Best Latex Hybrid Mattress (Talalay)

    best latex hybrid mattress

    Here I’ll be reviewing the Bloom Hybrid mattress from industry veteran Brooklyn Bedding. This is their latex option.

    Buying a mattress online is usually a tricky business. But many people have discovered that this is the best latex hybrid mattress in the market.

    As one customer said: “Unbelievable that a bed can come out of a box and be this comfortable!”

    I’m gonna go over the feel and firmness of the, mattress go over a few different tests that I run on all the mattresses I review and give some general recommendations at the end of the article.

    best latex hybrid mattress


    Let’s talk about what it’s actually like to lie on the Bloom hybrid mattress.

    In my opinion this mattress has a six out of ten firmness. In general, a six and a half out of ten is considered a medium firmness, that nice mix of support and pressure relief.

    Six is pretty close to the softer side. What that means?

    When I’m actually lying on the mattress on my back, I did sink in a little bit into that quilted cover of the Joma wool, but I did feel like there was a nice support there underneath, they keep my spine aligned in a good position.


    Start to change positions, roll around, that quick response to pressure from the Talalay latex gives me good mobility. I don’t feel stuck in the Bloom hybrid at all.

    On my side I didn’t really feel any pressure forming in my shoulders and my hips. Maybe you might want a softer mattress if you’re a strict side sleeper, but in my opinion this is pretty good for most combo sleepers.

    Rolling on my stomach, I got the same thing. If you’re just rolling onto your stomach for a short time, I think it’s pretty good in that medium firmness range for most people. If you are a strict stomach sleeper you may want something a little bit more to the firmer side.

    Overall I think that the medium firmness is pretty much right on with the medium version of the Bloom hybrid mattress. I’m able to change positions, sleep comfortably in multiple positions on this mattress. There’s good bounce of the mattress thanks to the hybrid nature of the pocketed coils mixed with the Talalay latex.


    Let’s jump into the construction portion of the review. It’s time to discuss the materials used in the construction of the Bloom Hybrid mattress. It is a mixture of foam and coil layers.


    The cover of the mattress is organic cotton, soft to the touch, it’s really breathable and inside the cover it’s actually quilted with an inch and a quarter of Joma wool, so you’re gonna sink into the cover right away. It’s gonna provide some immediate softness and pressure relief.

    Under the cover we have the comfort layer which is three inches of Talalay latex. It’s got a kind of a medium firmness to it and it’s a really quick response to pressure, really bouncy material so you’re gonna be able to change positions without feeling stuck in the mattress.

    I do also want to point out that it is aerated with some holes in there to provide some airflow through it for temperature regulation and cooling.

    Another strength of Talalay latex is that it does a good job of dissipating body heat so it doesn’t trap heat during the night, helps you sleep a little bit cooler.

    Below that we have the support layer of the mattress, which are eight inch pocketed coils. These coils are really bouncy. They provide good support to the mattress as a whole.

    Another positive about a pocketed coil like this is it provides the bounce you might expect out of a traditional inner spring mattress, but because those coils are individually wrapped, it is a little bit better at isolating motion transfer than that traditional inner spring mattress.

    Another positive is that it creates a lot of air space in the mattress for air to flow through it, for temperature regulation and cooling.

    There is an inch of high density poly foam at the base of the mattress, but it doesn’t really affect the feel of the mattress at all. It’s just something for the coils to push off of.

    Edge Support

    I do want to point out that the pocketed coil system is a quantum edge system, so it’s gonna support you into the side of the mattress.

    If you do sleep with a partner or need to use the entire surface area of the mattress, edge support can be really important because then if you have a strong edge support on a mattress, you’re able to sleep near the side. You don’t get that rolling out of bed feeling or anything like that.

    I do want to say that I was pretty impressed with the Bloom Hybrid’s ability to support my weight near the side of the bed.

    Pressure Points

    talalay latex mattress

    Instead of just describing the feel of the Bloom hybrid to you, I did a visual representation of where pressure points may form when lying on the mattress.

    To do that I placed a pressure map on top of it, lie down on it in a few different positions and got the results ranging from blue for low pressure to red for high pressure.

    As I was lying down on my back, my weight was pretty evenly distributed, so it’s low pressure across the board, it’s mostly blue.

    As I change positions onto my side, I did see a little bit of increased pressure into that green range, maybe a little bit of yellow, but it’s really pretty low pressure overall. So pretty good job avoiding pressure points forming for side sleepers.

    As I roll back onto my stomach, it’s mostly blue across the board. There may be a little bit of green depending on the position of the knees.

    Overall if your weight is pretty evenly distributed, I would say that there’s gonna be pretty low pressure on the Bloom hybrid mattress.

    Copper Infused Foam Mattress


    I also run a quick bounce test. As I mentioned before, the hybrid construction of the Bloom mattress, with the pocketed coils mixed with the quick response pressure of the latex comforter layer, does create a really bouncy mattress.

    I dropped a 10-pound steel ball and it is really bouncy, really good mobility. So you won’t feel stuck in the Bloom hybrid.

    Motion Transfer

    While I was there, I also ran a quick motion transfer test. Basically I took that same steel ball, dropped it from heights of 4, 8 and 12 inches to simulate getting into and out of bed or rolling around in the middle of the night.

    On the other side of the bed, where you might be sleeping, I left a seismometer to track the disturbance that’s transferred across the Bloom hybrid.

    In terms of the results of that test, since it is a really bouncy mattress that latex does, it tends to transfer a lot of motion across the bed. So if you are a light sleeper or sleep with a restless sleeper, you will probably feel some motion transferred across the bed.


    best natural latex mattress

    Big part of what it feels like to actually lie on any mattress is how far you’re gonna sink into bed. So I did the sinkage test in which I use four balls of varying sizes, weights and densities, simulating different body parts and check to see how far into the mattress I sink.

    I have the six pound medicine ball that’s full with sand. It simulates a lighter body part and it sinks in about an inch and a half, which is a bit more sinkage than I’m used to seeing with this ball, because they’re sinking into that soft Joma wool quilted cover.

    I have the 10-pound steel ball, it’s the densest ball I used during this test and it sinks in about two inches. That’s about average for a lot of mattresses that I test, especially for the box mattresses out there in the market.

    I have a 50 pound medicine ball, it’s filled with sand, simulating a heavier portion your body, like your shoulders and your hips. It sinks into the mattress about four inches, which is about the average that I see when testing a lot of bed in a box mattresses.

    Finally, I have a 100 pound medicine ball. If you’re a bit bigger, it simulates that center mass of your body. It sinks into the mattress about five and a half inches, which is actually a little bit less sinkage than I’m used to seeing when testing other bed in a box mattresses bed.

    As you’re sinking further into the mattress, you are actually getting a little bit more support and firmness there.

    Overall, what that means for you when you’re sleeping on a mattress with the pocketed coil support system as well as that quick response to pressure from the latex comfort layer?

    Even though you are sinking in about average across the board, you’re still gonna be able to move around really well, you’re not gonna feel stuck in the mattress.


    Now I want to quickly discuss some of the Bloom Hybrid’s competitors or other similar mattresses in the market.

    First up, we’ll talk about the Avocado, which has a similar hybrid latex design to it. It uses a dunlop latex in the comfort layer as opposed to Talalay latex in the Bloom Hybrid, which does provide a little bit of a different feel to it and it’s.

    It is also a little bit of a thinner comfort layer on the Avocado mattress. I would say that the Avocado mattress is a bit firmer than the Bloom.

    Next up I want to talk about the Zenhaven mattress, which similarly to the Bloom hybrid uses Talalay latex in the comfort layer. The difference here is that the Zenhaven is an all latex construction as opposed to the Bloom hybrid, which has pocketed coils for support.

    I do want to point out that the Zenhaven is a flippable mattress, so on one side you have a medium firmness to it, and on the other it’s a firmer option. So if you’re not sure exactly what firmness level is right for you, you get two choices there at the Zenhaven.

    Something to note is that the Zenhaven is a bit more expensive than the Bloom hybrid.

    Those are just a few examples of similar mattresses.

    Pros & Cons

    Some of the things that I really like about the Bloom Hybrid mattress.

    It is great for combo sleepers.

    That quick response to pressure from the Talalay latex comfort layer as well as the bounce from the pocketed coil system, make a really bouncy mattress with a lot of mobility, so you’re able to change positions really easily.

    The medium firmness means you’re gonna be pretty comfortable in a lot of different sleeping positions-

    Another thing that I really like is that it sleeps really cool. So if you do tend to overheat during the middle of night, I found that the organic cotton cover was pretty breathable and Talalay latex does a really good job of dissipating body heat to help keep you from overheating throughout the middle of the night.

    Finally, I think it’s a great natural organic mattress option. If you are looking for a mattress that uses natural materials, it’s got the organic cotton cover, the Joma wool and the Talalay latex. If you’re someone that’s interested in that, it’s a good choice for you.

    A few quick complaints that I have about the mattress is that it does have really high motion transfer.

    So if you are someone who is a light sleeper or you sleep with someone who’s a bit of a restless sleeper, you will probably feel that motion on the other side of the bed.

    Another small complaint is that it does have a quick transition from a comfort layer of Talalay latex into the support layer. If you are a side sleeper, you’re pushing through that comfort layer, it might be a little bit of a shock to get into the support layer of the mattress.


    If you are interested in purchasing the Bloom Hybrid mattress, I do want to give you a little bit of additional information that could come in handy.

    In terms of a trial period, there is a 120 night trial period, which is a little bit higher than the standard 100 night trial period we see with a lot of bed in a box mattresses.

    There’s also a 10 year warranty, which is pretty standard for the bed in a box market.

    Shipping is free and it will arrive compressed in a box.


    It’s available in seven sizes:

    twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split Cal king

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