Bear vs Tuft & Needle Mattress Comparison


    I’m going to do a mattress comparison between Bear and Tuft & Needle.

    Both of these brands make a ton of different beds in the online mattress space because they are pretty popular.

    But for this article, I’m mainly going to focus on the Original Tuft & Needle and the Original Bear mattress.

    I’m gonna put the two head to head and talk about all the things that you need to know, starting with ,policies then I’ll move on to similarities and then to how these beds differ.

    And at the end I’m gonna try to have a final verdict to answer the main questions: who is each bed best for and why you should go with either one of these mattress options.



    Right out of the gate let’s cover policies, what are either one of these brands going to come with if you do happen to order them online.

    But if you buy either one of them you’re gonna receive the following policies starting with completely free shipping.

    Both the mattresses will show up in about a four foot tall box. It’ll be shipped right to your house and you just drag it inside, rip off all the packaging, lay it on top of your foundation and then you have one of these beds.

    You have a trial period once it is in your possession. With Bear and with Tuft & Needle it is a 100 night trial period, so you can sleep on the bed in your own home and decide whether or not this is the bed you want to keep for the foreseeable future.

    If it’s not for whatever reason, you can get totally free returns.

    Both of the beds are backed by the standard 10 year warranty.


    Let’s talk about the similarities, what do Tuft & Needle and Bear have in common and it all starts with the construction of the mattresses.

    Both of these beds have an all foam construction that begins with a thick layer of dense support foam on the bottom.

    Then you’ll find a transition layer on Bear that acts as a barrier between the bottom layer and the top layer which consists of memory foam.

    And on Tuft & Needle there’s a two inch layer of foam, which is dubbed their T&N Adaptive foam. That is their comfort layer and it’s a softer comfort foam.

    While both of these beds are all foam mattresses, both of the brands do offer hybrid beds in their lineup.

    Bear has Bear hybrid, which is a hybrid bed with pocketed coils that might be better for heavier individuals.

    And Tuft & Needle has Tuft & Needle hybrid and the Tuft & Needle Nod hybrid mattress which both have pocketed coils as well.

    I usually say anyone above the 250 pound mark try a bed with pocketed coils, just because it’ll provide more support and durability in the long run.

    Both of the beds also perform well in terms of the areas that couples might want to consider, which are edge support and motion isolation.

    So you shouldn’t have anything to worry about in those categories.

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    Let’s get on to the differences between Tuft & Needle and Bear.

    The first difference being firmness. Both of these beds are rather close but we do see a slight difference in terms of the firmness and that’s because Bear sits right at a medium to medium firm on the firmness scale.

    Meaning it’ll be a great bed for all sleeper types with a slight edge towards back and stomach sleepers.

    Tuft & Needle will be right at a medium on the firmness scale. Meaning it’ll also work for all sleeper types but since Tuft & Needle is just a little bit softer than Bear in general, it might be a better option for side and combination sleepers between the two beds.

    The beds also differ in terms of feel.

    I would clarify Tuft & Needle of having a soft neutral foam feel. This is a very accommodating feel that I believe most sleepers will find comfortable. Or at least they won’t find uncomfortable. In general it’s just a typical soft foam bed.

    While Bear on the other hand has more of a memory foam feel. So if you’re more of a fan of memory foam, this may intrigue you more.

    It isn’t an overwhelming memory foam feel. As I also believe that this is an accommodating feel, it’s a little more responsive than your traditional dense viscous memory foam.

    You can notice another slight difference in the covers between these two beds.

    Bear uses a Celliant cover which is supposed to help promote more overall restful sleep.

    The cover on Tuft & Needle is normal but you can spend up to get an antimicrobial cover if you do happen to suffer from allergies.

    The last major difference has to do with price and while both Bear and Tuft & Needle are generally affordable, you can expect to save some money if you go with the Tuft & Needle mattress.

    Bear is a bit more expensive as the original Bear retails for a thousand dollars for a queen size. And you can expect to pay around $750 if with a coupon code.

    But for Tuft & Needle, it retails for around seven hundred dollars and you should be able to get a discount on that bet as well.

    Mattress brands change their pricing all the time, so make sure to check the current pricing.

    Final Verdict

    That’s basically all I have for you. You probably want to know which bed is best for me, who should get which bed, which bed should I get.

    Well hopefully I can answer it right now.

    Even though I don’t know you, you might want to go with the Bear mattress if you’re looking for a bed with a memory foam feel.

    You want a firmness that sits between a medium and a medium firm on the firmness scale.

    You like the sound of that Celliant cover and you want an affordable bed in general.

    But in terms of Tuft & Needle, you might want to go with this bed if you want more of a soft neutral foam feel.

    You like the sound of a medium firmness and you want the even more affordable option.

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