleepers and it does really well for people suffering from back pain.

    That’s why this mattress is listed as the best mattress for back pain and the best mattress for side sleepers.

    This is going to be a very comfortable bed for those two categories of people.

    I would not recommend it for stomach sleepers just because you’ll find that your hips might go a little too deep and give your body that concave position you probably want to avoid if you sleep on your stomach.

    Cool Sleeping

    This Nolah Original 10 inch mattress is great mattress if you sleep hot at night and you’re looking for a cool mattress.

    It’s not cold to the touch. It doesn’t have the technology that will keep the cover cool, but what it does is the rest of the mattress, everything underneath the cover, is so breathable that you are not going to overheat.

    A cool cover works as long as your body hasn’t emitted enough heat to heat it up. This mattress does not require the cool cover just because the heat escapes your body downwards and outwards and you won’t feel hot at night.

    Edge Support

    Unfortunately, all-foam mattresses don’t tend to have the greatest edge support and this is a fairly consistent trait of foam mattresses.

    It’s not likely to be a deal breaker. However, good edge support is important for those that need support getting in and out of the bed, such as seniors and the elderly.

    Hybrid mattresses generally provide better edge support than all-foam mattresses and may be a better option for you if this is an important factor.

    Couples also sharing a full or a queen size bed might want to pay attention to edge support. When the edge support is lacking, it can make the mattress feel like it’s smaller than it actually is.

    Interestingly this wasn’t a problem for Nolah. I was able to get right to the edge of the bed without even feeling like I’m going to roll out of it.

    This suggests that couples sharing a bed will get on just fine with Nolah.

    But if you’re still not sure, you should opt for a king or a California king. You won’t regret it.

    This all foam mattress dampens movement, making it ideal for those of you that share a bed with a partner or kids or even pets.

    I think that Nolah is a great choice when it comes to couples.

    Suitable Bed Frames

    Nolah is compatible with most bed frames and bed foundations. While a box spring foundation isn’t required, it will expand the lifespan of the mattress.

    Suitable options include adjustable bases, platforms, box springs and slatted frames, as long as those slats are no more than three to four inches apart.

    Although you can place the Nolah mattress directly on the floor, Nolah doesn’t recommend this.

    If placing the mattress on the floor is your only option, just make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the surface before placing the mattress down.

    In many cases, placing a mattress on the floor can void the warranty, can result in mold and mildew. It also increases the likeliness of insects and dust bites.

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    A policy stuff for Nolah is kind of interesting. They do follow a lot of the norms for the online mattress industry but with a little twist that I think a lot of people will really like.

    The first thing is you get free shipping. This is a bed in a box mattress.

    Nolah gives you 120 nights to test out the bed. You get four months to try out the bed to see whether
    or not you like it. Take that time to actually critically think about whether or not you want the bed.

    In the case of Nolah, like a lot of companies, they do have a minimum trial length so they expect you to
    try out the bed for at least 30 nights and then after that period, you can get 100% free returns.

    Nolah offers the ability to save a hundred dollars if you choose not to take the 120 night sleep trial period. Nolah is the first mattress company that I’ve reviewed that offers this option.

    So those of you that are budget conscious shoppers and you are familiar with the mattress, this is a great option to save the money.

    And then also it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is almost unheard of for most bed in a box

    Mattress Pricing

    A queen-size bed, the most popular bed, is about $1150 before any discounts.

    But Nolah, because they compete in such a competitive industry, they offer discounts pretty much all year long.

    At the time of posting this review, you can get $250 off of a queen-size bed. So it’s price is $899.

    Final Thoughts

    Is Nolah Original the best pressure relief mattress for you?

    I think you’ll like it if you are a side or combination sleeper, if you suffer from hip or shoulder pain, if you are a petite or average sized individual, if you prefer a soft mattress or you’re on a budget.

    However, Nolah might not be the best mattress for you if you are a stomach sleeper, if you are a heavier or plus-sized individual or you prefer your mattress to be medium to firm or even firmer.

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