Best Air Purifier For Bedroom (HEPA Filter)

    good air purifier for bedroom

    In this article I’m gonna be talking about the best air purifier for bedroom.

    If you want an air purifier for your bedroom, chances are that you want it to be reasonably quiet and you also want to be able to turn the LEDs that illuminate on the control panel off.

    Those are two basic requirements for a good bedroom air purifier.

    The good news is that most top rated units on the market do satisfy that first requirement. They are fairly quiet.

    The bad news is that most top-rated units do not fit that second requirement. Unfortunately, this tends to be an Achilles heel for many highly rated units.

    They do everything else well, except for the fact that they have control panels with LEDs that illuminate. For whatever reason, the manufacturer has decided that you cannot turn those LEDs off.

    So, in terms of quiet noise output, in terms of limited noise output, most top rated units are going to fit that requirement.

    But for that second requirement, where you want to turn those LEDs off, most top rated units are not going to be able to fit that requirement.

    That second requirement tends to be the most difficult thing to fit.

    You need to look for units that have either dim lights or fairly dim lights or don’t have a lot of lights.

    That’s really what you need to look for.

    In this article I will review Winix 5500-2 True HEPA Air Purifier.

    Best Air Purifier For Bedroom

    In my opinion, it’s the best air cleaner for bedroom.

    But let’s see how it meets these two requirements.


    This unit is about 24 inches tall, it’s about 15 inches wide and it’s about 8 inches deep. The unit weighs about 20 pounds.

    This model features three different filters.

    Behind the front grille, there is a washable pre-filter, behind that filter, there is a carbon filter, and behind that carbon filter, there is a true HEPA filter.

    True HEPA filters 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

    Air travels into the unit through the front grille, but also on the sides. There are large gaps on each side of the front of the unit.

    Air travels in through the front, through the sides and even a little bit through the bottom. There’s a gap on the bottom as well.

    Air travels through all those directions into the unit, past the pre-filter, past the activated carbon filter, past the true HEPA filter and then up and out through the top of the unit.

    carbon pre filter, HEPA filter

    There’s an outlet on top, behind the control panel, so clean air exits out through the top.

    This unit features four fan speeds: low, medium, high and turbo.

    The unit outputs at about 250 CFM.


    What do I like about the Winx 5500-2?

    I definitely like the high output, especially considering the price. This unit, again, outputs at about 250 CFM, meaning that it takes in 250 cubic feet of air every minute. It is actually able to process that amount of air every minute.

    At 250 CFM this unit can be used in rooms up to about 300 square feet.

    For good and proper air filtration, you really need two things. You need proper air filters and you also need good output.

    This unit does give you very high output at 250 CFM.


    In terms of filters, this unit features that washable pre-filter. It is the first filter that the air will actually travel through.

    The purpose of that washable pre-filter is to filter out larger particles, things like hairs, larger fibers. All types of larger particles are caught by the pre-filter.

    What that does is it allows the pre-filter to saturate with those types of particles so that they don’t saturate the true HEPA filter instead.


    That is the purpose of that pre-filter. And this unit does have a washable pre-filter. This is important because a lot of units out on the market have a replaceable pre-filter.

    What that means is that as those pre-filters saturate with all of these larger particles, they need to eventually be replaced. And of course replacing them means buying them.

    With this unit, it has that washable pre-filter, meaning that the pre-filter can saturate over time and when it would have been time to replace it, all you have to do is take it out of the air purifier and clean it.

    You can clean it by vacuuming it, you can rinse it, you can do that yourself, and the unit will still be highly effective when you replace that clean filter.

    With a lot of other units on the market that filter cannot be cleaned and it has to be replaced.

    This unit also comes equipped with a true HEPA filter.

    In the world of air purifiers, the true HEPA filter is really the gold standard for particle filtration. Anything like allergens, dust, molds pores, any type of particle that travels in the air through this unit will be filtered out by that true HEPA filter.

    The fact that this unit does come equipped with a true HEPA filter is another strong positive for it.

    Finally for gas filtration, this unit comes equipped with an activated carbon filter, which is also washable.

    A lot of units on the market, especially at this price point and below, come equipped with a fibrous filter that is simply coated with carbon.

    The carbon filter inside of this Winix features a plastic honeycomb design and inside of that plastic frame, there are actual activated carbon pellets.

    If air contains any type of an unwanted gas, VOC, odor or something like that, the molecules that make up those will actually bond to the carbon inside of that filter and be removed from the air.

    The fact that this unit actually comes equipped with that activated carbon filter, that contains actual real activated carbon pellets, is also a strong positive for this unit, compared to most of the units on the market at the same price point that only features that fibrous filter that doesn’t capture gases nearly as well as the pellet based activated carbon filter inside of this Winix.

    Energy Efficiency

    air purifier for master bedroom

    I also like the very good energy efficiency on this unit.

    It has a CFM-to-watt ratio of about 5 to 1 on its highest fan speed, and its ratio is about 10 to 1 on lower settings.

    For comparison’s sake, most of the units on the market tend to hover around 2 to 3 CFM per watt of power draw on higher settings and also about 2 to 3 CFM per watt on lower settings.

    So you are getting a much better CFM to power draw ratio with this Winix unit then you get with most other air purifiers on the market.


    I also like the low noise output on this unit.

    To determine noise output, to compare noise output between different units, I look at the CFM to decibel ratio, similar to how we look at CFM-to-watt ratio for energy efficiency.

    In terms of CFM to DB ratio, this unit also does very well.

    It is a very quiet machine for the amount of air that it actually processes.

    The good thing is that the noise that is produced is primarily a wind noise. It’s an air noise. Air is pushed out of the air purifier on the top. And when it leaves, it’s just a wind noise.

    It is a clean noise, it is a white noise, if you will.


    good air purifier for bedroom

    Finally the last thing that I really like about this machine is its value.

    This is probably the thing that I like the most about this unit.

    You are paying about $180 for a unit that outputs at approximately 250 CFM. It has that true HEPA filter, it has that activated carbon filter that is of a higher quality due to the fact that it actually contains activated carbon pellets, you have that washable pre-filter.

    You get all of that in this machine and you only have to pay about $180.

    So in terms of value, this is really one of the best value units out there on the market.


    Moving on to things that I dislike about this unit.


    LED lights Air Cleaner

    The one thing that I probably dislike the most is the fact that you cannot turn off the display lights on top of the unit’s control panel.

    There are white LEDs that illuminate as you turn on different settings and those cannot be turned off. It also has PlasmaWave text that lights up, if you have the PlasmaWave setting activated.

    PlasmaWave technology creates hydroxyls to neutralize bacteria and viruses.

    The actual air quality display, a horizontal bar that lights up different colors depending on the air quality in the room, cannot be turned off.

    The PlasmaWave display can be turned off but at the cost of turning off the PlasmaWave. You can turn that on and off, but you lose functionality if you turn off the light.

    The same is true for the fan speeds. You can turn off the fan speed lights, but you have to set the unit to sleep mode to do that and so you lose the functionality of being able to manually control fan speed, if you go to the sleep mode and you turn off the LEDs for the fan speed.

    There are these white LEDs that illuminate, that cannot be turned off without going to the sleep mode, and once you go to the sleep mode you lose that functionality of being able to manually set fan speed, which I do recommend for most cases.

    The Winix does feature a sleep mode. It’s activated by pressing the mode button and on the sleep mode, there will still be a single LED on and that’s going to be the moon graphic. That’s going to be activated even on sleep mode.

    The issue here is that on sleep mode, you cannot manually adjust any setting. The sleep mode is essentially an automatic mode. There’s nothing that you can do there to select manual settings and I do recommend running this unit on manual settings.

    That LED illumination with the control panel, the fact that you don’t have the control to turn off the lights, that is definitely a negative for this unit.

    There are many other models of air purifiers in the market that suffer from the same issue, so it is not necessarily a problem specific to this model, but that is definitely the one thing that I don’t like about this model.

    I should mention that it’s definitely possible to put some type of a sticker or electrical tape over the lights on this unit.

    You easily tape over the lights, you can easily remove the tape.

    So if the lights are real concern for you, but you still really like this unit, like I do, that is definitely an option for you.

    You can put tape over it, it’s not a very glamorous solution, but it’s definitely a practical solution.

    You can also turn this unit.

    The good thing is that in terms of intaking air in the bedroom, it’s not gonna change things too much, by having this air purifier pointing away from you, so you don’t have to look at the lights on the top control panel.

    That’s definitely another practical thing that you can do to address this issue.

    The issue here is that top rated units like this one, tend to not have that functionality where you can turn the lights off, so you are going to have to find some type of practical solution if those LEDs are trouble for you.



    The second thing that I don’t like about this unit is its lack of a longer warranty. This unit ships with only a one year warranty. That is much less than the warranty that comes with most other air purifiers on the market.

    Most other units come equipped with a three year warranty or a five year warranty.

    The fact that this unit does come with that one-year warranty, that is definitely a negative for it.

    However I must say that the Winix is a very well-built machine and I very much doubt the fact that it is going to require that warranty anywhere within one year, two years, even three years.



    Comparing this unit to other Winix units, the unit that you are most likely to compare to it is the 5300-2.

    That is essentially the same unit. It has exactly the same dimensions, it has a very similar weight, it has the same control panel, it almost looks the same, except for the fact that its front grille is a different color.

    It is essentially the same unit.

    The most substantial difference between the 5500-2 and the 5300-2 is the actual carbon filter that is installed on each unit.

    The 5300-2 has that fibrous filter that is simply coated with carbon, while the 5500-2 has that activated carbon filter that actually contains carbon pellets.

    That is the largest difference between them and that is the reason why I would recommend the 5500-2 over the 5300-2.

    With the carbon filter that’s in the 5300-2 you really get much better gas filtration.

    I believe that extra performance in gas filtration is well worth the extra twenty dollars or so that you have to spend on the 5500-2 versus the 5300-2.

    How does this unit compares to some of the top rated units on the market?

    This unit actually is one of the best air purifiers that I’ve tested.

    It is a top rated recommended model.

    No other unit on the market provides the same level of particle filtration, gas filtration and output at the price of this unit.

    That is the reason why I recommend it as one of the best air purifiers for bedroom on the market today.



    For smaller bedrooms, under 150 square feet, I would recommend a top rated unit like this. I would recommend that you run it on its highest setting to get particle concentration down in the room.

    Once you get that particle concentration really low, you can then set the unit to a lower air speed and by that I mean a lower fan speed and then it will be able to maintain that low particle concentration in the bedroom.

    Assuming the room is no larger than about 150 square feet, you can run this units on its second highest setting to maintain that low concentration of particles.

    For larger bedrooms, I would again recommend this unit and I would recommend that you follow the same guidelines that I just went over for smaller bedrooms.

    That is to say, turn the unit on its highest fan speed to initially lower particle concentration in the room, and then you can switch it to a lower fan speed to maintain that particle concentration in the room.

    In larger rooms, the particle concentration in the room is going to tend to go up over time, if the unit is not set to maximum settings.

    In a smaller bedroom, you can set Winix to its second highest fan speed after the particle concentration is already low, and then it’s going to be able to maintain that low concentration on that second highest setting.

    In a large room, up to 300 square feet, that’s not going to be possible. On the second highest setting, the concentration will slowly increase over time, especially if there are some sources of particles coming into the room.

    So on that second highest setting, in a larger room, this unit is just not going to get the job done. That means that you may have to run it on its highest setting all the time.

    But on that highest setting it is going to be more loud.

    So my recommendation is that you purchase two units for a larger room. You can run two units on their second highest setting.

    When you run two units on that second highest setting, they’re gonna output at almost the same CFM as running a single unit on its highest fan speed.

    So if you are in a larger bedroom and you really need particle concentration to stay low consistently, but at the same time you can’t tolerate that noise output on the highest setting, a solution for you is to simply purchase two units and spread them out around the room and then run them on their second highest setting so that they don’t output too much noise.

    I want to note that the difference that you’re gonna see there is substantial.

    A single unit on its highest setting, outputs at close to 70 DB of noise. Even top-rated units on their highest setting are close to 70 decibels.

    Running two units on their second highest setting is gonna get you barely over 50 decibels. You’re looking at a difference of around 20 decibels in terms of noise output in running two units compared to one unit.

    I also want to note that you shouldn’t worry in that scenario about replacing filters more often, if you’re running two of these units on their second highest setting.

    Again, the output is similar to a single unit on its highest setting and there’s only so many particles in the room. So a single filter is going to saturate twice as fast as two filters that are running on a lower air speed.

    So don’t be concerned about replacing filters more often or having more filters to replace. Filter cost is going to be about the same.

    Really the only added cost there is the fact that you have to purchase an additional unit to run in the bedroom



    As I began this review, I talked about the two requirements for a bedroom air purifier. The fact that you want a unit that is gonna allow you to turn the LEDs off and a unit that’s gonna be fairly quiet.

    I showed how a top rated unit really don’t satisfy that low illumination or lack of illumination requirement. However top rated units can be fixed in a way to not illuminate the room so much.

    If noise output is a concern for you, with this unit you are gonna have that major advantage of having much lower noise output.

    That wraps things up for this review on the best bedroom air purifier.

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