Best Customizable Mattress in a Box (Custom Comfort Mattress)

    Customizable Mattress in a Box

    Here I’m going to be looking at the Rubix mattress from Brooklyn Bedding.

    I’ll be giving you a quick overview as well as who I think will love this mattress.

    Brooklyn Bedding, a well-known company in that bed in a box industry, has been branching out into more specific designs that target a whole host of individual demands and trends within the mattress industry.

    The Rubix is a customizable hybrid mattress in a box and that means you can change up the feel at home anytime you want just by swapping out layers and changing their order.

    You can try soft, medium or firm and changing these around is super easy.

    I’ll explain this later in the article.

    Let’s get started.


    Customizable Mattress in a Box

    First I’m gonna talk about the construction of the Rubix.

    The cotton cover is quilted to a 1 inch layer of poly foam. This makes it feel plush and soft to the touch and kind of springy if you press into it.

    The bed overall has what we call a Euro top or a pillow top that’s beneath the cover.

    The first two layers of the bed are going to depend on your preference.

    So get this!

    The bed is delivered with three different comfort layers made from Energex. By combining any two of those underneath the zip off cover, you can change the feel.

    The layers are color-coded and there are instructions on how to put them together.

    The bed is about 12 and a half inches tall and has five layers.

    Here is the medium configuration.

    Underneath the cover, there’s the first two inch layer of Energex. Energex was designed to be really breathable, kind of like latex, except for even more durable.

    It also conforms to your body to relieve pressure, but it’s responsive so you shouldn’t feel stuck.

    Next there’s another layer of Energex, with a slightly different firmness.

    The bed transitions with a one-inch layer of poly foam that rests between the comfort system and the bed’s foundational support.

    Next down is a layer of six inch Ascension coils that support your body in a neutral position, while still conforming to your curves because the pocketed coils compress individually.

    This also helps cut down on motion transfer.

    All foams manufactured at Brooklyn Bedding are CertiPure-US certified, which means that they were tested and found in rigorous consumer and environmental safety standards.


    Now that we’ve talked about what’s in the bed, let’s talk about how it feels.

    I anticipate that most folks will prefer the medium configuration. It works great for couples who have different body types and sleeping positions as well as people who swap their sleeping positions pretty often.

    This is because it tends to be more versatile.

    The scale goes from a feather soft one to a hard as a rock 10. Medium is about a six.

    Remember there are other configurations of this mattress though if this medium setting doesn’t meet your individual sleep needs.

    Also keep in mind that firmness is a subjective thing and it will change depending on your body shape and size. I’ll talk more about how your weight and shape can influence your impression of the mattress as we move along.


    custom comfort mattress

    But first let’s go ahead and look at responsiveness.

    The quilt on the top may take a second or two, but the Energex is pretty buoyant, so I don’t expect any slow response like we might see in a memory foam bed. When I press it with my fingers, it comes right back, it feels soft but it doesn’t hold you in.

    If I press in deep with my fists, I begin to feel the firmer Energex and those coils pushing back. That push back that’s bounce, and I expect this bed to have a bit on the deeper level, but a lot of it will be tempered by how much foam there is.

    In the medium configuration, I expect most individuals to feel their body sink in to a gentle hug, a little bit more in the mattress than on top of it.

    Most people will find it easy to roll over, but since you are a little deeper in the bed, those with mobility issues, may have a little bit more difficulty.

    Sleeping Positions

    When lying on my back, this feels just fine for my body and shape in this position.

    My back is nicely enveloped, so I don’t feel any pressure and my lumbar feels supported.

    All back sleepers are different though. If you already know you like a firmer bed, you may want to start out on that setting.

    Lying on my side, I feel pretty well aligned. Most side sleepers will feel comfortable and without any unwanted pressure up in their shoulders or their hips.

    My shoulders are a bit broader so if you’re like me, you might want to hit up the soft configuration to get extra sinkage, so your spine stays straight.

    As a general rule, the curvier you are along your side, the more you might prefer a soft mattress when you’re lying in this position.

    As I lie on my stomach, I don’t feel like my hips are sinking and arching my back. That’s good.

    Stomach sleepers definitely want a mattress that can hold their hips level with the rest of their shape. I don’t carry a lot of weight in my stomach though, so if you do, you may like the enhanced support of the firm setting.

    Overall this mattress is really versatile, even if you just stay in the medium setting and the option to be able to go to the soft or the firm really adds to the possibilities.

    I’ve given you a rough idea of possibilities, but feel free to experiment to see what you like.

    The entire bed is built to accommodate 900 pounds or 450 pounds on each side, which should accommodate most shapes and frames.



    Now I’ll discuss some items that are more preference based, starting with cooling.

    Because this is a bed with coils, hot air has a chance to travel through the mattress and cool air can circulate in, keeping the bed cool.

    Energex foams are also pretty breathable so heat shouldn’t get trapped up against your body. I feel cozy in this bed, but I never really feel hot.

    Motion Transfer

    There’s a lot of bouncing on this bed, but bounce doesn’t always equate with motion transfer, especially with five inches of foam right on top.

    In this case, it’s pretty good.

    If you’re a light sleeper, your partner can get in and out of bed, and you will probably be fine.

    Best Flippable Hybrid Mattress

    Edge Support

    This is about what I expect from the industry in terms of a bed in a box hybrid.

    Support is slightly different right at the edge, but I don’t feel insecure or like I couldn’t sleep comfortably on the side. Really strong edges help increase the amount of space you have just spread out, which may be a concern of yours if you and your partner share a smaller bed.



    All Brooklyn Bedding models are made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty and free shipping.

    If you want to check the bed out, the company offers a 120 night sleep trial, so you can really get to know the bed before you commit to your purchase.

    If it’s not your best night sleep, you can send it back and get a refund.


    I’m sure you’re wondering how much this bed costs.

    You might expect this mattress to cost between $899 and $1499, depending on the size you choose. There are six sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king.

    Brooklyn Bedding is well-known for offering huge discounts. For example, at the time of writing this review, you can save around $300 on queen-size bed.


    Before I wrap up this review, I want to go over some points that may help you decide whether or not Rubix is a good fit for you.

    Who do I think will love Rubix?

    People who like to customize their sleep. Needs change, preferences change. Why shouldn’t your bed?

    You have a lot of room to experiment with Rubix to find what works for you today and it’s simple enough to change tomorrow if you want to try something different.

    I also think it’s great for people who want a hybrid. Coils are cool, foams are awesome. With a hybrid, you get the advantages of both materials that really do complement each other well.

    And lastly, people who sleep hot. Air flow through coils, paired with breathable foams, is a great recipe for a temperature neutral sleep that won’t trap you in one position or let you overheat.

    That’s it for my review of the best customizable mattress in a box.


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