5 Best Pillow Top Mattresses 2022


    In this article I’m going to go over my list of the best pillow top mattresses.

    A pillow top mattress is pretty traditional and I have narrowed it down to my top five picks.

    Even though these beds all have a pillow top as one of their main features, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all going to have the same sort of feel profile.


    Let’s just get into it by quickly going through the general policies you’re gonna get with these beds, this is stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    If you get one of these mattresses for yourself, you’re gonna start with free shipping. All but one are going to ship to you inside of a box.

    These are going to be heavier mattresses so make sure you have a friend there to help you unbox these things.

    Once the bed arrives at your door, with these beds you’re going to get a trial period of at least 120 nights. The usual standard is 100, but all these beds go a little bit further than that.

    This means you get about four months to try to bed at home decide if you like it. If you don’t like the mattress within their respective trial periods, you can return them and get a refund.

    All but one are actually going to come with totally free returns.

    When it comes to warranties, you’re looking at a minimum of 10 years, but all of these go above and beyond that as well.



    The Saatva mattress is one of my favorite pillow top beds.

    Saatva actually does something a bit different with those policies I just talked about. Instead of showing up in a box, they actually offer a service called white glove delivery, which means it’s going to show up full size from a local delivery team.

    They are going to do all the setup for you and even take away your old mattress if you want them to.

    They will charge a $99 transportation fee to return their mattress during their trial period. That’s because they incurred a bit more cost shipping the mattress to you.

    But you probably won’t return the Saatva mattress because it is very comfortable and accommodating with its traditional inner spring pillow top feel.

    Within its construction it actually uses two different layers of coils that’s going to be extra supportive, even for heavier body types.

    You have three different firmness options to choose from. You have a plush, a luxury firm and a firm.

    The luxury firm model is actually closer to a medium firm, so a great option for back and stomach sleepers.

    The plush model is going to be closer to a medium, so more accommodating for all sleepers.

    When it comes to pricing, the Saatva mattress is actually surprisingly affordable for being a noticeably luxurious mattress.

    You’re looking at somewhere around $1600 for the classic Saatva mattress. They will often go on discount to bring that price down closer to $1400.

    Saatva does play around with their pricing more than some other brands, so make sure you look for what’s current for Saatva.

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    Next up on the list I actually have a memory foam pillow top mattress.

    It’s actually gonna be two different beds from the same brand. We’re looking at the DreamCloud Premier and the DreamCloud Premier Rest.

    Both of them have a very similar construction, they have very luxurious covers that actually feature a little bit of cashmere.

    The only real difference between these two beds is going to be firmness.

    DreamCloud Premier is the firmer bed that’s somewhere between a medium and a medium firm.

    But then if you go to the Premier Rest, which is a bit more expensive, you’re going to have a softer bed that’s somewhere between a medium and a medium soft.

    If you’re more of a back or stomach sleeper, go with the DreamCloud Premier. If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll probably want the DreamCloud Premier rest.

    The memory foam feel on these beds isn’t overwhelming.

    It’s not going to feel like a Tempur-pedic mattress, because the memory foam in there is thin and it is balanced out by the pillow top. But it is rare to have a memory foam pillow top mattress.

    If you want to merge those two together, then the DreamCloud Premier beds are a fantastic option.

    The price difference between the two isn’t too significant though.

    If you are a side sleeper who wants the Premier Rest, you’re not going to be out too much extra cash.

    You’re looking at about $1600 for the Premier Rest and $1400 for the Premier. And that’s going to be after discount.

    Prices and discounts might change in the future, so just make sure you check the current pricing.


    best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

    Next up on the list I’m gonna talk about a newer pillow top mattress that I think is just super nice. That’s gonna be the Nolah Evolution hybrid.

    In the past, Nolah didn’t actually offer a hybrid mattress and then came out with this one over the last year.

    It definitely has that more traditional pillow top feel and it’s super comfortable.

    This bed does use Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam material, which on their other two mattresses gives it more of a mixed or blended foam feel. The other foams used in the Nolah Evolution just add up to being super comfortable pillow top.

    it also comes in three different firmness options, a plush, a luxury firm and a firm.

    That plush is around medium soft, luxury firm is around a medium, and then the firm is around a medium firm.

    On Nolah’s website they do like to talk about the cooling properties of the Nolah Evolution hybrid.

    The cover on this thing is actually somewhat cool to the touch and I do think it is a breathable pillow top mattress. But I don’t think it’s going to sleep significantly cooler than the other beds on this list.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call this an active cooling mattress like the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora. I do think it’ll do a great job at sleeping temperature neutral.

    After discount you should expect to pay around $1600 for a queen size Evolution hybrid.

    Nolah actually does something pretty unique. They give you the option to waive the trial period when you’re checking out. With this specific mattress, it’ll bring the price down by an additional $150.

    Having the trial period is really nice and it’s one of the biggest reasons people are comfortable buying a bed online, because you get the risk free trial period.

    But if you’re really confident you’re going to enjoy this mattress. It is a nice way to save some extra cash.



    Next on the list I have my favorite latex pillow top mattress. That’s going to be the Avocado Green mattress.

    I should say that the pillow top on the Avocado Green mattress is entirely optional. You can buy it without it. However i wouldn’t really recommend it. Getting that pillow top does soften up the mattress quite a bit.

    Without the pillow top, it is a true firm and I really think only strict back and stomach sleepers who want as little give as possible will probably enjoy it.

    If you get the pillow top it adds an additional two inches of latex foam and brings it down to around a medium firm, which makes it a fantastic option for back stomach and combination sleepers.

    This bed is made with natural wool. It’s made with organic cotton. It’s made with natural latex foam.

    This is one of the most eco-friendly mattresses I’ve ever tested. There’s a ton of certifications that can help prove that.

    This bed’s going to have more of a bouncy responsive latex foam feel. You wind up almost feeling buoyant on top of latex foam.

    I think a lot of people are going to find it comfortable. But it is basically the opposite of a memory foam. You don’t really sink into it and it doesn’t really conform to your body either.

    This mattress is pretty expensive though, which does make some sense considering the premium materials used in the bed.

    After discount you should expect to pay somewhere around $2000 for a queen size Avocado.



    Last up on the list I have the WinkBed mattress.

    You have three different firmness options to choose from. A softer ,a luxury firm and a firm.

    That’s soft model is around medium soft. Great option for someone looking for max pressure relief.

    That luxury firm is a flat medium, so it’s quite accommodating for all sleepers.

    Then that firmer model is around a medium firm so it’s a great option for back stomach and combination sleepers.

    You’re going to be getting a nice light airy pillow top feel on the WinkBed mattress. I can’t imagine anyone finding this bed to be uncomfortable.

    It is actually a pretty solid value considering just how nice this bed is and looks. You’re looking at about $1500 after discount..

    And right now they’re including a lot of free extras like sheets and pillows.

    That’s pretty much going to do it for the best list.

    There are a lot of really great pillow top mattresses you can buy online.

    It’s definitely a sought after type of mattress because they’re so universally comfortable. A fantastic option for couples.

    I think these are going to be five of the best ones you’re going to be able to find online.

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