Bearaby Napper Weighted Blanket Review


    I’ve reviewed a lot of different weighted blankets and I feel that they all look exactly the same. There’s comfort design and there’s some kind of heavier fill like poly-pellets or glass beads.

    When I got the Bearaby Napper my first thought was, “what is going on?”.

    I want to talk about this very interestingly designed weighted blanket, my experience with it, who it’s a good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for.

    Let’s get started.



    As I said, it has a very unique design. Most weighted blankets have this more comfort design where they have a graded stitching and some heavier fill inside. That’s not what you get with the Bearaby Napper.

    The Napper has more of that Afghan design, something that my grandma used to make for me at Christmas time. With a lot of room for airflow it’s woven back and forth upon itself and the weight actually comes from the material itself. It’s 100 percent cotton.

    Most weighted blankets have, again, some kind of heavier fill and that’s what gives it the weight. Not with the Bearaby Napper, it’s just material, it’s just the cotton woven back and forth upon itself. The weight comes from the material itself.

    In terms of finding the right weight for you, there are three weight options.

    They have 15 pounds, 20 pounds and 25 pounds. Most companies recommend you find a weighted blanket close to 10 percent of your weight. I’m 230 pounds, divide my weight by 10, 23 pounds. I like my weight a little bit heavier so I go for the 25 pound weighted blanket.

    In terms of sizes, you go up with each weight, size is going to get a little bit wider. With the 15 pound it’ll be 42 inches wide. Up to the 25 pound it’s going to be 48 inches wide, but all of them are going to be 72 inches long. More of a throw size, made to fit the size of one sleeper, not the size of a mattress.

    You’re also going to have seven color options and you can wash the Bearaby Napper at home.

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    My Experience


    Let’s talk about my experience with the Bearaby Napper.

    First off in terms of weight, I’m definitely getting enough weight from the Bearaby Napper. I should go for a 25 pound weighted blanket. I’m getting enough weight with this 25 pound Bearaby Napper.

    I’m also feeling some very, very nice weight distribution. Weight distribution usually on a weighted blankets is going to be determined by how big or how small the squares are in the gridding. A smaller grid usually has a better weight distribution than a larger gridded square.

    It’s not the issue with this weighted blanket. It has a very, very interesting design. Actually the weight, with this ropey weave from the cotton, goes across my entire body very eagerly, a very nice, even weight distribution.

    I’m also a fan of this size. Even though there is a larger size, it’s still only 48 inches across so cocoons my body. Also, a stretchy material, it wraps round my body in a very, very nice way. I feel very held by the weighted blanket.

    At the same time though, it has this nice massaging quality to it. It’s kind of bumpy and stretchy so when I’m moving around it bumps against my body having a massaging effect as well.

    A big issue with weighted blankets is they usually make you sleep a little bit hotter. I definitely had that issue with some weighted blankets. I did not have that problem though with the Bearaby Napper. Just looking at this weighted blanket, there’s a lot of room for airflow. A lot of room for air to flow through these giant holes. While I sleep hot with other weighted blankets, I did not sleep hot whatsoever with the Bearaby.

    Last but not least you probably want to know, how did I sleep underneath the Bearaby Napper?

    I can say I slept very, very well. If I start to doze off under the weighted blanket it’s very effective. I slept very well underneath the Bearaby Napper, woke up feeling nice and refreshed.



    Now let’s talk about the pros. Who I think the Bearaby Napper might be a good fit for?

    First off, you want a nice weighted blanket but you sleep hot. The Bearaby Napper should definitely work for you. Again, with this design there is a lot of room for airflow. It’s got some nice cooling cotton.

    I slept very cooley under this weighted blanket and you should as well. If you want a weighted blanket and you don’t want to sleep hot, check out the Bearaby Napper.

    If you want a weighted blanket to cocoon you, fits more to the size of your body, not the size of your mattress, I would definitely take a look at the Bearaby Napper.

    Even the widest weighted blanket is only 48 inches wide so maybe you want to fit the size of your body, not the size of your mattress. The stretchy material wraps around your body in a very nice way. If you like that feeling, you like something more narrow, take a look at the Bearaby Napper.

    Last but not least, if you want a weighted blanket that also has a massaging effect, I would take a look at the Bearaby Napper. It has a very interesting Afghan design so when it moves across your body when you move around at night, it does have a massaging effect on the body. You get soothing weight and a massage at the same time.


    Let’s talk about the cons. Who this weighted blanket might not be the best fit for?

    First off, if you want a weighted blanket for a lightweight person or for a child, the Bearaby Napper’s probably not the best bet for you. Their lightest option is 15 pounds, that might be too heavy for some people.

    If you want a weighted blanket that’s going to be more conventionally designed, you’re not going to find that with the Bearaby Napper, it’s a very unique design. However, Bearaby does offer a weighted comfort option with more of a conventional design.

    If you want more of an affordable weighted blanket, the Bearaby Napper’s probably not the best choice for you. Right now, for the largest size it’s $280, that’s more price than a lot of other weighted blankets on the market. Keeping that in mind, you’re getting a lot for your money but it might be out of some people’s price ranges.

    Lastly, if you want a weighted blanket to fit the size of your bed, or you want to use it with a partner, you might want to look elsewhere. The Bearably Napper, the widest option is going to be 48 inches across. It might not be wide enough for two people.

    In the end I really enjoyed my experience with the Bearaby Napper. It is an impressive weighted blanket with awesome weight distribution and did not make me sleep hot. Overall a very nice weighted blanket.

    It also comes with free shipping and a 30-day return policy, and a percentage of proceeds goes to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, a very great organization.

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