Best Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton Sheets Review


    Here I’m talking about Brooklyn Bedding’s bamboo cotton sheets, the best deep pocket sheets.

    Brooklyn Bedding makes a ton of different products, from affordable bed in a box mattresses to pillows, mattress toppers and, of course, sheets.

    In this article I’m going to be talking about the feel and material of these sheets, as well as my experience of sleeping on them and who I think they could be a good fit for. I’ll also talk about pros and cons as well as go over some of Brooklyn Bedding’s policies.

    Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea if these sheets could be the right fit for you.



    First up let’s talk about materials.

    Material is going to be one of the biggest factors that’s going to affect the feel and performance of your sheets.

    Luckily Brooklyn Bedding has made our lives easy and put the materials right in the name of these sheets – bamboo cotton.

    Basically it’s a blend of cotton and rayon fibers derived from bamboo, which is an eco-friendly material.

    Cotton is a really classic material for sheets. It’s breathable, it’s moisture wicking, it’s durable and it’s also soft. It’s a quadruple thread.

    And then you add in the bamboo rayon fibers, which help with temperature regulation and also give the sheets a really nice sheen, making this overall a really great material for sheets.

    It’s also hypoallergenic, which is great for those of us who have allergies or who just really like to keep a clean sleeping environment.

    This sheet set will come with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillow cases.

    It’s available in seven sizes, which are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king and split king. So you have a lot of options as to what size you want to get and prices will vary by size.

    These sheets come in three different neutral color options, which are white khaki and silver. While there aren’t a lot of color variety options, they are all neutral colors, so they should work well with just about any bedroom or color scheme that you have.

    See silver infused bed sheets with antibacterial features.



    Now that we know what these sheets are made of, let’s talk about how they feel.

    Honestly, when I first took these sheets out of the box and put them on my bed, the first impression I got from them was that they had a really crisp feel.

    Brooklyn Bedding describes these as luxuriously soft, but I would honestly say they feel more smooth to me than soft. But they still have a really nice feel to the touch.

    They also feel really light which makes me think these would be really great for the summertime.

    My wife is a cold sleeper not a hot sleeper so I don’t know that these would be the best pick for her year round, but if you’re a hot sleeper, that lightness could work really well for you.

    If crisp and light and airy is your ideal sleep environment, I would say these sheets are going to be a great fit for you based on the feel.

    If you’re looking for something a little bit more plush and cozy, I would honestly go in a different direction.


    Brooklyn-Bedding-Bamboo Cotton-Sheets

    In this section I want to talk about the performance of these deep pocket sheets, based on my experience of actually taking them home and sleeping on them.

    One of the features that I really liked about these sheets when I was testing them out is that the fitted sheet has really deep pockets. It’s also got really durable elastic on the bottom.

    This is a handy feature for a couple of different reasons.

    The first being that because these pockets are so deep, they’ll actually fit all the way around the corner of your mattress and you may even have a little bit of excess fabric.

    I really like this because sometimes my sheets pop off in the middle of the night and I find that really annoying.

    With a deep pockets like this and a really durable elastic band, they’re really going to stay on the mattress and not come up while you’re sleeping.

    The second best thing is that these sheets are designed to fit really tall mattresses. They can fit up to a 17 inch mattress, which if you know anything about mattresses is a really thick mattress.

    If you’ve got a taller mattress or if you’ve got a mattress topper that adds a little bit of extra height to your bed, these sheets are going to be a really good option for you.

    Another feature that Brooklyn Bedding really hyped up about these sheets is how cooling they are. And I have to say I agree with them here.

    I think these sheets are really light and breathable and they’re going to be great for hot sleepers who run hot at night and get sweaty. These sheets will help prevent that. I could totally see myself pulling these out in the summer months when it gets hot.

    So if you sleep hot or if you live in a hot area, I would definitely recommend these.



    It’s pros and cons time. Let’s go over what I liked and what I didn’t like so much about these sheets.

    So first up is the pros.

    Number one, I think the crisp airiness of these sheets is gonna be a really big pro for me.

    I love how cool and light they feel and I think they’re gonna be a really good option for hot sleepers.

    Second I think the hypoallergenic material that is used to make these sheets is another big pro. This is great for people who have allergies, but it’s also just great for anyone who wants to make sure that their sleeping environment is going to be really clean.

    Finally for the last pro, my favorite feature of these sheets was the really deep pockets on the fitted sheets.

    I really hate it when my sheets pop off at night so this was a big plus for me.

    This is going to be great for people with tall mattresses, for people who are tossing and turning at night which can be one of the biggest causes of your sheets popping off. These fitted sheets will definitely stay on your bed, which is really great.

    The deep pockets are also going to be really great for making your bed. We’ve all had that moment when you’re making your bed and you’re putting on the fitted sheet, you’ve got three corners on and you get to the last corner and, of course, something else pops off.

    So you’re running around in what feels like a very twisted game of whack-a-mole. These sheets will help prevent that.

    They will keep the corners of the sheet on the bed and they will stay there.



    Now let’s discuss the cons of these deep pocket bamboo cotton sheets.

    First, what’s a pro to some it is a con to others. If you’re looking for something really soft, cozy and it’s gonna keep you warm at night, I don’t think these sheets are really gonna be a good option for that.

    Second a major con for me was actually the pillowcases. They’ve got these open ends and I just really don’t like pillowcases that have an open end like this. It causes my pillow to slip out at night, which is kind of irritating for me. I think it just doesn’t look as neat as a pillowcase that has closures.

    And then finally, my last con would honestly be the color options of the sheets. I like that they’re neutral and that they can go with just about anything, but personally I really love colorful things, so the lack of options was a little bit disappointing for me there.


    Before I wrap up, let’s quickly go over some of Brooklyn Bedding’s policies about these deep pocket sheets.

    They do offer free shipping on their products, but that’s only within the lower 48 states, so customers in Hawaii, Alaska or in Canada will all have to pay an additional shipping fee to order these.

    Second they also offer a one-year warranty on the sheets, so that’ll cover you from any manufacturing defects that you might notice in the first year that you have them. It’s honestly not a very long warranty in the grand scheme of the bedding industry, but it is nice to have that warranty.

    And then third they also give you 30 nights to test these sheets out at home. During those 30 nights, if you decide that you don’t really like them, you can return them to Brooklyn Bedding for a full refund.

    Finally, Brooklyn Bedding offers really good discounts for people in the military, for first responders, for college students, for educators and for medical providers. So if you fall into one of those groups, be sure to take advantage of those discounts.

    That’s it for my review of the best deep pocket bamboo cotton sheets.

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