5 Best Bed Toppers For Lower Back Pain


    Here I’m gonna be going over the best bed toppers for lower back pain.

    I have personally tested every single one of these mattress toppers. So I’m ready to give you the lowdown on why they’re great bed toppers, why they’re going to be good for lower back pain, and who they’ll be best suited for.

    All right, let’s get started.



    Let’s kick this off with my pick for the best mattress topper for back pain, the Saatva Mattress topper.

    Saatva actually makes three variations of this mattress topper, but I’ll be talking specifically about the graphite Saatva topper.

    This topper is made with a breathable organic cotton cover, three inches of memory foam infused with graphite for cooling, and straps to secure the topper to your mattress.

    The topper offers lots of pressure relief, making it a good choice for both back and side sleepers. Body contouring from the foam will fill in back sleepers lumbar region for relief of lower back pain, and side sleepers will find the foam conforming around them for pressure relief all around.

    Plus, hot sleepers will appreciate the cooling graphite used in the foam, which draws heat away from the body to keep this topper from sleeping too warm.



    My next pick is the ViscoSoft Select High density mattress topper. The best cooling mattress topper for back pain.

    I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. This topper is one of my personal favorites that I’ve ever tested, and that’s because I love the feel of high density foam.

    It offers a nice, slow sinking in feeling that gives you really nice pressure relief and cushioning, but it’s still pretty supportive.

    I think this is a great combo for back pain relief, whether you sleep on your back or on your side. This topper has a removable and washable cover around the foam core, as well as straps to hold it in place, and slip resistant mesh. This is great for anyone who tosses and turns a lot, so you don’t have to worry about the topper shifting.

    This topper is a great pick for hot sleepers. It’s made with gel memory foam, which draws heat away from the body. The foam is also ventilated to allow for lots of air flow, and the cover of the topper is made with bamboo rayon, another great material for temperature regulation.

    Top Rated Mattress Toppers



    My next pick is the best mattress topper for side sleepers with back pain, the Tempur-Topper Supreme.

    This topper from Tempur-Pedic has that classic Tempur-Pedic feel. Thick, slow moving foam that takes time to sink into. But once you do, you get the ultimate pressure relief.

    This topper is made with a soft washable cover in three inches of Tempur material foam, Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary memory foam.

    It’s a great pick for side sleepers because the foam really allows you to sink in deeply for pressure relief. That’s great for relieving pressure on the hips and shoulders, as well as for any back pain or tension.

    When I tested this topper out, I thought it felt super high quality, like most of the Tempur-Pedic products, so you can feel secure in your purchase that this topper will last for a long time, and Tempur-Pedic backs that up with a ten year warranty.


    Layla mattress topper

    Now let’s talk about my pick for the best mattress topper for back sleepers with back pain, the Layla Memory Foam Topper.

    This mattress topper is made with a two inch block of memory foam that’s infused with copper gel beads for a cooling effect. The copper also makes the foam antimicrobial.

    It has a soft cover with elastic straps in each corner to secure it to the mattress. I like this topper for back sleepers because the foam allows for pressure relief and contours around you really cozily.

    I particularly like how the foam fills in your lumbar region, which can provide a little relief from lower back pain.

    But this topper is just two inches thick, so you won’t sink in too deep or get totally enveloped in the foam. And the foam is fairly dense, so you still get a lot of support along with the pressure relief.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    My final pick for this article is the best budget mattress topper for back pain, the Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper.

    This topper is made with gel infused memory foam in either a two inch or three inch thickness. The gel promotes a temperature neutral sleep experience by drawing heat away from the body, while the memory foam provides that cushioned and contouring feel.

    I found this topper to be quite comfortable for both sleeping on my back and on my side. For back sleepers, it’ll provide that extra softness and filling in around the lumbar to relieve back pain, whereas side sleepers can ensure they’re getting pressure relief in all the right spots.

    I think the two inch version will work best for back sleepers, where a side sleeper should go for the three inch one.

    This is a fairly simple topper. It doesn’t have straps or a cover, but it comes at a much more budget friendly price than the other toppers on this list.

    So if low price is a high priority for you, definitely consider this gel swirl topper from Brooklyn Bedding.

    Well, folks, that is it for this roundup of the best bed toppers for lower back pain. I hope you found this article helpful.

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