10 Best Firm Mattresses Online


    Here I’ve got a list of the 10 best firm mattresses online.



    First up I’ve got Saatva. This mattress comes in three different firmness levels, but I’m focusing specifically on their firmest model here.

    This mattress consists of springy coils on the bottom and a thin pillow top.

    You’re gonna get lots of lumbar support. It’s a really great pick if you’re a heavier person or a stomach sleeper.

    Like all Saatva mattresses this one is super durable.

    It’s never compressed into a cardboard box and it comes with white glove delivery.



    While they have a quiz to match you to your perfect bed, my favorite hybrid firm mattress is the Helix Dawn.

    This mattress comes in at a seven and a half out of ten on the firmness scale, making it a great pick for stomach sleepers. It’ll definitely keep your hips aligned while you sleep.

    This is gonna feel rather bouncy and responsive for two things. It’s got coils in a support system and it’s got talalay latex in its comfort layer, meaning it’s gonna be a little bit more responsive than traditional memory foam.

    This mattress also handles motion isolation a little bit better than other hybrid mattresses on the market, which means if you share your bed with a partner, you shouldn’t feel them change positions or get in and out of bed.

    You can also opt for the Helix dawn Luxe. This will add things like a quilted top for comfort, a zoned coil support system for extra lumbar support and a breathable tensile cover for cooling.



    Gel foam comfort and nice pressure relief that’s scary good. That’s exactly what you’ll find with GhostBed.

    GhostBed comes in at 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is pretty firm but it’s not the firmest I have on my list.

    Because it’s got a thick layer of latex foam, which feels very responsive and then a layer of gel memory foam, you’re still going to get some nice pressure relief and body contouring. That’s exactly what you need if you’re resting on your side.

    I recommend this mattress especially for heavier side sleepers, because you’ll get that support and that pressure relief.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    Next is the Plank, Brooklyn Bedding’s firmest mattress.

    This is a flippable firm mattress with two sides, a firm side and an ultra firm side, but let’s focus on the ultra firm.

    This comes in at a 9 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it one of the firmest mattresses I’ve seen.

    This is because it’s got high density foam in the middle and a very thin layer of memory foam at the top.

    Stomach sleepers will absolutely love this mattress because your hips are not going to sink into this firm foam. Back sleepers also might find a good amount of support too.

    This mattress is gonna feel like a plank, it’s going to be very firm. But if you want a little bit more responsiveness, you can opt for the hybrid model of this mattress.

    If you’re a firm mattress lover on a budget, Brooklyn Bedding has tons of affordable mattresses on their website and the Plank is no exception.



    Looking for something that’s supportive but you don’t want anything that’s as stiff as a board?

    You’re definitely going to want to think about Winkbed.

    This is my pick for the best medium firm mattress. It comes in three firmness levels, but I’m going to focus specifically on the luxury firm model.

    This one comes in at a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is only a half point higher than the industry standard for medium firm beds.

    What’s really cool about this mattress is that it has a zoned support system. This means it feels firmer in the center and softer near the head and the foot.

    It really helps you maintain a good neutral alignment throughout the night. Keeps those hips elevated so that you can avoid lower back pain.

    This mattress has a nice bouncy and responsive feel. So if you want something that you feel like you’re sleeping on top of rather than sinking into it, it’s also a great pick.



    Ate you on a mission to be a more eco-conscious shopper?

    I’ve got an eco-friendly mattress for you.

    The Birch by Helix is one of my favorite organic firm mattresses.

    It’s going to be a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it a good pick for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers.

    Let’s talk about those organic material.

    In its comfort layer you’re going to find talalay latex and you’re going to find an organic cotton cover on the outside with individually wrapped steel coils at the bottom.

    All of these organic materials are responsibly sourced, so if you’re looking to be a little bit more kinder to the earth, check this mattress out.

    This mattress also is going to feel a bit bouncy and responsive because of the coils and talalay latex is more responsive than traditional memory foam.

    Finally this mattress has ton of breathable components. It’s got a breathable organic cotton cover. The talalay latex is ventilated for lots of airflow and with coils at the bottom. You’re gonna have tons of room for airflow too.

    Overall this is a great eco-friendly mattress.


    Layla hybrid mattress

    Two firmness levels in one? It’s the best of both worlds with the Layla.

    This mattress has a soft side, which feels like a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale and the firm side feels like an 8 out of 10.

    But I’m going to focus specifically on the firm side because it is my pick for the best firm memory foam mattress.

    This bed has a classic slow moving feel, so if you want to gently sink into your bed and feel body contouring all around you, this is the way to go.

    It works really well for stomach sleepers or heavier people. If you are not in that category, you can just flip it over and it’ll work for you as well.

    Let’s also talk about its cooling features.

    Layla has therma gel in the cover, which helps pull heat away from the body and it also has a layer of copper infused memory foam. Copper also helps dissipate heat and it’s antimicrobial.



    Are you looking for a firm mattress for the best of the best? The Awara mattress is luxury.

    this mattress comes in at an eight out of ten on the firmness scale, making it a great pick for stomach sleepers.

    You’ll find four inches of dunlop latex in its comfort layer, but what really makes this a luxurious mattress is that in its cover you’re gonna find a cotton cover tufted with wool.

    All of the materials that go into this mattress are just really lux.Iit’s going to feel rather bouncy because of the coils and the dunlop latex, and it’s going to be a great option for heavier sleepers too.

    Cocoon Chill


    Sleeping hot at night is a common problem, but that’s why I love the Cocoon Chill mattress.

    It’s my pick for the best cooling firm mattress and it comes from Sealy one of the most recognizable and trusted mattress brands on the market.

    This mattress is a whole point higher than the industry standard firmness level. It comes in at seven and a half out of ten.

    It still provides plenty of support for lightweight to average weight stomach sleepers and most back sleepers.

    But what makes it so cooling is that it has a phase change material around the outside of it. Phase change material is one of the best cooling fabrics that actually feels cool to the touch and helps lower your body temperature so that you feel comfortable all night long.



    You’re suffering from back pain but still just love a firm mattress? The DreamCloud mattress is what you’ll want to look at.

    This mattress is a 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, so back sleepers I’m talking to you.

    The DreamCloud mattress is going to promote a great balance of comfort and support.

    In the comfort layer you’re going to find a pillow top full of memory foam, which will provide great body contouring and comfort.

    At the bottom you’re going to find sturdy pocketed coils, which will provide great lumbar support.

    So if you’ve got back pain, the DreamCloud is the mattress of your dream.

    Best Rated Mattresses


    Still got questions about firm mattresses online? Here are some answers for you.

    Are firm mattresses good for your back?

    For some people yes, they are. Stomach sleepers need especially firm mattresses to keep their hips elevated, while they sleep to prevent back pain from developing.

    Heavier folks also need extra support that a firm mattress can provide.

    However average weight side and back sleepers might develop some back pain on a firm mattress. So stick with something medium firm or softer.

    What is considered a firm mattress?

    There is a firmness scale that goes from one to ten, with the industry standards for most
    mattresses coming in at six and a half out of ten or medium firm.

    So if you like your mattress to be a bit more supportive than that, look for something in the seven and a half to eight and a half range. That’s going to be exactly what you need.

    Do firm mattresses get softer over time?

    The answer is yes. This is just typical of any mattress, especially all foam mattresses. They will definitely get softer over time. If that’s a concern for you, opt for a hybrid mattress.

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