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    In this article I have something slightly different for you,

    Normally when I’m doing best list, I’m talking about specific mattresses, but in this article I’m gonna go over some of my favorite online mattress brands for some different categories.

    I’m not gonna get into too much detail about any specific mattress.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    Let’s start with this list and I’m going to begin with Brooklyn Bedding, which is my pick for the best value mattress brand.

    Brooklyn Bedding isn’t necessarily going to be the most affordable online mattress brand.

    But they make some of the best mattresses you’re gonna find for the money.

    The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a bed that I recommend to a lot of people out there because it comes in three different firmness levels, has a very accommodating feel and it is a hybrid mattress that comes in just about a thousand bucks for a queen size, which is kind of rare .

    They also make a very affordable natural and organic mattress option that’s called the Bloom. You usually don’t see latex foam mattresses that use organic materials priced that low.

    They even have some more luxurious options like the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, which is one of the best cooling beds I’ve ever tested.

    While that bed is definitely more expensive than the Signature, you’re not going to find a
    comfortable cooling mattress for that lower price point.

    Brooklyn Bedding is also a brand that is very consistent with their discount, so you should be able to save quite a bit of money on any of their mattresses throughout the entire year. And they will normally have extra big discounts around major holidays.



    Next up on this list I’m going to talk about the brand that has the most generous set of policies and that’s going to be Nest Bedding.

    Buying a mattress online with a generous set of policies makes the whole process a bit less stressful.

    Most brands will offer you 100 night sleep trial with free returns. 100 nights is a good amount of time, but Nest Bedding offers you an entire year to let your body adjust to the mattress and decide if you like it.

    They offer a bunch of other things, like all their beds come with lifetime warranties and on certain mattresses like the Sparrow hybrid, they actually offer something called a lifetime renewal exchange.

    You can actually take out the primary comfort layer and replace it for free throughout the entire life of the mattress.

    They also offer a lifetime comfort guarantee, which means you can actually purchase a new Nest Bedding mattress down the line at a discounted price.

    They have a pretty nice variety of mattresses. They actually did a recent update to their mattress lineup.

    But if you are hesitant about buying a mattress online because you’re worried about the shipping and trial period and returns process, Nest Bedding is a really nice way to go.

    Best Rated Mattresses in a Box



    Next up on the list we’re going to talk about the most customizable mattress brand and that’s actually going to be Helix.

    What makes Helix unique that I haven’t really seen any other mattress brand try and do is that they have tons of different mattress options. They run you through a sleep quiz on their website to narrow down which mattress is going to work best for you, your body type and your sleeping preferences

    If you add up all the mattress options from Helix, you have something like 13 or 14 different beds.

    That sleep quiz really does help narrow down which one will work best for you and it takes into account whether or not you’re sharing the mattress or you have any chronic aches and pains.

    Helix is a really good option for someone who doesn’t really know what they’re looking for in their next mattress and wants more of a guided shopping experience.

    I can’t really think of any other mattress brand that does it this way. It makes Helix really unique and all their beds are hybrid options so they should work for all body types.

    If you have more of a budget, their Luxe mattresses are super nice.

    Brentwood Home & Avocado


    My pick for the best eco-friendly mattress brand is actually going to be two brands. That’s going to be Brentwood Home and Avocado.

    These two brands are actually under one umbrella, so they’re basically the same company.

    They specialize in making some of the nicest natural organic beds you can find online. In terms of certifications you’re probably not going to be able to find a brand better than these two.

    The Avocado Green mattress specifically has some of the most certifications I’ve ever seen on a bed. The Brentwood latex hybrid has a ton of recycled materials in there. It actually uses some recycled denim and recycled plastics.

    So if you are a person who’s environmentally conscious, then the Brentwood Home and Avocado brands are a fantastic way to go.

    They offer a pretty decent variety, they’re not only latex foam beds. The Brentwood Cypress and the Crystal Cove are actually made with some plant-based memory foam.



    Speaking of memory foam, that is a material that a lot of sleepers out there are looking for in their next mattress.

    If you’re looking for the brand that has the best memory foam mattress lineup, that is going to be Nectar.

    It would be really easy to pick Tempur-pedic for this category because those beds are fantastic and they are a very recognizable brand. But their beds are often out of people’s price range.

    But Nectar mattresses are also quite nice while still being pretty affordable.

    Nectar has three different memory foam mattresses you can choose from, the Original, the Premier and then the Premier copper.

    But they all share that prototypical dense memory foam feel that a lot of sleepers out there are looking for.

    The flagship Nectar mattress is super affordable and even the most luxurious bed they offer, that Premier Copper, is going to be around the same price as one of the more affordable Tempur-pedic beds you can find.

    They will usually throw in free accessories with any mattress purchase, like sheets, pillows and mattress protector. Sometimes even a Google nest hub, depending on the time of year.



    The last mattress brand I’m going to talk about is my pick for the most luxurious. That’s actually going to be Saatva.

    They make a bunch of different mattresses, from a classic inner spring pillow top bed to a fully latex bed. So you have a lot of good variety.

    They just make some really luxurious beds at surprisingly affordable price points.

    To add to the whole luxury feel of the brand, they do offer a different set of policies than pretty much any other online mattress brand.

    Instead of shipping to you inside of a box and then you unbox it and wait for it to inflate, they actually offer a service called white glove delivery, which means they coordinate with a local delivery team.

    The bed shows up at your door full size, they bring it inside, they do all the heavy lifting for you and they will usually even take away your old mattress if you want them to.

    When it comes to pricing, they are definitely more in that luxury tier, depending on which model you wind up going with.

    But if you’re shopping for a comparable mattress at a brick and mortar mattress store, then I think you’ll find these prices to be very competitive.

    That’s pretty much going to do it for this best list.

    I thought this would be a slightly different kind of article that you might find interesting, since these mattress brands make so many different beds, I thought this might be a nice way to categorize them.

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