Best Mattress to Sleep Cool (Sleep 8 Degrees Cooler)

    best mattress to sleep cool

    Here I’m going to be taking a look at the best mattress to sleep cool – Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze 13-inch mattress.

    Tempur-Pedic is really the flagship brand for memory foam mattresses. They’ve been around since 1992.

    This is a phenomenal mattress. It claims to sleep eight degrees cooler than the competition.

    Yes, it’s an expensive product, but often as is the case, you get what you pay for.

    So let’s take a look under the hood and see why this mattress justifies that price.

    For this review, I’m going to be talking about the soft version of the Tempur-LuxeBreeze. I chose this one because Tempur-Pedic does tend to skew firmer with their mattresses.

    When I tested the soft version, I’d still rate it more of a medium type feel.

    I recommend the Tempur-LuxeBreeze soft for side sleepers. They also offer the firm version, which is more appropriate for stomach and back sleepers.


    best mattress to sleep cool

    Right off the bat what struck me about this mattress was how this model really broke away from Tempur-Pedic reputation of being a mattress that tends to retain heat and give you more of that stuck in the mud feeling, with slow recovery.

    At a comfort scale rating of a six, this mattress is slightly on the softer end of the comfort scale rating. So you’ll still get a good amount of body contouring, good back support, but you’re not going to be sinking in like you would be on a 10 on the comfort scale.

    This mattress is very responsive, it retains its position quickly as you move around on the mattress, so it makes it easier to switch positions at night.

    And with this new 8 degree technology where it can claim to sleep eight degrees cooler than a typical mattress, it’s the real deal.

    I slept cool on this mattress, I didn’t wake up sweaty, nothing like that. Very breathable.

    I’m very impressed with the overall feel.

    In terms of motion transfer, you’re really not gonna feel a thing. So if you have a partner that moves around a lot, you’re just not gonna feel them at night. I repeated that with my bowling ball test.

    All in all a very versatile feel and it really is an evolution in feel from the previous generation of Tempur-Pedics.


    cooling memory foam mattress

    Just looking at this mattress, you can tell that there’s a lot of technical details.

    If you’ve seen any of their commercials you might be mistaken that they’re advertising an iPhone. There’s quite a bit to unpack here.

    It looks cool and it actually feels cool. Looks cool because there’s that blue contrast with the charcoal gray, it has screen printed branding, it’s got that great colors. They really pop and stand out. And that really is a reflection on the quality.

    Talking about the zippers, they go out and down as opposed to just out. They at the front and top of the mattress, they’re easily accessible. Even the pulls look great and they’re very functional, high-quality.


    best mattress for cool sleeping

    The cover has a breathable textured top and that’s where that cooling factor comes in. It starts there and goes throughout the mattress.

    Overall the cover feels very tight and technical.

    The SmartClimate Max Dual Cover System is very similar to the covers in the rest of the Tempur-Pedic collection.

    It is composed of an ultra high density yarn that is woven very tightly together. The high molecular density of that yarn as well as the fact that it is woven so tightly together means that it will actually be so dense it can help pull heat and moisture away from your body to help have a cool to the feel touch as soon as you get into bed.

    This top panel is also completely removable. There is a zipper that runs around the entirety of the mattress, so if it ever gets dirty or you feel like you just want some spring cleaning with your mattress, you can actually zip it off, throw in the laundry and bring it back and put it right on your mattress.


    With other mattresses that have a cooling story, this wouldn’t be possible, because they use more of a chemical treatment to achieve the cooling properties, but since Tempur-Pedic in these mattresses uses a more physically driven process, you can actually launder it, bring it back on, put it right back on your mattress and then it will be just as cool as before you put it in the wash.

    You’re not going to lose any of that cooling story by making sure that you’re sleeping on a clean cover.

    What rounds out the Smart Climate Max Dual Cover System is an inner panel. Its material is super stretchy, but it’s also going to help enhance the conform ability of your mattress to give you just that extra level of comfort.

    Layers of Foam

    Tempur-Pedic cooling mattress

    I get it, this mattress looks phenomenal, but what’s inside really counts.

    Below the cover system is a layer of a new technology that Tempur-Pedic is rolling out and is exclusive to the Breeze line.

    You also get the PureCool+ Phase Change Material. This material is designed to keep you cool, those first 20 minutes when you lie down in the mattress and it’s going to help you fall asleep faster.

    This layer of foam that has a new technology infused into it that will help absorb the heat that makes it through that first layer of the Smart Climate System and will actually just dissipate it to help you fall asleep cool as well as stay cool throughout the night.

    You also get the TEMPUR-CM+ Comfort Layer. This layer has been proven to channel away heat and humidity ten times more than traditional foam would.

    This material is very similar to the original Tempur-Pedic material but it’s actually been reworked a little bit to have an enhanced amount of breathability to work in conjunction with the other layers in this mattress, again to help you sleep cool throughout the night.

    It was originally designed by NASA engineers to absorb all the force for the astronauts as they were going in and coming back from space.

    So pretty high tasks put on those engineers. That’s why the Tempur-Pedic is in a league of its own in the memory foam category

    Last but not least is the hallmark of the LuxeBreeze collection, which is a layer of the ventilated TEMPUR-APR Support Layer. That stands for advanced pressure relief. So you get great pressure relief and support at the same time.

    It’s one of the highest pressure relieving foams that Tempur-Pedic has to offer and they have reworked it in this mattress to be even more breathable to work with the other ventilated layers in this mattress to help you sleep cool and stay cool throughout the night.

    Tempur-Pedic is similar to a memory foam in the sense that it is also a higher density material, so it is going to be more durable than a standard polyurethane foam. That’s going to help contribute to the longevity and the comfort life of your mattress.

    Because of the very nature of a Tempur-Pedic foam, which is so dense and so high quality, you’ll have no trouble getting the full 10 year warranty comfort life out of your mattress and probably, to be honest, even beyond that.

    Overall this mattress is going to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

    Because it is an all-foam mattress- it is completely adjustable base friendly. If you’re still shopping around for an adjustable base to go underneath your Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze, you can get one by the same manufacturer. But if you already have an adjustable base or if you’re looking at a different adjustable base, then this mattress would still be completely compatible.


    A queen size Tempur-LuxeBreeze retails for $4,699. And it comes with free shipping.

    If you do decide to order this, keep in mind it comes with White Glove Delivery. Unlike most online brands that come in a box, this the Tempur-Pedic Luxe is going to come in a box the size of the mattress itself.

    Instead of just a little mini-fridge style box, you’re gonna get a box the size of a queen bed, if you order a queen size.

    It means that the mattress is gonna be ready to sleep on right away. In fact I didn’t notice any off-gassing with this mattress ,which is pretty darn impressive for a foam mattress.

    It comes with a 10 year warranty. And I said, Tempur-Pedic has been around for 29 years, they’re gonna be around for quite a while, at least another ten. So just keep in mind you’re getting a warranty from a very reputable company.

    Available in Twin XL, queen, king and California king size.


    Overall I was incredibly impressed with the feel of this mattress. It has a good reason to be called the best mattress to sleep cool.

    I get it, $4,600 is not cheap, that’s a lot of money to invest in your sleep, but if you’re like me and you’ve tried a few of these, and you’re just not finding the right feel, I think it’s time to really invest and give Tempur-Pedic a try.

    I tried the soft version, but Tempur-Pedic has a firm version of this model as well and they have many other models for you to try as well.

    They’re backed by decades of research and development, so they’re really attuned to dialing in the field that’s just right for you.

    Added to that it’s all the little details that add up, from the cover, the zipper, the cut of the foam, where the foam is made (it’s made in their own factory), all of these things matter to give you the right feel.

    Overall, if you liked the story behind the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze beds, namely that ventilated APR foam, the PureCool+ technology as well as the SmartClimate Max Dual Cover System and you like a softer feel, then really the best choice for you would be the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze soft mattress.

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