Best Affordable Mattress in a Box (Hybrid)

    Best Affordable Mattress in a Box

    Here I’ll be reviewing the Brooklyn Bowery mattress. I’m gonna be talking about some tests I did and use some basic information on the mattress.

    I actually think it could be the best affordable mattress in a box out there. It’s really competing with other high quality brands.

    I have recommended this mattress to other friends who are in the market for a bed and a few of them went with it ! Next time I’m needing a new mattress I will be getting one from Brooklyn Bedding again!

    It’s no surprise that it has over 400 5-star ratings.

    Let’s jump in and talk about what this mattress feels like.

    Best Affordable Mattress in a Box

    Firmness and Feel

    The first thing I like to talk about when discussing the feel of a mattress is the support level or firmness of the bed.

    This was my first time actually testing the Brooklyn Bowery mattress and I was pretty surprised by how much support it provided.

    It came in medium six and a half out of ten range. That’s a really good mix of support and pressure relief.

    When I was lying on my back it did a really good job of keeping my hips from sinking in the mattress. It kept my spine aligned in a good position.

    There is some memory foam that’s quilted into the cover. We’ll talk about the materials a little bit later on in the review. But that does give you that nice contouring feel around your body. You will feel it yourself sink into the mattress just a little bit from that layer.

    affordable comfortable mattress

    There is a transition layer of poly foam beneath that and then pocketed coil support, so there’s a surprising amount of bounce in this mattress. Even though I was sinking in a little bit, I didn’t feel stuck as I rolled from my back to my side.

    As I roll onto my side, it is a medium firmness but because it is thin layer of foam, before you get to that support level, I was a little surprised by how much pressure I felt build up at the shoulder.

    We’ll take a closer look at pressure later on in the review, but I would say if you are a really strict side sleeper, you’re probably gonna want to find something with thicker comfort layers so you can sink in just a little bit deeper.

    Brooklyn does have a few other mattresses with thicker comfort layers that give you a little bit more pressure relief so you may want to check out those if you’re interested, if you are a really strict side sleeper.

    If you do spend just a portion of your night on your side, you roll from your back to your side, I still think you’re gonna be able to sleep on this mattress no problem.

    Now rolling onto my stomach, what I’m looking for here is if it has enough support to keep my hips from sinking in, so that my spine is aligned in a good position.

    Stomach sleepers generally like really firm mattresses. Again I think if you spend a portion of the night on your stomach, you’ll probably be okay, but if you are a really strict stomach sleeper, you’re gonna want to find something with much firmer support than this.

    I would also say, even though I did find this mattress to come in that medium firmness range, if you are bit heavier than me, you might find that it doesn’t have enough support to keep your spine in a healthy position.


    To give you a better idea of what’s going on with the Bowery hybrid mattress, I’ve cut open the back of it to be able see the materials used in the layers.

    Browery mattress layers

    I’m gonna start with the cover which is a thicker polyester. It’s got a nice plush soft feeling to it.

    The thing that is actually pretty interesting about it is that it’s quilted with an inch of gel memory foam, so that’s gonna give you that sinking in contouring feeling around your body for a bit of pressure relief.

    Below that we move right into a two inch layer of poly foam. It’s a bit firmer than the memory foam that’s quilted into the cover. So you will sink into it a little bit but it’s got a quicker response to pressure and starting to transition you from the soft memory foam in the cover into the support layer of the mattress, which is six inches of pocketed coils.

    Brooklyn Bedding does also make the Bowery in an all foam version and the difference is that instead of these pocketed coils, it would be high density poly foam.

    The pocketed coils give it a bit more bounce than the poly foam would. I should point out that they are individually wrapped so they’re gonna be a bit better at isolating motion transfer than traditional steel inner spring coils.

    At the bottom of the mattress there is an inch of high density poly foam, but that’s really just to create a base. It doesn’t really affect the feel of the mattress at all.

    I run a few tests on this mattresses. The first one is the pressure map test.

    Best Copper Infused Foam Mattress


    best affordable hybrid mattress

    Just like it sounds, I put a pressure map down on top the mattress and lied down in a few positions to see the results, ranging from blue for low pressure, to red for high pressure.

    Lying on my back, my weight is evenly distributed in this position. It’s blue low pressure across the board. That’s what I was expecting.

    Again I do think that the back sleepers out there will enjoy that nice mix of support and comfort, that contouring from the memory foam that’s quilted into the cover of the Brooklyn Bowery hybrid. I think it’s a good mattress for the back sleepers.

    As I roll onto my side, it does actually go into that light green or almost yellow range at the shoulders. That’s a common problem area for a lot of side sleepers. There’s not a lot of foam in the comfort layer of the Brooklyn Bowery hybrid.

    If you are a really strict side sleeper, you’re gonna want to find something with a plusher feel, so you can sink a bit deeper into it.

    Rolling onto my stomach, I don’t think this really tells the whole story here with the Bowery hybrid. It’s blue mostly across the board. I did feel a little sink in the hips, which is a little bit of a problem.

    If you’re a really strict back sleeper, if you roll around, there’s really good bounce to this mattress, so you’re gonna be okay as you change positions. I just wouldn’t spend the whole night on my stomach or on my side with this mattress.


    Another test that I like to run is a bounce test to see how much you’re gonna feel stuck in the layers as you’re changing position.

    There’s really great bounce here to the Brooklyn Bowery hybrid. Those pocketed coils are six inches tall and give you a lot of great mobility as you’re changing positions throughout the night.

    Motion Transfer

    good affordable mattress

    Another test is the motion transfer test. I put a seismometer on one side of the mattress. On the other side of the bed, if you share your bed with a partner, where they’re gonna be sleeping, I drop a 10-pound steel ball from heights of four, eight and 12 inches.

    The disturbance is transferred across the mattress of each of those drops and is picked up by the seismometer.

    I got to say I was actually really impressed with the results of the motion transfer tests on the Brooklyn Bowery hybrid.

    Because it’s a bouncier mattress within comfort layers, I was expecting there to be pretty high disturbance transfer, but it was pretty good.

    I think the pocketed coils do a pretty good job of moving independently with this mattress.

    That’s a pretty good sign for the couples, if you share you bed with your partner. I do have to say that I was not that impressed with the edge support on the Bowery hybrid.


    The Bowery hybrid is not the only mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, so I want to talk a little bit about some of their other models.

    The Bowery mattress actually also comes in an all foam version. It’s also a great value option that they provide. It’s a little bit softer in my opinion and it obviously doesn’t have the same bounce that the Bowery hybrid has.

    Bowery all foam affordable mattress

    Another mattress that they make is the Brooklyn Aurora. It is a hybrid mattress that’s specifically designed with the idea of cooling in mind.

    It uses a phase change material cover for a cool to the touch feeling. It’s a little bit softer in my opinion and I really like it for the side sleepers.

    They also make the Brooklyn Signature. It’s another hybrid mattress that’s got a great mix of support and comfort. I think it’s a little bit more expensive version of the Bowery hybrid. It’s got really great bounce to the mattress and I really like it for the couples.

    Finally they also make the Brooklyn Bloom hybrid. That’s a latex hybrid mattress. Instead of the comfort foams on top, it uses three inches of Talalay latex. They pair that with an organic cotton cover for an organic mattress feel to it.

    That Talalay latex and pocketed coil combination makes it a really bouncy mattress. It’s got a medium firmness, which is great for combo sleepers. It’s a great natural mattress choice.

    Pros & Cons

    Now that I’ve talked about what the Bowery hybrid feels like, showing you what it’s made of, and also run all the tests that I run
    during my mattress reviews, I want to give you my pros and cons.

    First up I really like it for the back sleepers. I found that the medium firmness did a great job of keeping my hips aligned with my shoulders, so my spine is lined in a good position.

    I also think that the memory foam that’s quilted into the cover was a nice touch for a little bit of contouring pressure relief.

    I also got to say I was really impressed with the bounce on the Bowery hybrid. A lot of times with the value mattresses you’ll see it’s a cheaper feel to it, but I thought it did a really good job of keeping me from feeling stuck in the mattress.

    Finally again I think this is a great value mattress choice. If you’re trying to buy a new mattress without breaking the bank, the Bowery is a great choice.

    Some of my complaints with the Bowery hybrid or reasons I don’t think it’s a mattress for you is if you are a really strict side sleeper.

    I just don’t think that the comfort foams on top of the mattress are thick enough to allow you sink in for enough pressure relief.

    And finally I think if you’re a bit on the heavier side, it’s not gonna provide the support you’re gonna need to keep your hips from sinking in the mattress. It could cause aches and pains in lower back.


    If you are interested in purchasing this mattress, I want to give you some of Brooklyn Bedding’s company policies.

    First up there is a 120 night trial period. So you can have it in your home for four months, deciding where you want to keep it or send it back.

    Shipping and returns are free.

    It will arrive compressed in a box. You want to let it decompress for a few hours or even overnight before you sleep on the mattress

    They also offer a 10 year warranty. You want check out exactly what that covers on their website. I would say that’s about the standard for the online bed in a box warranty.


    This mattress is available in 14 different sizes:

    twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split Cal king, short full, short queen, Olympic queen, short king, and three models of RV king.

    That’s it for my review of the Brooklyn Bowery hybrid, maybe the best affordable mattress in a box.

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