Bedroom Update on a Budget (7 Ideas)

    bedroom update on a budget

    Here I’m talking about doing a bedroom update on a budget.

    When you doing it, you don’t really want to get into the big dollars, right? But you do have to address the envelope of the space because often just updating that can really help you.

    For all renters, don’t go freaking out because here’s the deal with if you’re renting. Yes, you can paint. Yes, you can do some of these things. However, you have to be willing to put it back to where it was when you move out. It’s super simple.

    Accent Wall

    Number one in our bedroom update is think about an accent wall.

    These things are great. Usually in bedrooms, they’re mainly the headboard wall.

    You can go with something like a peel-able wall covering which can come off super easily and they have some great looks.

    But if you feel that might be a little bit too high for your budget or you feel that’s too complicated for you to get into, you can always just take a stab at throwing a fabulous new color on that headboard wall.

    You can see how with this navy room, it makes just everything pop off of that wall, including the headboard.

    bedroom update on a budget

    It costs you the time and effort and a little quart of paint. So it’s not that much. And it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

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    Number two in the budget update for the bedroom is take a good look at your drapery or your window treatment if you’ve got them.

    You may not actually have one. I recommend you do have something for your bedroom, even if it’s not light blocking.

    Although I do have clients out there that need both blackout and thermal. So you want to think that through a little bit, but it doesn’t have to be super expensive drapery.

    You can just do a lovely, lightweight white sheer or something like that. That would dress the space up just a little bit.

    bedroom update ideas

    Get some inexpensive budget hardware that throws it up towards the ceiling, make that wall all soft like they’ve done there.

    That’s a beautiful little update and does not cost a lot.

    Maybe you have a situation where you actually do need a blackout drapery. Like you see in this lovely room with the blue drapery.

    updating bedroom ideas

    If that’s the case, there’s a number of great vendors out there like IKEA and Target and some of those places that can have a drapery ordered that can have a blackout attached to it.

    It’s not that hard a solution. They’re usually pretty good looking drapery for not a lot of money.

    That’s another great way to budget update your bedroom.

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    Area Rugs

    The number three budget update that you can do for your bedroom is if you have hard surface floors, not wall-to-wall, but if you have hard surface floors, think about an area rug.

    The biggest problem with area rugs in bedrooms is the majority of them are too small. People put them towards the end of the bed. That’s not right.

    You want to swing out of the bed in the morning and have your feet hit something cozy and yummy.

    That carpet needs to be at least as deep, if not deeper, than your bed.

    cheap ways to update bedroom

    Here’s the deal. I’m gonna explain my super secret pro tip for getting custom-sized rugs, that would be rugs that are sized or shaped larger than you typically get in the standard lineup of rugs, for a deal.

    You can order wall-to-wall carpeting either in a remnant, or you can also order it for the size you need. They come usually about 13 feet, somewhere in that range. And then have it cut down and bound.

    That is not an expensive solution. Oftentimes you can get huge rugs like 15 by 20, 18 by 18. I’ve done a lot of rugs that size specially for bedrooms that come out of the wall-to-wall carpet world.

    They’re so plush and nice under foot. They’re are a few hundred dollars. It’s a deal. It’s a steal.
    That is a secret super pro tip.


    Number four in the budget updates for the bedroom is we got to look at your bedding.

    But don’t get freaked out because I know people are going to say that sheets are expensive.

    You don’t necessarily have to replace your sheets. All you have to do is really think about what the accessories are in the bed, or maybe you don’t have any, and throw in a couple of really cool, neat little throw pillows or grab a new throw.

    Get a new one, get something with some pretty color. I love this one with the red pattern in it.

    how to update a bedroom on a b

    You can leave your bedding alone. Don’t even have to replace that. Just add a couple of new accessories that brighten up the space and make it feel fresh and new and for not a lot of bucks.

    Ceiling Lighting

    Number five in my budget update for the bedroom is look up on that ceiling and let’s see what we can do with that lighting fixture.

    Hopefully you have one.

    If you do, and it’s something yicky, then what we want to do is get up on a ladder and switch that puppy out. There are so many good options.

    A lot of you all have fans in your bedrooms. I know if you’re in a rental, you’re going, I don’t dare do this.

    You absolutely do dare. All you do is you take it down, bag it all up, make sure you’re storing it someplace so that you can switch it out when you move.

    If you don’t want to do a fan in the space, consider a fabulous little pendant. Some of these things are 200 bucks.

    I love this little rattan one, that’s super cute.

    easy bedroom updates

    Just something simple. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it gives that room a whole new feel and it helps you crush whatever design style statement you’re rocking for that space.

    One more thing with your lighting. I love installed sconces by beds. They make the space look so custom and curated and lovely.

    Don’t freak out because you don’t have to do the hardwired ones. You can absolutely do the plug-in ones. They’re are no problem at all. They look super groovy.


    Number six in my bedroom redo is taking a look at four walls in your bedroom.

    If you’re like me and most people, you’re always looking for another opportunity for storage in a bedroom.

    The deal is this.

    Take a look at your walls. If you’ve got some big old bare or empty patches, you need to think about hooks or hook-style hanging elements.

    updating master bedroom

    I love hooks. I throw them into every room in my house. In fact, my bedroom must have 10 hooks in it.

    Hooks can really nail your design style. They give you the opportunity to create a little bit of a composition.

    They’re easy to put up and you can just get them up there. It gives you a whole nother opportunity for storage or maybe the grab and go things that you need when you’re in the bedroom. They’re great solutions. So think about hooks for your walls.

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    Number seven in the bedroom update, that’s super budget oriented is giving your bedroom a little bit of life by adding some planting or some greenery.

    The great thing about plants in your bedroom is that it adds just a little bit of life.

    You might be in a tiny little space and can’t do a big old floor plant or something like that. Don’t worry about it. Hang one. I love this one in the white pot there. That’s super simple. It’s giving it that little bit of greenery there.

    plant in bedroom

    Or if you don’t even have that space, throw something on your nightstand. Maybe it’s just a little bit of greenery or maybe it’s some florals.

    If you have the room for it, go for a big old floor plant.

    There are some plants that are not advisable for bedrooms. So make sure you check that out before you decide on one that you’re falling in love with.

    But as a rule, plants regenerate oxygen. It’s a great thing to have in your space and it’s grounding, makes you feel close to nature, and it’s a super easy budget update for your bedroom.

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