Best Pillows For All Sleep Positions

    best pillows for all sleep positions

    In this article I’ll be reviewing two best pillows for all sleep positions – the AirFoam and the AirFiber pillows from Nolah.

    They might look similar, but there’s some key differences that set them apart.

    I thoroughly tested them both to help you decide which one might be right for you.


    First, let’s see what the best pillows for all position sleepers are made of.

    best pillows for all sleep positions

    The cover fabrics of these pillows are made from 300 thread count cotton and infused with cooling phase-change material designed to help regulate the sleeper’s body temperature.

    This cooling material original is invented by NASA to keep astronauts cool during take-off.

    It’s the only Space Certified Technology cooling material commercially available and the best one for keeping your head nice and cool all night long.

    Each pillow has a zipper along the side so that you can easily remove the cover fabric when they need to be washed.

    The AirFiber pillow is filled with a fluffy down-alternative called polyfiber which is designed to be soft and shapeable.

    This pillow has a lofty build, and is a soft on the firmness level offering sleepers a nice balance between plush and supportive.

    The AirFoam pillow, on the other hand, is filled with 100 percent polyfoam, which is designed to be a bit firmer, and offer more supportive pressure relief especially for back and side sleepers.

    It’s the same 100% temperature neutral high-resilience foam they use in their Nolah mattresses, just in a softer variation.

    This pillow is rectangular in shape and slightly contoured in the center to enhance airflow under the sleeper’s head.

    Both pillows are all-position pillows.

    However, stomach sleepers might benefit more from the soft, squishable nature of the AirFiber,
    while back and side sleepers might be more compatible with a firmer support of the AirFoam.

    Now, that we’ve got a better idea what these pillows are made of, let’s talk about the full performance of each one so you can get a better sense of their feel and support.

    AirFoam Feel and Support

    AirFoam pillow

    We know these are both all-position pillows, however the AirFoam is supposed to provide a little bit more support for back and side sleepers.

    First I tested it on my back.

    As soon as I lie my head down on this pillow, the first thing I notice is the slight contoured nature of the center of this pillow.

    It’s not really elevating my head in uncomfortable way but I can feel that it’s enhancing the breathability of the pillow, not really trapping my body heat, which I love.

    Another thing is that it’s really gently contouring to my head and neck offering nice pressure relief, keeping my posture in healthy alignment and really, I just feel very secure.

    I can rest my head to one side or the other, the loft is raised as I press my head into the center.

    Very comfortable for supine sleeping, for sure.

    Next I tried in on my side.

    As I’m lying on my side, I notice that it’s actually a little more comfortable to have my head more centered.

    It does have a higher loft in the middle.

    I like that extra support when I’m sleeping in a lateral position closer to the edge of the pillow, which might be more intuitive for some folks, when sleeping in the side position.

    all-position pillow

    However, the medium firmness of the AirFoam is actually offering a pretty good level of pressure relief.

    The center might be a little more comfortable for lateral sleeping.

    Ultimately, it’s keeping my posture in healthy alignment and it’s generally pretty comfortable.

    Let’s see how it is for stomach sleeping.

    It was really nice.

    I was worried that the elevated nature of the center might prop my head up a little bit too much.

    It still offers a nice sink into the pillow so that, again, everything’s remaining in neutral alignment.

    So far this is definitely proving to be an all-position pillow.

    I even tested it for between-the-leg support.

    I’m loving it for between-the-leg support. This centered, raised contour in the middle is really nice to have the option of extra support in the middle.

    I feel like my hips have a little prop and it’s relieving some pressure in my lower back.

    Really nice between-the-leg support.

    As far as under-the-arm hugger, it’s comfortable.

    I’m not sure its rectangular shape is ideal for this style of sleeping. Most women prefer an under-the-arm hugger to be a little bit more fluffy and squeezable.

    Now, that we’re more familiar with the feel and support of the AirFoam in every position, let’s see how it feels with the AirFiber pillow.

    AirFiber Feel and Support

    AirFiber pillow

    Definitely sinking a bit more into this.

    The firmness level is definitely softer than the AirFoam. It’s got more of that cloud, fluffy feeling.

    I’m still feeling the sides gently support and conform to my head and neck. I don’t feel like it’s elevating my head in any way.

    I also feel gently supported.

    Also, while this does not have a contoured shape in any way like the AirFoam – that’s contoured in the center – I’m still feeling like this has got some great breathability.

    I’m not feeling this is trapping my body heat, which can often happen with down.

    Definitely, a comfortable position for supine sleeping.

    Let’s see how it is in the side position.

    While this one is a bit softer and squishier, I’m actually finding that its shapeable nature is pretty nice for side sleeping.

    If I wasn’t able to reach under and bunch it up to prop up for extra support, it might even be a little too flat.

    Since I’m able to do that, it’s really giving my head the support that it needs for lateral sleeping.

    Let’s see how it is for stomach sleeping.

    I’m getting the sense that stomach sleeping might be the intended position for this pillow.

    The down-alternative inside this pillow is going to be a little bit squishier, a little bit more fluffy.

    When you’re pressing into it, it flattens out a little easier, which, as we know, is more ideal for stomach sleepers.

    When you’re on your stomach, your head is not elevated in an uncomfortable way.

    back side stomach sleep position pillow

    Let’s see how it is for in-between-the-leg support.

    I’m not liking this quite as much as the AirFoam for in-between-the-leg support because, of course, it does have a softer firmness.

    My leg is just sinking to the bottom.

    But that is making it great for hugging. This is my kind of pillow when it comes for an under-the-arm-hugger.

    It’s really comforting, the way you can just wrangle it in, squeeze it, shape it, fold it to your liking.

    I’m liking this for under-the-arm support, for sure.

    Ultimately, I would say that both of these pillows are definitely all-position pillows.

    I was able to find really great comfort in every position with both of these pillows.

    I would say, ultimately, though, that this softer, squishier pillow is probably better intended for stomach sleepers, while the firmer AirFoam is going to be a little bit more compatible with back and side sleepers who need that extra support.

    Both very comfortable pillows.

    Common Features

    best pillows for all position sleepers

    While these pillows do have different personalities, they share some great things in common.

    Firstly, they’re both covered with cooling phase-change fabric and filled with material that’s meant to be temperature neutral.

    They’re both going to help regulate your body’s temperature, so you don’t heat up too much during the night.

    Something I really like about these pillows is they both offer comfortable pressure relief for every position.

    I would say the AirFiber pillow is a little better suited to stomach sleepers.

    The AirFoam support is a little more compatible with back and side sleepers.

    They’re both designed to be all-position pillows.

    Things to Note

    A few things to note about these pillows.

    While the cover fabrics are completely machine washable, only the AirFiber pillow is completely machine washable.

    To wash the AirFoam pillow, you have to use a cool, damp cloth and a very mild detergent, or you could damage the material.

    Another thing about these pillows is they both have a very quick response to pressure.

    Sleepers who prefer that deep sink into the pillow might want to try this first, just to be sure you’re going to be compatible with the feel and support of these pillows.

    One small thing to note is that the zippers aren’t exactly hidden on these pillows. They dangle a little bit. Not a huge deal and generally pretty common. If you ever had your hair snagged in a zipper, you know it’s something to look out for.


    Something great about Nolah is they offer a trial period of 120 nights for each pillow. If you’re not sure these are the right pillows for you, you have plenty of time to try them out – full four months.

    Trust me when I say this is more than enough time to figure out if a pillow is comfortable enough for you and your sleeper type. You really only need about a month and so you’re gonna have plenty of time.

    If you decide you don’t like them, you can send them on back for a full refund.

    Both of these pillows are covered by a two-year warranty if you decide to keep them.

    You get free shipping and free returns.


    AirFoam has 4.8 out of 5 stars. Read customer reviews.

    AirFiber has 4.6 out of 5 stars. Read customer reviews.


    At the time of writing this article:

    AirFoam costs $79. Cllick here to buy.

    AirFiber costs $69. Click here to buy.

    These pillows are only available in a standard queen size. No king size.


    Both of these pillows might be fine for you.

    I actually recommend choosing which pillow you want based on which material sounds more appealing.

    If you like a more traditional fluffy pillow, go for the AirFiber.

    If you like a more foamy and dense pillow, go for the AirFoam.

    Or you could utilize the trial period and get both so you can test which one you like better. But then you run the risk of falling in love with both of them, like I have .

    I hope you found this review about the best pillows for all sleep positions to be helpful.

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