Best Copper Infused Pillow (Memory Foam & Kapok Fibers)

    best copper infused pillow

    Here I will be reviewing the Layla Kapok pillow. It’s the best copper infused pillow on the market.

    If you’re not familiar with Layla, they are a mattress brand. They’re pretty well known.

    They also make an awesome pillow.

    Recently, they’ve made some updates to it, so I’m going to do a full deep dive into the new pillow and tell you all the cool stuff they’ve got going on, including some awesome copper infused fibers.

    My friend, who is a foot taller than me and sleeps a little bit differently than me, will give you his take on the pillow as well. I want you to get the whole experience.

    Let’s get started.


    best copper infused pillow

    In the new update, the Layla pillow is now adjustable, which means you can unzip the cover and add or remove as much of the filling as you want, which makes it a good fit for all sleep positions.

    My question to you is what position do you wake up in the morning? That’s your primary sleep position. For me, I tend to wake up on my side, although it can change over time.

    The Layla pillow comes in two different sizes, queen and king.

    It’s got this fun hexagon pattern. The older version has a cube shape, so keep in mind that the new one’s got these hexagons. The same really soft cover.

    It’s mostly polyester, about 66 percent polyester, a little bit of viscose, a little bit something called poly/lycra, which gives it a tiny bit of a stretch.

    It also has copper infused yarn in it. That’s really unique, something not many pillows have.

    It’s included in a lot of different performance fabrics and athletic wear because it helps absorb odor and has an entirely microbial-antibacterial component that’s supposed to help improve hygiene as well.

    If you think about rubbing your face on your pillow, sweat, drool, all that stuff over time, this is supposed to help combat that.

    Again, really soft, you can’t feel the copper in there, but it is in the cover.

    It’s adjustable, as I mentioned, which means you can unzip and pull out the filling.

    The filling is a mix of memory foam chunks and kapok fibers.

    What are kapok fibers?

    If you’re not familiar, it’s the seed pod fluff from a rainforest tree. It gives that same sort of soft fluffy down feeling as down alternative or down.

    Here is what that looks like:

    Layla kapok filling

    A little bit of fiber from the kapok fluff and memory foam chunks.

    It gives the pillow a very supportive feel, but also very soft.

    That is what sets this pillow apart.

    It’s got that nice feel for all different sleep positions because you’re getting that support, but you’re also getting a lot of softness.

    Now, you can add or remove it, so you can create your own thickness, loft, firmness – all that good stuff.

    The whole pillow is hypoallergenic.

    You can remove all the filling, remove and wash just the cover, or you can spot clean it.

    It comes with a 120-night trial.


    layla kapok pillow

    It’s time to talk about what I and other people love about the Layla pillow.

    Pretty much everyone who has had a chance to sleep on it love it.

    They all rave about it and for a couple of good reasons.

    First of all, the outer cover is not only aesthetically very pleasing, but it’s super soft.

    That fabric combination, including that cool, copper infused yarn, is so interesting and helps it stay breathable.

    While I can’t speak directly to the antibacterial component, I have had no issues with it. I think it’s been very great.

    The inside is really where the magic happens.

    It’s that mix of memory foam and kapok fibers.

    It’s got a natural component going on with the kapok, but it’s not lumpy, it’s soft. Your head will sink in, but not like the quicksand, straight memory foam feel.

    With the addition of the zipper on the side, anyone in any sleep position, can use it just by adding or removing as much as you want.

    If you’re a stomach sleeper you want it a little bit flatter – take out a whole bunch of it.

    It’s so nice that it’s adjustable.

    I will also say that 120-night trial is a great amount of time to be able to give it a try.

    You’re in control of the loft and the firmness. Play around with it and see if it’s going to be a good fit for you.


    Just a few things to take into consideration with the Layla pillow.

    First of all, there’s a little bit of something called off-gassing when you open it up out of the box.

    It’s compressed and there are foam chunks in there, so when they expand, they releases a little bit of a smell. It may not be super pleasant at first, but it will dissipate.

    Go ahead and let your pillow expand outside or in a well-ventilated space.

    It will dissipate over time, but keep in mind that’s something you may experience when you first open the box.

    Secondly, the filling is a little bit messy. These kapok fibers have sort of a dusty component to them.

    When you pull it out and open it up, be prepared to have either a vacuum handy or do it outside.

    Have a Ziploc bag that you can put that filling in and be prepared for a little bit of a mess.

    The last thing I want to mention is that at full price for a queen, this pillow is $99
    Honestly, not in everyone’s budget and maybe a little bit of an investment.

    Of course, there’s 120 nights for you to try it out risk-free.

    Sleep Positions

    cooling pillow for side sleepers

    Let’s touch on the sleep positions and the Layla pillow for a little bit.

    It is an adjustable pillow.

    That means that there’s a zipper that lets you access the filling. I’ve talked about adding or removing as much as you want.

    The point here is that you’re in control of the firmness, the loft, the height, and that overall feel.

    Side sleepers, I think you’re going to want to leave as much of this filling in. It comes overstuffed, a good amount of support.

    If you’ve got broader shoulders, you’re probably going to want to leave it as is.

    Back sleepers, you’re going on a little bit less support, maybe a little bit less height. Remove some of the filling.

    Stomach sleepers, you’re going to want it probably as flat as possible, so I’d recommend taking out a good amount. I had to take out a whole bag full. I could probably have done a little bit more for my stomach as well.

    Other Perspective

    As mentioned before, my friend offered a different perspective.

    He is a larger person than me and also more of a side sleeper.

    Here is what he had to say:

    “This new version is adjustable so you can actually take out some of the fill to make it the right height for you. In its original size, it’s a good fit for me on my back and on my sides. On my back, my head sinks in, not too far. On my side, very soft on my face as well. On my stomach, I’d probably take out more of the fill to make it a little bit thinner. In terms of feel, it’s responsive, but has a little bit of that slow memory foam feel as well. Overall, I’m a big fan of this pillow.”


    The Layla pillow can be a great option for those of you who are looking for a best of both worlds pillow. Meaning that you’ve got a soft fluffy feel, but you’re not losing support. You’re not having a pillow that falls flat overnight.

    This filling is very nice. It’s a little bit messy when you’re trying to adjust it, but it’s going to give you a lot of different flexibility.

    With the inclusion of the zipper, you could add or remove as much of it as you want.

    The cover is infused with copper threads. It’s a conductive metal and it just keeps the pillow from getting too warm. The whole idea is sleeping cooler; it pulls heat from your body away. Copper also has some helpful healing properties.

    I also, of course, love the aesthetic outside look. The pattern is really nice, and it’s super, super soft.

    Of course, it is a little bit of an investment, but there is a risk-free trial, so it might be worth checking out.

    Especially if you’re someone who likes to be very particular about your thickness, your firmness, you have a lot of control with this pillow now.

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