Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Review


    Here, I’ll be reviewing the Beautyrest Hybrid.

    I’ll go over what it’s made of, run some tests, and finally give my pros and cons. I’m going to start with what it feels like.

    Firmness and Feel

    Now in terms of a support level, I’m going to give the Beautyrest Hybrid a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. That’s right in the medium firmness range, a nice mixture of support and pressure relief.

    When I’m lying on my back, I do feel myself sink into the memory foam that’s on top of the mattress, get some really nice contouring, pressure relieving feel.

    However, there is really great support from a pocketed coils system below. It’s got a nice traditional innerspring feel to the mattress.

    Those pocketed coils do a really nice job of giving the bed some mobility, so you’re able to change positions, roll around without feeling stuck. That stuck feeling can be a problem on a lot of memory foam mattresses.

    I found this bed did a really good job of giving the pressure relieving benefits without having to fight through the layers of the Beautyrest Hybrid.

    Rolling onto my side is where I think the memory foam is a really big plus. I was able to sink in. Get some nice contouring. Didn’t feel any pressure at the shoulders or the hips.

    We are going to take a closer look at pressure later on in the review, but I do think because of that medium firmness, if you are a backside, combo sleeper, roll around in the middle of the night, this could be a really nice choice for you.

    Rolling onto my stomach is where I did feel my hips sink a little too far into the mattress. Generally, I like to find firmer mattresses for stomach sleeper so that their spine is aligned in a good position.

    I recently tested the Beautyrest Black which is a much firmer mattress so if you are someone who really wants a firm feel to their bed or a strict stomach sleeper, I would definitely check that out instead.



    To give you a better idea of what’s going on with the Beautyrest Hybrid, let’s talk about the materials used in the layers of it.

    The cover itself has that nice cool to the touch feeling. I think it’s really breathable and helps you sleep cool through the night.

    I do also want to point out that it is quilted with about an inch of memory foam so you’re getting that nice soft pressure relief.

    Below that, we have another layer of gel memory foam. It has that slow response to pressure. That’s going to really allow you to sink deeper in. That’s great for when you want that contouring feeling around your body.

    That gel infusion is also really nice because memory foam can be known for trapping a bit of body heat so that gel infusion helps draw heat away from a sleeper.

    Below that, we have a layer of poly foam. It’s a quicker response to pressure. It’s a bit firmer than the memory foam that’s quilted into the cover as well as the comfort layer.

    What that’s doing is it’s basically transitioning you from the really soft feeling on top as you go through. You’re getting some of that cradling support before you hit the firm support of the pocketed coil system. It’s going to give you some really nice bounce to the mattress. Something like a traditional innerspring would.

    However, these pocketed coils are individually wrapped so they do move a bit more independently than the traditional steel coils you might be used to. They’re going to be a bit better at isolating motion transfer.

    Wrapped around the entirety of the support layer is a high density poly foam. It’s a really firm material. What that’s doing is it’s going to allow you to sleep all the way to the end of the bed without collapsing it. It’s going to make the bed feel a little bit bigger. It’s a real plus for the couples out there.

    Instead of just taking my word on the feel of the Beautyrest Hybrid, I run a few tests to give you more objective look at the bed.


    The first test that I run on all the mattresses that I review is the pressure map testing. Just like it sounds, I put a pressure map down on top of the bed, lie down on a few positions to see the results ranging from blue for low pressure to red for high pressure.

    On my back weight is evenly distributed. It’s blue across the board. That’s what I was expecting. Like I said before, there is nice support underneath the soft memory foam. If you are back sleeper that likes that contouring feeling around your body, this could be a really nice choice.

    Rolling onto my side, this is where I start to see some interesting test results. If it is a firmer bed I will see it spike into the yellow or even red range, which can be a problem for the side sleepers who can feel a little bit jammed up at the shoulders and the hips.

    I was surprised to see the Beautyrest Hybrid going to the yellow range in my shoulders. I did feel like the memory foam did a pretty good job of giving me some nice pressure relief. A little bit of distance to sink into the mattress. What this says to me is that if you are a bit on the heavier side or a bit broad shouldered, you may actually push through that and hit the pocketed coils below and feel it a bit firmer than I did.

    Overall, I think if you are a back, side, combo sleeper, rolling onto your side for portion of the night you will really like the Beautyrest Hybrid.

    Rolling onto my stomach, again, weight is evenly distributed, I see blue low pressure across the board. I don’t really think this tells the whole story. I do think it is just a little bit to soft for the strict stomach sleepers.


    The next test that I like to run is to check the bounce of the mattress.

    Are you going to have enough mobility to roll around and change positions without feeling stuck in the Beautyrest Hybrid?

    I was really impressed with its ability to allow me to change positions without having to fight my way through the layers.

    A lot of times of mattresses that use memory foam for comfort you can feel really stuck, enveloped by the bed, but I thought the pocketed coils did a really nice job of giving it some bounce, allowing me to change positions without feeling stuck.

    Motion Transfer

    Now the last test that I like to run is a motion transfer portion of review.

    If you share your bed with a partner, are you going to wake up when they are rolling around during the night on their side of the bed?

    To test that I put a seismometer down where you might be sleeping and on the other side of the mattress, I dropped a 10-pound steel ball from heights of 4, 8, and 12 inches to simulate them getting into and out of bed, rolling around in the night.

    The seismometer checks to see how much disturbance is transferred across the mattress with each of those drops.

    I was really impressed with the Beautyrest Hybrid’s ability to isolate motion transfer. There is a little bit of a spike at the 12-inch drop. That’s to be expected. That’s basically if you have a pet or child that jumps into bed in the morning with you to wake you up, that kind of thing.

    I was overall really happy with the Hybrid’s ability to isolate the motion transfer. That combined with its really strong edge support leads me to believe it is a great bed for the couples out there.

    Pros and Cons

    Before I end the review, I do want to give you some of my pros and cons of the Beautyrest Hybrid.

    First up, reasons I would recommend it to you include that it sleeps really cool. I was really impressed with its cover’s a cool to the touch feeling as well as the gel infusion in the memory foam layers to help draw heat away from the sleeper, defending against some of that heat trap that memory foam can be known for.

    A second reason I would recommend it is because I think it’s a really great bed for the couples out there. I was really impressed with its ability to isolate motion transfer as well as its strong edge support which allows you to sleep all the way to the end of the bed making the bed feel a little bit bigger.

    Finally, I would recommend to the combo sleepers out there, specifically the backside combo sleepers going to lie to sink in for a little bit of pressure relief, but still have some nice support and bounce to allow you to change positions without feeling stuck in bed.

    Reasons I would say it might not be the best choice for you is if you are a really strict a stomach sleeper. You’re probably going to want to find something with a little bit firmer support.

    Along those same lines, while I do think there is some nice support from the pocketed coil layers, if you are looking for a super firm bed, I’ll probably check out the Beautyrest Black as opposed to the Hybrid version.


    If you are interested in purchasing a Beautyrest Hybrid, I want to give you some of their company policies.

    They offer free shipping and there is a 10-year warranty on the Beautyrest Hybrid.

    That’s it for my review of the Beautyrest Hybrid.

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