10 Best Mattresses With Cooling Technology


    Here I’m reviewing the best mattresses with cooling technology.

    If you’re a hot sleeper, you’re definitely going to want to see my top 10 picks for the best cooling mattresses.



    First up I’ve got the mattress with so many cooling features. I’m talking about the Helix Midnight Luxe.

    On this mattress you’re gonna find a breathable cover made out of tencel fabric. But to make things even better it has a layer made with gel infused memory foam. Gel helps pull heat away from the body and keep you cool.

    But let’s not stop there. It also has coils at the bottom which promotes air flow. It makes the mattress feel especially bouncy and responsive, so you’re not gonna sink into it and trap body heat.

    Plus it’s got a medium firmness level, six and a half out of ten on the firmness scale, so it works for a wide variety of people.

    The Helix Midnight Luxe has zoned support, so if you deal with lower back pain this could be a fantastic choice.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    Here is why this is the best cooling mattress for side sleepers.

    On the outside you’ll find cool cover which is breathable and cool to the touch.

    In that comfort layer you’re going to find CopperFlex foam and gel infused memory foam, which will pull heat away from your body, while still providing great body contouring and pressure relief that side sleepers love.

    This mattress is a classic medium firm mattress and it’s also got coils at the bottom which will make it a very bouncy and responsive mattress, but also promote tons of airflow because there’s a lot of room in between those coils.

    If you’re a side sleeper who sleeps hot at night definitely look at the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora.



    All foam mattresses tend to trap body heat, right? Well not all of them.

    If you love that slow moving memory foam feel, but you’re a hot sleeper, check out Nectar. This mattress also has a gel infusion running throughout, which helps you stay cool at night.

    Plus it’s got a classic medium firm feel so it works especially well for average or heavyweight back and side sleepers.

    What I love about the Nectar is that you still get that really cushy plush body contouring and that slow moving feel with it. You’re not going to trap body heat but you’ll still get tons of pressure relief.

    Let’s not forget that Nectar is sold at a great value price.

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    If you sleep with a partner, chances are both of you might begin to feel a little warm as the night progresses.

    That shouldn’t be an issue on the Serta Arctic.

    On this mattress you’re going to find a cool to the touch cover on the outside, but it’s going to feature Serta’s Reactex system, which is full of cooling gel memory foam, which will pull heat away from your body as you sleep.

    If you want even more opportunity for airflow, definitely look at the hybrid model of this mattress, but for right now let’s talk about the all foam version.

    This is going to be a little bit softer than that classic medium firm, but it’s going to have that great slow moving quicksand feeling that you associate with memory foam bed.

    What makes this a great choice for couples though is that it isolates motion really well, meaning if your partner changes positions or gets in and out of bed, you shouldn’t feel that motion transfer over you to your side.

    Overall you and your partner should not sleep hot on the Serta Arctic mattress.



    GhostBed mattresses are so cool, plus they’re super supportive, so they work really well for back sleepers.

    Let’s talk about what makes it such a great cooling mattress.

    Around the outside of it you’re gonna find a thin and breathable polyester cover. This allows a ton of room for airflow, not going to trap heat easily.

    Its main comfort layer is actually made out of a thick piece of aerated latex. It got lots of tiny holes in there, so lots of room for airflow.

    Plus because latex is naturally responsive, you’re not going to sink into it and trap body heat.

    Beneath that is a layer of gel memory foam, which, you know by this point, helps pull heat away from the body.

    Plus because the GhostBed mattress is slightly firmer than most mattresses out there, it’s going to give you lots of great spinal support, so it’s a great pick if you’re a back sleeper.



    Springy plush and cooling, this is what the DreamCloud mattress is all about and here’s why it’s my favorite cooling hybrid mattress-

    This is going to have a lovely cashmere blend cover, which is nice and breathable. At the bottom there is a support layer of coils, which will promote really good airflow.

    This mattress is a bit firmer than others on the market, making it a good pick for back sleepers who need that support.

    But for comfort there’s a pillow top for all you back sleepers, so overall this is going to be a cooling hybrid mattress that you’ll love.



    By this point we know that coils create airflow, which help you stay cool at night. The Saatva mattress has not one, but two sets of coils, so you should not trap heat on this mattress at all.

    Best of all, the Saatva classic is available in three different firmness levels, so no matter your body type or sleeping position, you should find something that will work well for you.

    It’s got a bouncy innerspring feel, it’s super easy to move around on this bed.

    And like all Saatva mattresses, the Classic is never compressed into a cardboard box and white glove delivery is available.



    Are you looking for a cooling mattress that’s also kind to the earth? Check out the Birch by Helix.

    This cooling mattress has tons of organic and high quality materials that will help you sleep cool at night.

    In the comfort layer you’re going to find talalay latex that’s punctured with holes, which will create lots of opportunities for airflow.

    Latex is also pretty durable and this mattress is backed by a 25-year warranty.

    With coils at the bottom, you’re also going to get really good air flow and this mattress is going to be a bit firmer than most. It a good pick for back and some stomach sleepers.

    Overall this organic mattress is so breathable it’s practically alive.



    Fans of firmer mattresses will love the Cocoon Chill.

    This mattress comes from Sealy and it is one of the most trusted and recognizable mattress brands out there.

    But they don’t call it the Cocoon Chill for nothing. Around the outside of the mattress is a layer of phase change material and this is one of the most effective cooling fabrics on the market.

    You press it and it actually feels cool to the touch. Plus because it’s a little bit firmer than average, you don’t sink into it too much and trap body heat.

    So if you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper and you’re a fan of a firm mattress, check out the Cocoon Chill.




    Back pain is the worst but you don’t have to suffer on the Casper Wave hybrid snow mattress.

    I love this mattress because it has Casper’s quick cool cover, which is full of phase change material, meaning it’s cool to the touch.

    You’re also going to find HeatDelete bands, which will pull heat away from your body and it’s got Casper’s proprietary AirRscape foam, which won’t trap heat.

    And being a hybrid means it’s got coils at the bottom, which will promote tons of airflow.

    but let’s talk about what’s going to relieve that back pain.

    In the comfort layer you’re going to find zone support, meaning it’s going to feel firmer in the center and softer towards the head and the feet.

    Being firmer in the center means you’re going to get great lumbar support, which will relieve back pain.

    If you’re a hot sleeper with back pain, definitely look at the Casper Wave hybrid snow mattress.


    Still got questions about a cooling mattress? I’ve got some answers for you.

    First question, does cooling gel really make a mattress sleep cooler?

    Gel foam might trap heat, but its primary function is to pull heat away from your body, so you should sleep a little bit cooler. Some gel foam layers are also going to be ventilated to promote lots of airflow.

    Second question, do latex mattresses actually sleep cool?

    The answer is yes. It is one of the best cooling mattresses out there, because latex is naturally breathable.

    It’s got tiny holes throughout, which promotes airflow. It’s also very responsive, so you don’t sink into it and trap body heat all around you.

    Last question, how do I stay cool at night?

    There are lots of sleep environment factors to consider, like what’s the room temperature, what type of bed you’re using and even what type of sheets you’re using.

    Mattresses with coils tend to run a lot cooler than memory foam mattresses, because air can really flow through those coils a lot easier.

    Also consider what type of sheets you’re using. Are they breathable, are they intended for cooling?

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