14 Bedroom Essentials For Guys

    Bedroom Essentials For Guys

    What are the actual essentials for a guy’s bedroom? What do men really need?

    I made a list of the 14 essentials that every guy needs in their bedroom.

    Bedroom Essentials For Guys


    The first item on my list is actually a really important one that guys, especially younger guys, tend to forget. I’m talking about a safe.

    Don’t tell me that you’re too young for a safe!

    The younger, the better to get started. We all have private things, personal items or valuable items. And guess what? You’re gonna need a place to keep your important documents, your passport, your birth certificate, a few personal memories or maybe some cash that you’re saving up to buy a car.

    You should physically protect these things from robberies. But think of other things too, like fires or earthquakes, things that you can’t control.

    Get a safe that will protect your valuables from any of those bad situations. Just to be safe!

    Full-length Mirror

    I know for a fact that you’ve tried to see your full outfit in a tiny little mirror and you had to get on a chair or on the bed or maybe you jumped so you can see your full outfit, your hat and your shoes.

    Without a full-length mirror in your bedroom, you just can’t see your whole outfit together. You can’t see your shoes, you can’t see your hat, or your hair and your sneakers at the same time.

    You’re taking a gamble on whether or not your outfit looks good.

    Get a full-length mirror that will allow you to see your whole outfit from top to bottom and it’s gonna save you a lot of trouble and a lot of embarrassment. See Bedroom Mirrors Ideas (Wall & Full-Length, Floor Mirrors).


    Bed Frame

    If you wanna make it look ten times better, you need a really cool bed frame. It’s gonna give your room that manly mature look, like ‘hey, I’m not a kid anymore, I know what I’m doing!’ See Best Quality Bed Frames.

    Best Quality Bed Frame

    Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    This is the key. You need a nice comfortable mattress because you’re gonna spend a third, literally a third, of your life on it.

    Think about it. Eight hours a day out of 24. A third of your life on that mattress.

    If your mattress is old, if it’s hard or uncomfortable, then you don’t have to buy a new one. You can buy a memory foam topper. They’re about two to five inches thick and they change the way that your bed feels completely. You’re gonna sleep like a baby.

    It’s basically like getting a new mattress for a third of the price. It is so good and the new memory foam toppers are incredible. I definitely recommend those.

    Plus if you’re gonna have somebody over, you better have a nice mattress, otherwise she’s not gonna want to stay.

    Layla mattress topper


    Of course you need high quality sheets for your bed.

    Many men, unfortunately, will get sweaty and then go to sleep in their bed. So your sheets probably smell terrible.

    You don’t have to have a bed that smells like your mom lives with you, just wash your sheets. If you can’t remember the last time you washed your sheets then it’s definitely been too long.

    Some guys don’t mind living in their own filth, but you want to try to avoid as many things that turn a woman off as possible.

    If you hate washing your sheets too often, I highly recommend these antimicrobial sheets. These are infused with natural silver that kills odor-causing bacteria. They can be washed 3x less often.


    Bluetooth Speaker

    You need a Bluetooth speaker, a Wi-Fi speaker or some type of wireless speaker. You’ve got to be able to control the vibes in your room and the music is the best way to do that.

    For example, I use mine to listen to ocean or rain or forest sounds when I’m going to sleep, almost every night. It adds a really relaxing vibe and it helps me sleep because of the white noise.

    Plus you can listen to your favorite tunes in your bedroom without having to wear really uncomfortable headphones when you’re laying down on your bed.

    Manly Candles

    Every guy needs candles in their room. You don’t need to light them up every day, you don’t need to be smelling them every single day, but you definitely need to have some handy.

    I’ve been really into candles lately, maybe more than I should to be honest, but I wish I got started earlier. There’s something about being home, listening to cool music with a really nice scent from the candles.

    It’s gonna push you to get your work done, your guests are gonna appreciate this too. When I invite people over, I light some candles up to make sure my place smells super fresh, inviting and it really works.

    Everyone that comes into my place really likes this scent from my candles.

    Smart Lights

    So, not just any lights. I’m not talking about regular lights. I am talking about lights that are controlled by Google Home or Alexa.

    Smart light that you can get different colors in and you can get the bulbs that go straight into any of your lamps. Those are really cool because they blast your wall and really change the whole color of your wall. It just looks so cool, it really gives a cool vibe to your whole bedroom.


    You need lots of storage. I absolutely hate clutter. Simple is always better for me.

    I don’t like to see things everywhere, I don’t like to leave things on my counter, on my dresser, my countertops. It’s just not my style.

    Storage is huge for me. I don’t want to keep things out, not visible all the time. I need a place to put everything in.

    Everyone needs a certain amount of storage. make sure that you have enough storage so that your stuff isn’t laying around, being displayed to everyone that walks in, because it looks bad. See Bedroom Armoires Wardrobes (Mirrored, Modern, Solid Wood) and Bedroom Chests of Drawers (Tall, Small, Large).


    Long Charging Cables

    You need them for your phone. This is a simple tip to make your life so much easier. It’s also one of the most annoying things not to have when you need it.

    Although I do not recommend bringing electronic devices into your bedroom, most men still do it.

    If you’re gonna have anyone sleeping next to you on your bed, then have a cable on their side too, because it makes it so much more convenient and easier for you and for them.

    Blackout Curtains

    These are one of my favorite items. Sometimes you’re gonna get busy, you’re gonna work a lot and you’re gonna get very little sleep. That’s fine, it happens. You have to work long hours to get things done.

    But you need to sleep. How are you gonna do that if it’s super early in the morning and the sunlight comes in and you can’t sleep because it’s super bright.

    I’m a very light sleeper so I need to make sure that my room is dark and quiet. Blackout curtains are made out of this really thick fabric that blocks out any sunlight, so you can actually sleep in, if you have to. They don’t let any sunlight.

    Or for you lucky daytime nappers, you can definitely take a nap during the day. See Best Blackout Curtains For Bedroom Windows.


    Door That Locks

    You need a door that locks for privacy, of course. No matter what your age is, you need to have your own time and your privacy.

    Maybe it’s just to relax, to think about things in your life. No matter how serious it is, we all need to be left alone at times. Leave me in my room by myself. Please don’t come in. Lock.

    But even more importantly, for safety reasons. You really don’t know when you might need that lock for your own safety. I recommend you get a doorknob that has a lock built in.

    If you don’t have that, then install a little lock up top, just to make sure that you can lock that door up if you ever need it. Hopefully you don’t.


    You need some greenery. Most guys are like: plants, no way !

    It’s never a bad thing to have some sort of life in your bedroom. Like a nice plant to keep the place looking alive.

    Plants add some color, they had some life, they make your place feel more homey, more comfortable.

    If you area very busy person, you travel a lot, you are not home much, consider getting fake plants. If you’re not like that, then get some real ones.

    Wall Art

    If your bedroom is looking a little bit empty, a little bit bare, then you need some wall art.

    I actually just did this to my bedroom and it completely changed the way that it looked. It was a little too sterile in there, the walls were too clean, it just needed a little bit more life.

    It just changes the whole vibe of the room. Instead of having a blank wall, this is way less boring and interesting.

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