Best Cooling Mattress For Side Sleepers (Hybrid)

    best cooling mattress for side sleepers

    Here I’m reviewing the Nolah Evolution 15 inches mattress. Many reviews show that this is the best cooling mattress for side sleepers.

    It is a hybrid mattress. It has a combination of foam and coils.

    The other two mattresses by Nolah, the Signature 12” and the Original 10” are all-foam mattresses and they use a proprietary foam called the AirFoam that we’ll find again in the Evolution, but improved.

    The Nolah Evolution is a 15 inch thick mattress, which is one of the thickest mattresses that I’ve reviewed. I definitely recommend two adults to install this mattress because it’s on the heavier side.

    Once I unwrap it, it grew to its full size instantly. This is something that I’m used to see with the Nolah mattresses. All three that I’ve tested have instantly grown to their 10, 12 and 15 inches once I removed the plastic wrap.

    best cooling mattress for side sleepers


    Before I tell you more about what goes into the mattress, what I’ll do is point out to a few details that bring a lot of luxury to this product.

    Not only its color and design and the fact that there’s a pillow top on top of the Evolution.

    I’ll point out to a few more things that I think look fantastic. It would definitely have you think that you purchased a mattress a lot more expensive than what it is on sale for.

    The first thing that I noticed when I unpacked the mattress is the Nolah brand that is stitched on the side of it. As with all Nolah mattresses, we’ve used to seeing the stitched orange Nolah at the foot of the mattress.

    This one comes with the extra name of the mattress. You have the Evolution Hybrid name that is stitched, which I think looks great. The stitch gives it a bit more of a luxury feel than a sticker or a tag.

    Additionally each side of the mattress has two handles that came very handy when we install the mattress because it is heavy.

    Each side has two handles that are stitched with the N for Nolah. The were very useful in installing the mattress and carrying it around to adjust it to the base.

    Lastly there are two inches of the AirBreath Heat Escape Gusset, which goes around the top edge of the mattress to quickly dissipate the excess heat that will be produced by your body.


    We’ll look at the foam that goes inside the first two inches and you’ll better understand how the heat will escape your body into that first layer of foam and then out of the mattress through this gusset that is engineered to keep the heat away.

    I’ve slept on the Nolah Evolution for a week and here is how I feel about it.


    best cooling hybrid mattress

    It is a hybrid, so you have a combination of coils and foam. It is rated a five or six for a perfectly medium mattress. It’s going to be a great option for side sleepers and works relatively well for back sleepers as well as the combo sleepers that might fall asleep on their side and wake up on their back.


    Let’s now dive a little bit deeper on what makes the mattress and how the different layers work together to bring you a cool and comfortable night of sleep.

    Top Layer

    mattress pillow top cover

    The top layer of the Nolah Evolution are two inches of cooling ArcticTex quilted euro top. That’s a top with high thermal conductivity that is going to grab the heat emitted by your body and conduct it down inside its top layer.

    It will keep you cool at night by getting rid of the heat, instead of trapping the heat underneath you and then heating you up.

    Additionally, as I already told you, this mattress has two inches of AirBreath Heat Escape Gusset and this is one of the ways that the foam will escape the heat without trapping it underneath you.

    The fibers used in the top are called ArcticTex fibers. They’re innovative and they are produced without the use of harsh chemicals, so you can be assured that any heat that is produced by your body will get dissipated down below and towards the outside of the mattress.

    So the first two inches are there to provide a soft and contouring experience that will keep you cool at night.

    There are no harsh chemicals. This is really a proprietary fiber that is used by Nolah to keep you cool at night in a safe way and conduct the heat out of your body into the mattress and outside of it.

    Second Layer

    The second layer in the mattress is another two inch layer and this is where we’re finding Nolah’s AirFoam, which is a layer that we’ve come to appreciate in their first two mattresses.

    In the Evolution, they have infused it with graphite, its name is AirFoamICE and the graphite is giving you another way for the heat to escape. It’s taking the heat from the first layer and is helping that heat dissipate further down in the mattress.

    The graphite is one way that Nolah is using to keep your sleep cool at night and make sure that you don’t overheat in their foam.

    The basic foam used in that layer is still the AirFoam, they’ve just infused it with graphite. You get the same properties as in other two mattresses where you get high responsiveness, you get a foam that is contouring.

    It’s able to pop back up when you’re not sleeping on it. It doesn’t cradle, you’re not going to see sag as in regular memory foam because, remember, this is not memory foam. This is AirFoam. It is a patented foam that they use in all three mattresses.

    Only in the Evolution mattress it is infused with graphite, which is giving a faster way for the heat to dissipate. It has better cooling properties than their original AirFoam.

    Pressure Relief

    Additionally, what the AirFoamICE does, as in every other Nolah mattress, it provides extremely good pressure relief.

    The AirFoam is going to relieve pressure from those high pressure point areas that you have in the shoulders and the hip region. When you sleep, especially on your side, you want to make sure that you have a surface that allows your hips and shoulders, which are the heavier areas in your body, to sink down a little deeper.

    You don’t want that foam to be too hard so that you don’t encounter high pressure in those areas. Instead, your body on the AirFoam is able to lay at a fairly flat angle by allowing those heavier areas to sink in a little bit deeper than the rest of your body.

    Third Layer

    best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

    The third layer is Nolah’s high resilience foam that we find in the other two mattresses. You have two inches of it here.

    This is your high resilience foam that is going to be responsive and have a bounce so you never feel stuck in the foam. Remember, we’re not talking about a layer that is laying four inches below you. This is inches four to six.

    You definitely do not want to be stuck in six inches of foam that would just make it really hard to turn around and you would feel stuck and hot in that foam.

    Those two inches of high resilience foam not only allow you to move easier, so you can transfer from one position to the next, it also gives a good transition for your body to go from foam to the eight inches of coils that you have laying under that high resilience foam.

    So let’s talk about the coils now.


    mattress coils

    You have eight inches of coils inside this mattress. This is the only mattress that Nolah produces that has coils. It’s a hybrid mattress and those coils are Tri-Zoned, as they call them.

    You have three different kinds of coils inside this mattress and they’re working in a manner where you have different pressure, depending on where on the mattress you’re sitting.

    That first layer is transverse, and you have a second one in the second third, and then the third third is back to coils that are a little bit harder.

    The middle zone is going to be giving you less pressure. Those coils are going to be a little looser, so that your hips have enough space to sink down a little bit deeper.

    Remember, this is a great mattress for a side sleeper and just one more way for your body to be given extra pressure relief, even though it has coils that will usually harden a mattress a little bit.

    Here in the Evolution, you have everything put in place, from the foam to the coils, to make sure that you’re getting a good night of sleep with enough support. The coils will give you full body support. It is going to align your spine in a very healthy way.

    But it is zoned in three different zones, so that the important part of your body, the one that needs to sink a little deeper because it’s just a little heavier, is going to comfortably sink into the mattress.

    This is what makes this mattress a great option for back sleepers as well since it gives a little bit more support thanks to the coils.

    The coils are all individually pocketed in an HDMax, which is patented by Nolah.

    best mattress for cool sleeping

    Edge Support

    The coils also provide extra edge support, so they’ll be a little harder on the edge, on the perimeter of this mattress, so that you can come in and out of bed easier.

    They also give more support if you’re someone who likes to transition out of bed by sitting, or like to spend a lot of time sitting on the side of the bed.

    You’re not going to get as much sag, you’re not sinking on the side of the bed as much as you do in the center.

    If you are a slightly heavier couple, this is also giving you a lot of support. It keeps you inside the mattress and you never feel like you have a soft mattress on the sides.

    Motion Transfer

    Lastly what the individual pocketing does really well is decreasing the motion transfer. The coils, which would typically give it more bounce, are pocketed in a way that when one moves, the one next to it, or two down from that coil, are not necessarily moving, because they’re each wrapped individually in a foam.

    That will mean that when your partner is moving, you barely feel anything. I have a very moving partner, who pretty much jumps in and out of bed throughout the night as she turns around. On this mattress, as we sleep tested it, I was never woken up by her movement.

    The foams as well as the individually pocketed coils did a really good job at keeping her motion on her side of the bed and I was never bothered by her moving.

    Last Layer

    The very last layer in the Nolah Evolution is one inch of high density foam that you’re going to find at the very bottom of the mattress.

    It lays right underneath the coils and it gives the bed support as the coils compress into that foam, adding life to the mattress.

    You’ll never have any spring noise, you’ll never feel like the springs are touching the base of your bed. They compress into an inch of high resilience foam, which is going to be that harder foam that gives stability to the mattress and adds life to it.


    If you buy this thing online here’s what you’re gonna be getting.

    It’s gonna shipped to you completely free!

    Once the bed is in your possession, you also get a sleep trial of 120 nights to test it out at home in order to decide whether or not it’s really the right mattress for you.

    Nolah offers to waive that entire 120 night trial period for an additional discount of $169 on this mattress, which is nice and especially if you know you already want this bed and you don’t really need that trial period.

    If you find that it’s not the right mattress for whatever reason within that time frame, Nolah offers completely free returns with their beds. in which case you just call the company up and schedule a time for it to be removed.

    But on the other hand, if you decide to keep it, which I imagine you will if you do all your research, Nolah backs all of their beds with a lifetime warranty, which is above and beyond the usual industry standard.

    All of the foams used within this mattress are also CertiPUR-US certified.

    Best Cooling Mattress For Hot Sleepers (Luxury Hybrid)


    How much is this bed gonna cost you?

    Aside from its firmness and feel, that’s ultimately gonna be one of your biggest deciding factors

    And while you might be paying a bit of a premium for a pillow top hybrid bed of its quality, it can be surprisingly more affordable than one might think.

    As of when I’m posting this review, a queen size retails for $2299.

    But Nolah seems to be one of those brands that sets their price high and then offers heavy discounts.

    Right now after discount you should expect to pay $1499. That’s $800 off!

    This is a pretty affordable price point all things considered.

    This price could very well change in the near future so check out their current pricing.

    Final Thoughts

    I am so impressed with this mattress by Nolah. I’m very excited to see it hit the market. I think this is a fabulous mattress for those who sleep hot at night.

    It keeps a very cool sleeping surface throughout the night. Our body heat has been escaping, there’s nothing that’s been trapped around us. We’ve been sleeping extremely cool.

    This is a great option for someone who’s a hot sleeper or people sleeping in hot climates.

    This is also an ideal mattress for those sleeping on their sides. You’ll find that you’re getting just the right amount of sinking, you’re getting a lot of pressure removed from those high pressure areas.

    Both the foam and the coils are set up and engineered in a way to ensure that you’re not getting any sort of pain when you wake up in the morning. You are sinking in the right places, but you are very well supported down the entire spine by the coils that lay in the mattress.

    If you’re sleeping on your back, it is a very good mattress as well. As long as you’re not above the 220-ish pound weight, this is going to provide enough support down the entire body to ensure that you’re not sinking in too deep in the hip areas.

    If you’re a heavier sleeper, you’ll definitely enjoy the extra edge support that is brought by the coils, so you don’t feel like the mattress is giving in.

    The mattress will not feel like it’s sagging, it’s providing a lot of support as well as excellent motion transfer. It’s definitely a mattress that brings in the right technology to ensure that when some of the coils are moving on one side of the mattress, they don’t move on the other side and so you won’t get woken up by someone moving around during the night.

    Overall, honestly, for the price that Nolah is asking for this mattress, I am absolutely stunned by the quality of the mattress.

    It’s the AirFoam that we have loved in the two previous mattresses that has just been improved.

    It gives you so many cool features when it comes to heat control, cool sleep as well as pressure relief and making sure that you sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

    Fantastic mattress!

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