8 Best Mattresses to Buy For Side Sleepers


    In this article I’m going to go over my list of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

    A lot of people out there do primarily sleep on their side and side sleepers in general prefer a softer mattress that helps cradle their pressure points. like their hips and their shoulders.

    This is basically me saying that a lot of the beds on this list are going to be on the softer end of the spectrum.


    Let’s start off by doing a brief overview of the general policies you’re going to get with any of these beds.

    When you get one of these beds for yourself, here’s what you’re basically going to be getting.

    They should ship to you totally free inside of a large box. The unboxing process is pretty quick and easy to do, although I do recommend having someone there to help you out.

    You get at least 100 nights with these beds to try them out at home to decide if you actually like them or not.

    If you don’t, within their respective trial periods, you should get free returns and a full refund. But if you wind up keeping the beds, you’re looking at at least a 10-year warranty, often longer.

    Let’s just get into the list, starting with my pick for the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers.


    Layla flippable mattress

    It’s actually going to be two beds. It’s going to be Layla and Layla hybrid.

    These beds are extremely similar in almost every way, except the Layla hybrid uses coils for support, rather than foam.

    Both beds do come with a flippable design, so you’re getting two firmness levels in one bed, a soft side and a firm side.

    The soft side on both is going to be around a medium soft, which means it’s going to be a fantastic option for primary side sleepers looking for maximum pressure relief.

    That firm side isn’t actually too firm for some side sleepers. The firm side on the original Layla is just a bit firmer than Layla hybrid.

    But either way it should be pretty accommodating for all sleepers, including some side sleepers.

    No matter which side of the Layla mattress you wind up sleeping on, you’re gonna be getting more of a light airy memory foam feel.

    You definitely still get that sinking quality that a lot of people looking for a memory foam mattress want.

    But it does respond much more quickly than something more dense like a Tempur-pedic or a Nectar.

    The original Layla is pretty affordable. You’re looking at just about a thousand dollars for queen after discount. The Layla hybrid is gonna be the more expensive option of the two.

    But either way I think both versions of Layla are solid values.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    Speaking of value, my next pick is going to be my value hybrid mattress and that’s going to be the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress.

    This bed does come in multiple firmness options. You have a soft, a medium and a firm.

    If you are a primary side sleeper, I would recommend looking at that medium model first. It is around a flat medium, maybe even a bit softer than that. It’s going to be a really nice option for side sleepers looking for pressure relief.

    But if you want more then that, soft option is also going to be a nice way to go.

    This is a nice hybrid bed. It uses coils for support and a bunch of different foams that add up to give it more of a soft neutral feel, that most people should find quite comfortable.

    After discount you’re looking at $1000 for this bed, which makes it one of the more affordable hybrid beds you’ll be able to find online.



    Next up on the list I’ll be talking about a more luxurious mattress that features a pillow top and that’s going to be the original WinkBed mattress.

    Just like the Brooklyn Bedding Signature, it comes in a few different firmness options you can choose from.

    You have a softer model, a luxury firm and a firmer model.

    That luxury firm is actually closer to a medium, so it’s going to be generally accommodating for all sleepers including side sleepers.

    But if you’re a person looking for a maximum pressure relief. then that softer model might be the way to go. You’re going to be getting a nice fluffy pillow top feel on the WinkBed mattress.

    Super comfortable, I can’t imagine anyone really finding this bed to be uncomfortable. Unless you only like to sleep on memory foam.

    Just by looking at the WinkBed mattress you might think it’s super expensive.

    It’s definitely not the most affordable bed on this list, but after discount you should be paying around $1500, which think is a fantastic value for such a luxurious well-made mattress.

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    Next up on the list I’ll be talking about the Casper Nova hybrid mattress, which I think is a really nice option for side sleepers who might suffer from back pain.

    Now this is a very soft bed. It’s around a medium soft on the scale, so a ton of pressure relief for you side sleepers.

    The compelling feature of the Casper Nova hybrid is going to be its zone support system.

    Zone support is in a lot of different mattresses but it is pretty advanced on the Nova.

    It basically means that the bed is divided into separate sections with slightly varying firmness levels. It’s supposed to give you more support where you need it, like under your trunk and thighs. And then give you more pressure relief where you need it, like under your shoulders.

    This difference in firmness is pretty subtle. You will probably notice it when you first get the bed and your body is adjusting to it.

    It is a pretty nice feature and the upgraded Casper Wave mattress has actually been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association for how well it can alleviate back pain.

    To my knowledge the Nova mattress isn’t endorsed like the Wave mattress is, but it is softer and at a more affordable price point.

    For queen size you’re looking at about $2100, which is pretty expensive.



    The Nolah Original mattress is just going to be a nice budget-friendly foam mattress for side sleepers.

    This is made with three layers of foam. You have dense support foam, a transition layer, and then you have Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam, which is actually pretty interesting.

    It shares some characteristics of memory foam in that you’re going to sink into it and it will conform to your body shape. But it responds when you really pressure from it much more quickly than memory foam.

    You wind up having more of a mixed foam feel on the Nolah Original 10-inch, which most people should find comfortable.

    It’s right between a medium and a medium soft, which is a really sweet spot for side sleepers.

    After discount you’re looking at only about $900 for a queen size Nolah 10 inch.

    They actually do something pretty interesting. When you’re checking out, you can actually opt to waive the trial period and save about $100, which brings that price down even lower.

    Having that trial period is really important and it’s one of the biggest reasons people feel comfortable buying a mattress online. But if you’re super confident you’re going to like it, it’ll actually save you a decent amount of money and I haven’t really seen any other brand do that.



    The next bed I’m going to talk about is my pick for the best bed for side sleepers who sleep hot – the Purple Plus.

    In the past, if you were a side sleeper, who wanted a softer mattress option from Purple, you’d have to spend up to get their Purple Hybrid Premiers.

    But now they have a mattress that slots in right between the original and the purple hybrid. It’s actually a really great option for side sleepers because they added some additional foam.

    It’s right between a medium and a medium soft, like many of the beds on this list.

    It does feature Purple’s unique proprietary material hyper elastic polymer or the purple grid, which is why it’s a great option for hot sleepers.

    It has virtually no surface area, so there’s a ton of room for airflow and the material itself just doesn’t really retain heat. Aside from the cover, you’re basically sleeping right on top of that polymer.

    When it comes to price, this bed certainly isn’t cheap. You’re looking at about $1700 for a queen size.

    But it is the most affordable option from Purple that is noticeably softer than a medium, which a lot of side sleepers are looking for.

    Tuft & Needle


    Speaking of affordable, let’s move over to the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress.

    It winds up on my best list for side sleepers all the time because it is so affordable comfortable and soft.

    This bed doesn’t actually use any memory foam at all. It uses T&N adaptive foam, which is proprietary to Tuft & Needle and this stuff strikes a really nice balance between softness and responsiveness.

    I can’t imagine people laying down on this bed and finding it uncomfortable. Unless you’re specifically seeking out a memory foam feel in your next mattress.

    Like most of the beds on this list, it is softer than a medium. It’s right between a medium and medium soft. It has a really nice luxurious cover as well.

    After discount, you’re looking at paying only about $950 for a queen size Tuft & Needle Mint, which makes it a pretty great value.



    Moving on to the last bed on my list. I wanted to give an option to side sleepers who might be seeking out a firmer mattress.

    That’s going to be the Awara Premier.

    This is the upgraded version of the original Awara mattress and it features a pretty nice luxurious pillow top.

    This bed is made with a lot of natural inorganic materials, including organic wool and latex foam.

    The Awara Premier, with the pillow top, is a bit softer than the original, but it’s still by far the firmest bed on this list.

    It is a bit firmer than a medium. Somewhere between a medium and a medium firm. If you are someone who just wants a firmer mattress, then that is a pretty nice range.

    The latex foam is going to give it more of a bouncy responsive feel, like most latex hybrid beds.

    When it comes to price, this bed is not quite as expensive as a lot of other latex foam hybrids you can find online.

    After discount you’re looking at about $1700, plus a bunch of free extras, like sheets and pillows.

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